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Someone is remaking FoA in Wintermute with the intention of sending it to Disney on spec:


Hi all,

I co-wrote and co-designed Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!, and I just released a silly little interactive comedy story. Play it (and replay it!) for free here:

Note: dying regularly is part of the fun - just restart and take a different path!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Wadjet Eye Interview
« on: 02 Oct 2013, 14:12 »
I was about to post this in the Blackwell Epiphany thread, as there's a pretty big bit of info about the game/series in there, but it's not a game-specific interview so I'll pop it here.

General Discussion / UK-German Connection
« on: 21 Jan 2012, 15:03 »
Hi everyone,

My girlfriend works at UK-German Connection, an organisation dedicated to increasing contacts and understanding between young people in the UK and Germany.

They just opened a Twitter account and so I said I'd #ff them for her. But then I realised that adventure gaming is pretty big in Germany and amongst young people, so it might be helpful to people if I plug the organisation here.

If you're a UK or German youth (8-18ish) interested in improving your language skills or making social links, or if you know of any, or are involved in that arena (eg teaching), take a look:

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