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Completed Game Announcements / Guardians of Gold
« on: 22 Jul 2017, 15:36 »
     Allyson and Kyle are back and this time they are heading to Paititi, the legendary city of gold.  It is an ancient Incan temple that has been hidden away for centuries among the dense jungles of Peru.  Some claim that this city is nothing more than myth, a figment of an over-active imagination, while others have spent their entire lives searching for it, always coming up empty-handed.  That is, until fate steps in and Allyson finds a letter from one of its holy men claiming to be in possession of two idols necessary to gain entrance.  The temptation is too great to ignore and our treasure hunters are hot on the trail of what could be the biggest find in history.

  • Double-click to transport instantly to new room
  • In-game hint system on puzzles
  • Icon that lets you switch between player characters
  • 150 rooms to explore
  • 6-8 hours of gameplay

Download Link: https://amanta4ray.itch.io/guardians-of-gold
Alternate Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b6sq9tf4xyaqkpc/Guardians+of+Gold.zip

Walk-through link: https://amanta4ray.itch.io/guardians-of-gold




Beginners' Technical Questions / Phantom errors
« on: 02 Jul 2017, 20:47 »
Hello..I am using AGS 3.1 and the game I am working on is getting to the testing stage.  At one point, I have a cut-scene where the character walks down the steps and gets a cup of coffee.  But, on one occasion, my character walked in the opposite direction and there is no walkable area there.  I double-checked everything and not only can I not find anything, but could never reproduce the error again.  This also happened one other time and the game crashed.

My question is this...how can you fix an error that you can't find and can't even duplicate??  Is there any such thing as phantom errors or glitches that would make a game crash??  Also, if it happened once, what are the chances of it happening again??

Any insight would be greatly appreciated...Anne

Completed Game Announcements / Fun, Sun & Mishaps
« on: 21 Jun 2017, 16:07 »
A light-hearted comedy about a girl, an island and a vacation gone wrong. That is, until you meet someone you think has the answer to all your problems. But, is his solution all it’s cracked up to be, or is something else going on behind that smile?

Find out as you scour a tropical island in search of a way to salvage your ill-fated vacation. Along the way, you will meet many interesting characters, some of whom, might need a little more convincing than others. But, no matter who or what you encounter, it will always be an adventure in......

                                     Fun, Sun & Mishaps



 Download links:


I have been making games for several years now and each one has had some type of bad guy.  My question to all...is it necessary to add bad guys to your game??  What I mean is...does it really add to the enjoyment to have the suspense of someone chasing you??  Or can a game stand on its own without having a bad guy??  I leave it open for debate....


Completed Game Announcements / Tarthenia
« on: 01 Sep 2016, 19:38 »
Debbie Johnson thought her days of adventure were over.  But when an evil warlock intervenes on behalf of his cousin, Esmeralda, she is whisked away to the island of Tarthenia.  A place beyond the realm of imagination; where beauty and danger go hand in hand.  And in order to save not only her life, but her sister’s as well, Debbie will have to use every ounce of ingenuity she possesses.  Can she thwart the plans of a madman bent on revenge?  Only time will tell….Tarthenia.

  • Point and click interface
  • 200+ rooms to explore
  • Collect and combine inventory items
  • Over 100 interesting characters to interact with
  • Automatic restore points for death scenes
  • Double-click to quickly maneuver to other rooms
  • Non-linear puzzles
  • 20+ hours of game play

Download links:  https://amanta4ray.itch.io/tarthenia

Walk-through links:  https://amanta4ray.itch.io/tarthenia

I haven't seen this error before and was wondering if anyone can help me identify it?

Script link failed: Runtime error: Export table overflow at

Many thanks...Anne

Completed Game Announcements / Echoes of the Past
« on: 15 Apr 2015, 16:29 »
Hello again...it's been many, many years since I finished The Treasured Medallion, but I have been lurking around the forums while I slowly worked on other games.  I am pleased to announce that my second game, Echoes of the Past, is now completed and available for downloading pleasure....enjoy!!

Allyson Tremonte loves the world of antiques, but when she restores an old brooch, something more intriguing catches her eye....a letter from the famous explorer Gerard DuPontneuf. And when the temptation is just too great to ignore, she goes on a hunt to locate a journal that could lead to some of the greatest archaeological finds in history. Little did she know that this adventure would take her and her partner to Egypt on a quest to find the fabled Book of Thoth... a book that will give the possessor unbelievable powers. But will Allyson be able to recover one of Egypt's long lost relics or will there be others that will stop at nothing to get it? Find out in...Echoes of the Past

                                   Point and Click
                                   Non-linear puzzles
                                   10 Hours of gameplay
                                   150+ Rooms to explore                 
                                   Over 60 Characters to interact with
                                   Collect and combine inventory items
                                   Captivating music and sound effects

Download Links:



AH 4Media proudly presents the
                              new updated version of.....


                                                Manuel Cantez thought he had the perfect plan.  All
                                           he had to do was hide the statue until it was safe.  But
                                           when a freak storm washed him overboard, all his
                                           dreams came crashing down.
                                                But for Debbie Johnson, this was only the beginning,
                                           as she embarks on an amazing adventure to discover the
                                           truth behind Manuel's disappearance.  A truth that will
                                           have her scouring the dense jungle for clues, making deals
                                           with people who may not have her best interests at heart
                                           and even confronting the dreadful Chickcharnie, a mythical
                                           creature who will protect what's his- at all costs.
New Features added to the game
  • Double-click to change instantly to a new room
  • Names over Hotspots
  • Journal to keep track of your progress through-out the game
  • Restore points on death scenes

Plus: Streamlined the game, fixed a few small bugs and corrected some typos.

Download the game below:
rar file in two parts ( 266 Mb  )

And if you need a little extra help, you can always
go to one of the following links for a walk-through:

                 350+ Rooms to explore                Over 60 Characters to interact with

A journal to keep track                               Interactive puzzles
                                           of your progress

            Explore an old mine                         Danger lurks around the corner

Hope you enjoy!!!!


Completed Game Announcements / The Treasured Medallion
« on: 18 Mar 2009, 00:33 »
AH 4Media proudly presents......


                                         Manuel Cantez thought he had everything worked out,
                                     until that fateful night when all his dreams were washed  
                                         But for Debbie Johnson, this was only the beginning as you
                                    embark on an amazing adventure to discover the secret Manuel
                                    never hoped to divulge.  One that will have you swimming through
                                    the ocean depths, scouring the dense jungle for clues and even
                                    finding the remnants of a long-lost civilization.  
                                         Along the way, you will encounter the rare Tuki Tuki bird,
                                    exotic princesses and even the dreadful Chickcharnie, a legendary
                                    creature that will protect what's his - at all costs.



Use the link below to download game:
Zip file ( 397 Mb )

Walk-through available on website in the tips/hints section

Game updated 4/9/2009 to fix bug crash

                 350+ Rooms to explore                    Over 60 Characters to interact with

 Collect and combine inventory items                            Interactive puzzles

              Explore an old mine                                  Danger lurks around the corner

Hope you enjoy!!!!


   Hello everyone and welcome to....


                                         Manuel Cantez thought he had it all worked out, until that
                                    fateful night when all his dreams were washed overboard.
                                         But for Debbie Johnson, this was only the beginning as she
                                    travels on an adventure to discover the secret Manuel never
                                    hoped to divulge One that will take you from the depths of the
                                    ocean to the jungles of a tropical island.
                                         Along the way, you will encounter the rare Tuki Tuki bird,
                                    exotic princesses and even the dreadful Chickcharnie, a legendary
                                    creature that will protect what's his - at all costs.


  • Non-linear puzzles
  • 30-40 Hours of gameplay
  • 350+ Rooms to explore
  • Over 60 Characters to interact with
  • Collect and combine inventory items
  • Point and click interface
  • Captivating music and sound effects

             Yeah, yeah --does a little happy dance!!

                    All my technical issues have been resolved and the game is now ready for your
                    downloading pleasure.  You can find it on the completed games forum or I will
                    be posting it on the front AGS games page.  Just an FYI- the download is quite
                    large (zip file- 397MB).

                    I want to thank everyone for their support and for their kind words.  I really
                    hope you enjoy the game!!!

 You can find more information about the game on my website:

                Take a peek at the prologue, you can download the zip file ( 2.45 Mb )
           Download here



Hope you enjoy!!!!



      I have set up my hotspots to use SaveCursorUntilItLeaves for temporary exit arrows.  
Sometimes the cursor doesn't go back to the default graphic.  It either stays on that arrow or it picks up the graphic of one of the other arrows and stays on that.  
    When I click on something, the mouse processes it as the correct mode, walk, look, etc. and when I cycle through the cursors it seems to unstick itself and the correct graphic shows back up.  

I have checked my hotspots to make sure none overlap.   The script I use is:
                  mouse.Mode =eModeLarrow;


  P.S. My exit arrows are not set to standard mode.  



Beginners' Technical Questions / GUI selectedIndex help
« on: 23 Jan 2009, 16:31 »
I was wondering if there was a way to get the selected item of your save listbox to show up in the textbox.  

I saw that there was an old post (2005) related to this, but I can't seem to change that over to the new version of AGS.


                                        Thanks in advance

I am having a problem (probably very simple) with my sound effects.  I have already completed the game and am now trouble shooting it.  When I test the game everything sounds perfect, but then when I compile it into an exe, the sounds go so low that you can barely hear them.  The music seems to stay fine, just the sound effects.

  I have tried setting MasterDigital Volume to its highest and setting the channels individually - neither make a differance.

   Does anyone have a suggestion as to what can be causing this?

         BTW - I use both MP3 and wav extensions for my sound effects.


Hello everyone,

         I have a game where you switch player characters, but the problem is when you switch back to the original player character, any items the player picks up does not show in inventory window.  I have tried update inventory, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

             Any help would be appreciated...

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