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Editor Development / AGS compiles with VS2017
« on: 03 Dec 2017, 11:48 »

a few days ago I tried to compile the ags sources under Visual Studio 2017. And it works fine.

The engine doesn't at the moment. (perhaps i need ogg vorbis and theora) It says, that a type is not defined.

AGS Editor with another Preferences menu

I changed the File->Preferences... menu.
It has now tabs. You can check this out.

I only want to inform you about this. (No need to answer any questions.)


Modules & Plugins / TtfTWfnSci
« on: 02 Dec 2013, 16:17 »
Hi you all,

I present you a new tool.

It converts ttf fonts to wfn and sci (256 characters).

TTF to WFN SCI V1.0.0.0

Select a font, a size and a number for the font, and you are done. Simple and easy.

Edit: 2018.10.01
Now available on bitbucket TTF to WFN and SCI

Modules & Plugins / FONT: WFN-Fonts (collection thread)
« on: 09 Aug 2013, 18:21 »

I have brand new font files for the new 256-chars Version of AGS (currently in BETA state).
Feel free to post your own fonts in this thread.


Click here to download
WFN FontEditor Plugin

Edit by Dualnames - Made into a sticky topic for apparent reasons

Editor Development / Bug in adding a tree leaf
« on: 30 Jun 2013, 15:13 »

I am developing at the moment a plugin for the editor and I think, I found a bug.

I added in the project tree an new Node (in: public Component(IAGSEditor editor))
_editor.GUIController.ProjectTree.AddTreeRoot(this, CONTROL_ID_ROOT_NODE, "FontEditor", "FontEditorIcon");

in the line after I try to add a leaf
_editor.GUIController.ProjectTree.AddTreeLeaf(this, "sdfh", "Test", "FontEditorIcon", false);      
this doesn't work.

When I click on my node (in: void IEditorComponent.CommandClick(string controlID)) I try to add a leaf
_editor.GUIController.ProjectTree.AddTreeLeaf(this, "sdfh4", "Test4", "FontEditorIcon", false);
this doesn't work either. It shows unter Translations

And when i try to add my leaf when the editor opens a game (in: void IEditorComponent.RefreshDataFromGame())
_editor.GUIController.ProjectTree.AddTreeLeaf(this, "sdfh3", "Test3", "FontEditorIcon", false);
it shows under Scripts

I suppose the problem is in the following function:
public IProjectTreeItem AddTreeLeaf(IEditorComponent component, string id, string name, string iconKey, bool greyedOut)

if (_lastAddedNode != null)
            {newNode = _lastAddedNode.Nodes.Add(id, name, iconKey, iconKey);

This is a very strage behaviour.

(Tested with 3.2.1 and the newest BETA


Modules & Plugins / EDITOR PLUGIN: WFN-FontEditor
« on: 27 Jun 2013, 19:19 »

here is the brand new WFN-FontEditor.

It comes in two versions:
1. A standalone version like Radiants FontEditor
2. As a plugin to AGS

Now it is available the Version

Download Version
Download Version sources
Download Version
Download: Download Version

A bugfix release is out.

Additional features:

- save the selection field background color                                (p/s)
- save the state of the grid option                                             (p/s)
- save the render text                                                                (p/s)
- render the font in an example text                                          (p/s)
- change the color of the selection field with right click on it      (p/s)
- extend the font to 256 character                                             (p/s)
- show, if a font is 128 or 256 characters                                   (p/s)

- correct a mistake, that saves a corrupted file

Edit 2018-09-25

By the way, it was a nice practice to code.

PS: I updated this post to reflect the new changes

General Discussion / MMM-Magazin (German)
« on: 17 Oct 2010, 20:55 »

if you are able to read german I have a magazin for you.
MMMM-Magazin Ausgabe_03a

Since this year I released two other versions.
Have fun.


PS: At the moment there are efforts to release more MMM episodes in english and probably other languages. Be quiet and relax.


I have a strange behaviour.
I open AGS and load a game. Without any changes i close it and Click "yes" to save the game.

When I run a diff between the last change and the current version of the game.agf it gaves me 126 changes.

Why is this?
I get two errors of the first one

--         <ScriptName>aMusic1</ScriptName>
--         <SourceFileName>music\music1.mid</SourceFileName>
++         <SourceFileName>music\music1.mid</SourceFileName>
++         <ScriptName>aMusic1</ScriptName>

and 124 of audio-date changes

--         <FileLastModifiedDate>2008-11-08 18:16:30Z</FileLastModifiedDate>
++         <FileLastModifiedDate>2008-11-08 19:16:30Z</FileLastModifiedDate>

only one seconds or so.

It is annoying when you set your files under source control and want to see the diff, when you add rooms or sprites or something else.


I think I found a bug.

When I get an objekt or a hotspot and try to get their name i get the Description instead.

   Object *objAt = Object.GetAtScreenXY(mouse.x, mouse.y);
   Hotspot* hotAt = Hotspot.GetAtScreenXY(mouse.x, mouse.y);
   if ( null != objAt ) { o = objAt.ID; player.Say(objAt.Name); }
   if ( null != hotAt ) { h = hotAt.ID; player.Say(hotAt.Name); }

My player says 'Door' instead of 'oDoorRoom'

So I think this is a bug.

It would be better, if there a two properties.
.Name and .Description.


I loaded an old game (8-bit) and see only a black field in the Rooms, instead of the picture, but when I run the game, all colors are there. Is this a bug?

I tested it with AGS 3.0 and 3.0.1

Advanced Technical Forum / AGS-Linguist
« on: 24 Dec 2007, 09:59 »
Hi @all, (a little christmas-present);D

a few weeks ago, i released AGS-Linguist (a modified Version of Qt Linguist) on a german Forum.
Now I do the same here.
This little program assist you to translate the trs-files (or txt [v2.72]).

Beside the program you need the Qt libraries.
AGS-Linguist: -link removed-
small update: -link removed-
Qt-Libraries: -link removed- (Copy the files into the application-directory or in a standard search-path)
Doku: -link removed-

New Link (AGSLinguist and Libraries):


432.0.9.2a (Update agslrelease linguist_de.qm; neu/new: english-std.qph): 
- erzeugt tra-Dateien auch aus v2.72 (creates tra-files from version 3.0 and 2.72 [maybe earlier too])
- Übersetzungsdatei kleinen Fehler korrigiert (fixed small mistake in the translation)
- neu: Ausdrucks-Buch fuer Standard-Global-Messages Englisch-Deutsch (new: english-german phrase-book for standard-global-messages)

If you get the german texts in the program, just delete or remove the linguist_de.qm - file
Greetings rulaman

PS: CJ could you please add the // **** room<x>.crm lines in the trs-files again, because the program shows these lines and puts the messages under this contexts

is it possible to import multiple sprites in an 256-color game,
like in an Hi-color game?

Will be a Function in the new 2.7 version?

Thanks Rulaman

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