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Mary Dorsey

// Slightly raises the drinks tray and whispers quietly:

To Applewick!

// Goes back to serving the drinks.

Mary Dorsey

// Smiles and nods at guests as the drinks tray slowly gets lighter.

I'll be Mary Dorsey the maid, please.  ;-D

The Rumpus Room / Re: Murder Most Foul (SIGN-UP PHASE)
« on: 10 Sep 2018, 16:34 »
Ooh, interesting! I'll play! ;-D

I thought this may be of interest to some of the people here:

Nighthawks - The Vampire RPG is an upcoming game by writer/designer Richard Cobbett and published by Wadjet Eye Games, with artwork by Ben Chandler and Ivan Ulyanov which is currently on Kickstarter. You play as a fledgling vampire who must find your way in a world where vampires have been exposed and are living uneasily alongside ordinary humans. Here's the gameplay trailer:

It seems to be very focused on storytelling, so it may appeal to a lot of the people here, since we all like a good story! ;-D

Sorry to hear that, cat. :( I think Cassie felt a similar way after she played. She felt so stressed and paranoid about the game that it was affecting her in real life.

Perhaps in the future we can create a more roleplay based game, where the "murderer" is a made-up character, rather than one of the players, and we have to work out their identity through clues and puzzles. Sort of like some of the cases we've had in the Black Riddles thread before.

1st: Anita Hayworth by lorenzo
2nd: Cecilia Vasa of Sweden by Blondbraid
3rd: Mr. Hairbrow by Hobo

So you're both saying that if we end up with a Kastchey/Mandle murder duo in future games, then the town players might as well just give up? (laugh)

As for the next game...
I take it you all want me to host again?
If you're willing to, then I'd definitely be up for you hosting again!

I don't know if a new game right away would be a good idea, we all get a bit tired from too many games, I think. You don't want to oversaturate the market.How about 1 game per month? Checking the date of this thread, that would mean the next one opens for sign-up in two weeks.
Yeah, that sounds good to me. A Monthly Murder Mystery. MMM. (laugh)

A last point: I think you all get why I used the locked vote thing for the last phase. It made sense for this specific situation because the outcome was clear anyway, but would you want this option in normal rounds?
It could be useful if we come to a consensus quickly, rather than having to wait an extra day or so for the phase to end. So having the option would be nice.

You know what, I'm glad you asked because I intended to really, really apologize to you for killing you first. If there was anything I *hated* about being the party host, it was the decision which player to remove from the game after the uneventful (except for the RP aspect) Day 1 and I only hoped you wouldn't be VERY disappointed when you found out. I know it's "just a game" and all, but I really did have problem with that. I need to man up one day :P
Haha, no it was fine. I knew there were only so many games I could go without getting killed off early, so I was kind of expecting it! (laugh) I know how you felt though, I was the same during the first game when I was a werewolf. I felt so bad about taking people out of the game!

And honestly, it's probably for the best that I was killed off so soon, because I was pretty convinced that Mandle was up to no good. Especially after these posts, where he stated that the psychic had told him that dayowlron was the nurse and that he had contacted dayowlron not the other way around. I still can't really make sense of that. (laugh)

Thanks for the great game, Sinitrena, even though I wasn't in it for long! (laugh) I agree with the others, your write-ups at the end of each phase really add a lot of atmosphere to the whole game! ;-D I also agree that it was right to let the game run it's course, but I think allowing the murderer(s) to forfeit in future games is the right way to go.

To Stu and Kastchey, was there any particular reason you killed me off first? Or was it just a random decision?

Another rule I'd like to discuss, is that dead people were not allowed to post on the thread anymore but can still PM everybody. I found it kind of silly. Mandle PMed the entire group, which is exactly like posting in the thread except outsiders (and the host) can't enjoy what's happening. So, I think, either this rule should be cancelled, OR, an interesting alternative would be to change it into a "last words" post. Anybody who dies is allowed one last post in the thread and then no further communications with that person are allowed until the end of the game (this would shift the balance a bit for the benefit of the murderers though).
This is exactly what I was thinking after I'd been killed off. Perhaps, depending on the setting, there can be a rule that the last words post must be in the form of a diary entry or note written before the player's death. Unless the setting allows for ghosts, or spirits or whatever.

I am saddened by the fact that the rp aspect got mostly dropped. I was enjoying playing a skeptic who debunked things despite/because of having psychic powers. I kind of wanted to explore how something about the island made his powers more pronounced or something.
Yeah, I was a bit disappointed by that, too. Maybe in future games we should decide as a group beforehand whether each round should be a role-play game or a tactical game. The tactical games would play exactly like the last two werewolf rounds, where we all know what the deal is (how many murderers there are, that the psychic exists, etc.) and essentially play as ourselves, whereas in the role-play rounds we would create characters and can only make decisions based on what our characters know. I'd say in that case we could have a 24 hour introductory period where we make up our characters, like the first phase of this round, and then Sinitrena (or whoever is hosting) can get the game going by murdering a random made-up character. Would something like that work? I'm also contemplating the feasibility, in role-play rounds, of not letting the players know how many of each role there are. So in one game there could be one murderer, two nurses and no psychics, in another there could be two murderers, no nurse and two psychics, but only the game host would know (and, obviously, the murderers would know each other). That might be a bit too complicated, though. :-\

I'm sure there's a cream to help with that.

Congrats, Mandle! And well done to Klatuu and Bulbapuck! ;-D

Major Arcana: My entry. I had't considered the similarities to Loom as another poster mentioned. I also think the game needs antagonists. I've been thinking about adding a rival element of a shady character trying to grab the cards before you do.
See, I don't think it does need antagonists. To me it sounds more like it should be about Bree fighting her own demons after her life has spiralled out of control, rather than being a race against time to find the cards before someone else. The challenge comes from Bree herself having the courage to hunt for the cards and the natural obstacles that stand in her way. At least, that's how I imagined it when I read the pitch.

Wait. Wolfsbane? don't think there are wolves on this island, do you? 8-0

Oh, good, I'll take a glass of wine! Or three. *hic* (laugh)

Mr. Mandle, I am somewhat perturbed by the suggestion that the butler is up to something. What on earth could he be up to here, on this remote island, with a group of complete strangers? ??? And if we lock him up, who will bring me my breakfast in the morning?! 8-0

I say that once this little soiree is over, and we have all found our rooms, we should try to get a good night's sleep so that we can sort out what is going on in the morning. But until then, more wine anyone? :-D

Congratulations to Author Number 5! :-D That was the one I voted for, as it seemed to be one of the most complete ideas and the mystical elements appealed to me. I also really liked number 1, Lockdown, and I'm a bit surprised it didn't get more votes. It sounds like it would be very tense and the mystery of working out what was going on while playing as different characters could work really well. Like Snarky said, it sounds a bit like Resonance, which is a good thing!

1st: 5
2nd: 4
3rd: 6

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 20 Aug 2018, 13:14 »
Happy Birthday, Slasher! I hope you have a lovely day! :-D

Thank you for bringing in my luggage, Mr. Mandle. :-* I was invited here to perform an aria at the grand opening of the hotel.

I must say, I'm not very impressed with our accommodation. And I don't suppose our host has put on any entertainment for us. Dr. Pottington, I'll take an issue of Woman's Weekly, if you don't mind.

Hullo, everyone. I'm not interrupting anything, am I? (wtf)

My name is Riaise, and I am a classically trained opera singer. Is there a butler around here somewhere? I need somebody to bring in my luggage.

Sorry to hear that, Josiah. :(

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