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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / AGS google hangout
« on: 16 Oct 2013, 20:25 »

Here's a link to a google hangout with screensharing if anybody is interested. It's public so anybody can join. It is valid for one year~.

Chrome is supposed to be reccomended. o/

General Discussion / My page is up! (Improved now)
« on: 30 Aug 2011, 14:10 »
Thanks to Peder and Wyz my page on is now working! =D

Please drop by and draw something, as long as it's not porn or something offensive (Peder doesn't host that).

Try to save a test image to see how it works before drawing (two images died this way =( ). Right click is the colour picker.

Edit: Hold shift while clicking for floodfill (thanks TomatosInTheHead)

Yes, Matt (Tier) decided to split for the holidays and saddled me with the hosting of this here Background Blitz. As we all *like* Matt almost as much as Babar, we're going to paint him a *nice* background depicting the places I...errr, we would like him to burn...err spend his holidays. =P

The image should be AGS compatible (I wonder what kind of image wouldn't be), and you have free use of any colours you like.

If someone could draw a torture chamber in hell for my wonderfull *friend* Matt here, I'd be obliged to vote for that entry when the voting peroid of three days start on the 18th this month. =D

Some of you, who don't know him very well, might even draw him something nice!

Obliged by tradition, I'll draw each participant a trophy.

For you who don't know, he's getting drunk...'scuse me, attending Mittens in Italy.

Hi there sprite jammers!

For this sprite jam you are going to be restricted to these 16 colours:

The competiton will last for two weeks, and voting will last 3 days. Trophies are guaranteed to every participant. The theme is "Magic users".

You can draw any kind of magic user you wish. Everything from wizards, over necromancers to imps is allowed. As long as the creature/person uses magic in some way that you can draw it, please feel free to submit your entry.

Backgrounds and animation are optional. There is no size limit.

Have fun!

loominous pointed out to me that there should be another set of rules for non pixelart people.

So, for them, they can use 5 colours (+shading, anti-aliasing and transparency) with no restrictions to the canvas size.
Offcourse, he better enter then >=)

Now that you opened up the topic you will see that, sadly, there is no porn inside =P

Flip and rotate the shapes, arrange them how ever you like, and use the outline you produce as your colouring ball!
No colour restrictions, random trophies for everyone, with the winner taking the gold one!

Here are the shapes, and the two outlines I came up with (you can use them if you like).

I was wondering, as I told that everyone will get a trophy, will I be able to cope if *gasp* a LOT of people enter? (mwahahahaha, is that a challenge?)

Post apocalyptic gene-mutated monsters are roaming the surface!
The scarier the better!
Draw me one! Or two!

I will post trophies when I make them here:

Yes, you guessed it, trophies for everyone, as allways. =D

AGS Games in Production / AGS Cycling Pinball!
« on: 01 Apr 2010, 10:37 »
Jim Reed an FSi present:

AGS Cycling Pinball!

The Story:

I have managed to implement some basic physics, for a pinball ball, after many tries. I played around with it a bit but otherwise it was just for testing. One day FSi came to me, asking if I was up to making a pinball game in AGS. He provided some more code, and I did the graphics, and luckily, we have been able to produce a tech demo with one playable table so far.

Please post any feedback you can, thank you!

Main menu (will be redrawn later):

The only table available so far:

Note to moderator: We currently don't have two in game screenshots, as the game will only feature one table. (Quality over quantity is our motto), so please don't lock the thread on the count of the two in game screenshot rule.

Development Progress:

Scripting: 95% (most of the things have been scripted, but few minor quirks need to be ironed out)
Graphics: 70% (the table is done, I'm working on the GUIs now)
Sound/Music: 0% (Looking for a musician and sound effect man)

Expected completion date:
If we manage to find someone to do the music and sfx, we might be able to release it as soon as we put the music in.

Space - plunger
LCTRL - left flipper
RCTRL - right flipper
LSHFT - left bump
RSHFT - right bump
Enter - bottom bump

By pressing the left bump and left flipper buttons (works for the other, too) you can simulate the famous power hit, eg, smacking the flipper button hard, bumping the table a little in the process.




Mirror 2

I have tested this link extensively, it should work.
Please try this one first.

I scuba-dived this summer and found a chest on the bottom of the sea. But what's this I found in it?

Flip, dip, alter 'n' skew 'till the 8th of February! Limitless colours!
Tiny tiny trophies soon to come!

And here they are!

Hi there participants!

   I know that you all want to make an entry here. I know you can't resist it! The inner voice keeps telling you: "participate, participate!", and you know that you will get a trophy no matter what, because Jim Reed's gonna draw a trophy for every entry! Yessir, trophies are guaranteed! Step right up! Come one, come all! Just put your entry here below, by the 5th of February and you get a shiny new trophy for your collection! No strings attached!
   You're all wondering now surely, why does this offer sound soo good? How come it's so easy to win a trophy? Is Jim Reed on drugs? Why is chocholate soo tasty? Well, the answer is simple. Jim Reed likes a challenge, and I know you do, too! So, to make things interesting we have a few rules. If you can make a background and not brake any of the rules, you get a trophy. And now, the only question you need to ask is: " CAN I DO IT?"

Background size must be AGS compatible

   That's all?! Yes, it is! I know it's unbelivable, I know it sounds so easy, I know you want to make an entry! So go ahead, take a trophy home!
   But wait, what is the theme you ask? What do I need to draw to get a trophy? It's simple! You just need to draw a background that evokes a certain feeling in the viewer. Write what feeling you were aiming for and show us your picture.
  But the fun doesn't end there, no-sir-eeh! After that, you can also vote for the winner! You can't vote for yourself, sorry.

The categories you can vote for are:

Idea - how original/cool/nice the emotion the author is aiming for
Technique - how well did the author depict the feeling he was aiming for
Usefullnes - Which BG would be best suited for a game

There will be trophies, as soon as I draw them, right here:

Have fun!



I'm sure there is room for improvement. The right-most one is pretty bad, especially the left leg =(

Can someone point out what my eyes don't see, please?

I was going to do a game,
I was going to do it right,
After a week I lost interest,
Because I came by a ......

Draw the rhyme, and as it's hip hop, you can flip and flop.

Bend the rules, as it suit you!

Thropies should be probably available.

Critics' Lounge / Need help with pose, please.
« on: 07 Aug 2009, 15:45 »
Can someone help me, please,  and find anything wrong with this character. the view is from slightly above, on the contrary of what the feet imply. Any suggestions are welcome. The character is only a sketch but I would like any feedback on the pose.

Ahem...I'm making a custom object move function that takes into consideration 8 collision points and 8 directions. (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW)

Now, I would like to update the status of the collision points, using the GetWalkableAreaAt function, so if a collision point is on walkable area 0 the int that represents the collision point should read 1, and when on walkable area 1, it should read 0.
After all 8 points statuses have been checked, the function should, determine the object position by using 8 arrays (one for each direction) of [256] possible combinations, which are provided by a .txt file and loaded into the arrays beforehand.
Now I now I could declare 8 ints and check them one by one against the list to determine the outcome.

But, as that seems big, I was thinking, if I could make the 8 collision statuses into one byte or something. It would save me a lot of typing. I'm not very good at explaing things or scripting but as I see it:
...could easily be:
So if I used a Char would it be easier?

Pseudo code example:

Get the colission point's statuses
Turn them into a char
Get the direction wanted
Loop through the wanted direction array untill the status of the collision is the one I need
return the value under that index

Now how would go about scripting such a function? How do I go about making the 8 colision point's statuses into a char? Is there an easier way of doing this?
Can anyone help me, please?

Sorry for the bad grammar.

Is it possible to open a .txt file, check if it is empty, if not, delete everything in it?
Is this a question for the BTQ forum?
What's the meaning of life?
Ahh, questions...questions... =D


I'm scripting a 2d, rectangle, 16x16, tile engine, and I have a problem.

I need to make a rectangular selection with a mouse, so I can make the tiles under that selection marked, so I can cut, copy, or paste them on to different tiles.

So far I got:
-A room, size 800x600 pixels (Editor is using new style coordinates)
-A grid of tiles 50x37 that are drawn on the room background
-A grid of tiles 50x37 that are drawn on top of the first tiles
-An array of placeholder tiles
-A struct representing their data:

struct DATA1
int layerA; //Background
int layerB; //Selection rectangle
int backup; //using it for data swaping
DATA1 tile[1850]; //summ of all tiles

-A function:

function GetTileNumber(int x_position, int y_position)
  int TileNum=(x_position/tile_pixel_width)+((y_position/tile_pixel_height)*tiles_in_row);
  return TileNum;

...that calculates the tile index of any point on the screen, so for an example if I should call this function:
GetTileNumber(mouse.x, mouse.y);
it would give me the tile index under the mouse.

-A sprite that should be drawn on top of the selected tiles at 50% transparency so that they look selected
-Mouse boundaries active, so that the mouse cannot move out the tilemap. Let me explain...
As I am using 16x16 tiles, they fill the screen horizontally with 50 tiles.
On the vertical side I use 37 tiles so that leaves me with 8 pixels that I don't use. So I use mouse boundaries, so to not allow the mouse to go there.

I need:
-A way to make a rectangular selection of tiles, that will have a selection sprite drawn on top of them at 50% transparency
-A way to cut, copy or paste them.
-A boundary that will forbid the tiles being copied out of the array.

I think:
-I should first call Mouse.IsButtonDown(eButtonLeft)
-Then get the tile index of the tile beneath the mouse, save it to a variable
-Ask the user to click on another tile
-call Mouse.IsButtonDown(eButtonLeft) again and
-get the tile index of the tile beneath the mouse, and save it to another variable
-calculate a range of indexes in the LayerA array, using the two variables, that should be marked, and put them inside the backup array
-show the selected area by using the selection sprite at 50% transparency, drawn on top of LayerA, respectfully making the LayerB array tiles 1 or 0, thus when rendering LayerB on top of LayerA the indexes set to 1 should draw the selection sprite
-allow the user to move the rectangle, limiting his mouse, so he cannot move the selected rectangle outside the tilemap
-on keypresses  +ctrl x, ctrl+c, ctrl+v ,first empty the LayerA array selected tiles, and then cut, copy or paste the selection from the backup array to the LayerA array on the current selection location

OK, I just re-read my post. It's a mess.  :(

Can someone please help?

Hmm...there should be 4 possible rectangles, depending on where the user drags the mouse after clicking for the first time...up-left, up-right, down-right, down-left. That means 4 different calcullations. ARRGH!

Manual reads:

Display("The button's normal image is sprite %d.", btnPlay.NormalGraphic);

will display btnPlay's normal sprite number.

I'm a bit confused.

I have:
a GUI named "gEditorA" assigned ID 2
a button on the above mentioned GUI named "i1" assigned ID 0

I don't know how to script the change, so that the button's normal graphic changes to sprite number x.

I hope you understand my problem. Can someone please help me?

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