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AGS Games in Production / Private Detective
« on: 14 Jun 2018, 19:34 »
Private Detective is a procedurally generated murder mystery game, where you must solve randomly generated crimes by finding leads, questioning suspects, and gathering evidence from the crime scene to compare with samples found in the homes of the suspects. It plays a lot like an adventure game, but with a lot more deduction and a lot less inventory object puzzles.

The game has no end goal, except for the completion of as many cases as you can. I’m developing it to be something akin to Minesweeper or Solitaire. A fun little distraction that you play for a short while. As such there's no story (although I'm thinking about adding something extra after a hundred cases).

I know the title is really boring, but it's the best I could come up with. And unless I think of something better, it's probably going to stay like that.


Current Progress:
The game is roughly 94% complete. I would be more specific, but I'm kind of winging it, so I'm not sure how much more I'm going to add.
What I can say though is that it’s fully playable, but it’s lacking a few cosmetic things, and it probably has a few bugs.

Release Date:
The deadline I’ve set myself is mid-july (which would make the full development cycle for this game around four months). And if I continue at the pace I’m going, and nothing major happens that distracts me from working on the game, I think it’s quite likely I will meet that deadline.

Ok, I've had this theory for six to eight years now, but I've mostly kept it to myself because it was just a stupid idea, and 10 times out of 10, game theories are wrong. But after finally playing Thimbleweed Park, I'm 100% certain my theory is correct. I'm going to put the rest in spoiler tags, because it contains spoilers for Thimbleweed Park (and Monkey Island 1 and 2).

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I think the ending and twist Ron Gilbert had for Monkey Island 3, was repurposed for Thimbleweed Park.
Which is that The Secret of Monkey Island is a game. It's clever word play, because it is a game, and that's also the secret.
The usual theory is that Monkey Island all takes place in the imagination of Guybrush Threepwood, but I remember (hopefully I'm remembering correctly) reading that Ron Gilbert straight up refuted that, and also said that the actual answer is quite obvious when you know what you're looking for.
And if you think about it, there's nothing more obvious than Monkey Island being a game, Guybrush even says it at the end of The Secret of Monkey Island. And everything that could be interpreted as children breaking character (the swordfighting pirate on SoMI telling Guybrush to play along with the pirate speak), could just as easily be interpreted as game characters breaking character.

But the real reason why I think this theory is true, is because I came up with it six to eight years ago. Waaaaaaaay before Thimbleweed Park was even a concept. And lo and behold, the latest game from the same creators just so happens to have the twist I theorised for a game that they never got to make.
It wouldn't be the first time a game creator has reused a concept they came up for a game, in a completely different game. A recent example I learnt about was the time mechanic in Prince of Persia Sands of Time originally being conceived (and refused) for Donald Duck Quack Attack.
And let's not forget that Thimbleweed Park has five characters because of reusing an old idea. The whole game seems to be about reusing old ideas.

Also, it's a theory I've never heard anyone come up with before. And once again, I think I remember Ron Gilbert saying somewhere, that no one had ever come to the correct answer.

Whether or not this was going to be the end of Monkey Island 3, the Secret of Monkey Island, or just an unrelated twist, I'm not sure. But I am 100% confident that the idea came from that never-to-be-made game. And I wouldn't be posting this if I had a shred of doubt (which is why I've never once mentioned it on these forums before.)

Also, I think this would have been a terrible twist and/or ending to the Monkey Island series, and now I'm glad we got CoMI instead. (It kind of sort of works for a single game like Thimbleweed Park, but definitely wouldn't work for a trilogy) I still want to go into an alternate dimension where MI3 exists though.

General Discussion / The Father of Zombies died
« on: 20 Jul 2017, 14:03 »
And in case you don't know who I'm talking about. George Romero died on the 16th of July. :~(

While admittedly I don't know of any of his work other than his Of The Dead series. You've got to admit that the guy did make some pretty good films. Night of the Living Dead is not only in my opinion the best film he made, but also the first film with zombies as we know them in it. If it wasn't for Romero, the zombies we know today would probably be called vampires (since that's what they were called in I Am Legend, of which Romero based his zombies on).

May he rest in peace... and hopefully not come back as a zombie, thus bringing about the zombie apocalypse. (laugh)

The Adventure of the Hero

Click here to download.

A great hero has been sent on a quest to defeat an evil witch, but things soon go awry when a time portal into the future is opened up.

Join the hero as he defeats a witch, gives incredibly life changing career advice, makes alcohol, and saves all of time and space!

  • Two-click interface: left-click to interact, right-click to examine.
  • F5 to open save menu, F7 to open load menu.
  • Fully voice acted.
  • Contain mild partially censored swearing.
  • Completable within half an hour.

320 x 200
32 bit color

If you like the game, why not
vote for it in the February mags thread.

The Afterlife
7th February – 23rd February

No one was starting up the next round, so I thought I'd do it. :-D

Ok, you’ve died. I know it’s a real bummer. But don’t fret, it’s not that bad, because surprisingly enough you’ve just discovered that there is in fact life after death. But what does this place look like?

Is it Heaven, Hell, Hades, or the local post office?
Show us what the afterlife looks like!

Deadline is 23rd February, 2017. Good luck everyone.


AGS Games in Production / Rowen Goes To Work
« on: 17 May 2009, 14:43 »
that means that if you're a moderater feel free to delete this topic
here's the link to the game

most thing on this game are edited versions of things from maniac mansion mania

I've been working on my game a lot reacently and boy is it boring but i've added a secret ending if you find the big blue cup which is an inventory item and i've made every object in the bedroom interecterble so my charecter will say something diffrent for each one even if you talk to objects ;)

My game is about a guy named Rowen who needs to go to work but has lost his keys and can't find them anywhere, he finds this book about finding your keys and then he starts looking in all the locations it says

It will look a bit like maniac mansion but only three rooms and one playble charecter that I made, it will also use a verbcoin which I made my self but most thing were created by lucasfan I just edited them  :'(

As bad as the story seems the whole game takes place in Rowen's apartment and almost every object is interectble (hopefully) also Rowen isn't the searius type as a matter of fact he's an idoit therefor you'll have a laugh at almost anything he says there's also a secret ending for anyone who can find the big blue cup

the game is very short unless you're poor at solving puzzles or if you are interecting with everything

that means that if you're a moderater feel free to delete this topic
here's the link to the game

Me and maybe lucasfan since I am using his artwork but I did get the music from maniac mansion mania as well as the sprites but I edited the sprites

I made a comic of my charecter the game is set in panel 1.5 of the first page heres the link to them


As you can see this room looks almost indentical as the one in maniac mansion mania this is because I'm not very creative when it comes down to bathrooms

If you look closely you'll see that the room is looks a bit like zak McKracken's room just diffrent colours and slightly diffrent objects

that means that if you're a moderater feel free to delete this topic
here's the link to the game

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