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Concept: Kastchey because dark cellars/dungeons are cool? (laugh)
Playability: Mouth for war (there is a lot to play with and investigate in this BG (nod) ).
Artistic Execution: Pinback with runners up Kastchey (very different styles, but they are both very good! I place Pinback 1st for the "wow" effect. :) )

Hey, blame Babar. I asked him if it was too dark and he said no. :P
I'll add some night light then (and no, mine isn't a decided night scene... it's just a room with no light (roll) )

Is this better? :) I added a window and a "moon". ;)

Wait! What? There are rules!!!!! 8-0
I thought we just randomly shot the ball around the teams and where ever the ball landed then we cast a prediction... damn! Need to revise my tactics... (laugh)

Well, I used all of yesterday trying to get puzzle 3 to work... and failed. :~(
Today at work, after thinking about it, I realized I had complicated my code... so I wrote (on paper) 6 lines of code... got home, replaced the long, complicated and bugged/not working code with my new 6 lines, run the game and "yeah" it worked"... :-D So we're at 3 puzzles now... Tomorrow a new problem will arise, but today I'm happy. (nod)

Hey again. :) Thanks for your continued pursue of adding images and music and... (nod)
Also a heads up, I'm using both your textures and music tracks for my upcoming MAGS game. :-D

Yeah, those damn bugs... we need better bug control! (laugh)

Uhm, pathfinder seems to be doing fine

But I just discovered that when you put a new object in a room it turns all objects visible. :~( I also started a blank project and added a BG and a couple sprites, then added them as objects. does the same. This is a very big bother, as I have a few big sprites that cover everything...
Also it's rather annoying that when you create a new object in a room it doesn't automaticly jump to it's settings/properties, so you can name it and adjust it... you need to actively find it in the list of objects and click on it.

EDIT: And seems like changing the Name of the object does the same thing. :~(

EDIT2: Doesn't help to lock the state of the objects either.

Okay then, I'll shut up now and let the experts talk. :-D

Uhm... I'll try it on my MAGS game (yes, I'll make a backup of the current state in alpha 1) :)

Some good stuff in here, thanks all involved!
Looking forward to try that pathfinder on this maze.

Hobo, Mags is great for experimenting and learning. (nod)
Well, Gurok has improved the code, so now I can finish coding those puzzles we all love... cause otherwise you just run the maze with nothing else to do. (laugh)

Oh I thought you talking about "how to animate the doors open/close", not just switch sprites.
I'm no expert in this, but think you still over complicating things.
First if you are planning on animating later on, then just write the code for that. And start by aligning and making them same size (or at least have some origin) the open/close door sprites. Also, like I said, if you assume that all your "open doors" are part of the BG (and thus you draw all rooms with the door open, then you just need to turn on/off the close door sprite. No need for such complicated code.

Also, you can still use animated view, code it as shown above, put only the sprite of the close door in it. Then later on, if you decide to animate and add the sprites, all you need to do is open the view, add the sprites to the loop and then test to see if you satisfied with the animation or if you need to adjust the speed... but all the code is already done.

LOL CaptainD (laugh) 

Uhm... you animate the object like ManicMatt explained...

create a view with the closed door as the first frame, then add the next few frames untill you have the sprite with the open door (or vise-versa). I usualy don't have the last sprite with door open, and just turn of the object visibility to false (and the BG has the view with the open door)...

Then you just animate the object as needed... And you can check if the door is open or close by checking if the object is visible or not (no need to use a bool).

Well, I got an intro and and end now... (nod) Just need the "middle"... (laugh) (and solve a restart bug (roll) )

I just made a sequence for my MAGS game, and thought it could fit well in the theme (or as well as a tangent can be (roll) ).

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 19 May 2018, 19:28 »
So beautiful... 8-0

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 19 May 2018, 09:43 »
Still no idea... but I'll shot Flash Gordon?

It just means I'm probably asleep or at work

Or "asleep at work"... (laugh)

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Group Stage First Round

Russia 2 - 1 Saudi Arabia
Egypt 0 - 2 Uruguay
Morocco 0 - 0 Iran
Portugal 1 - 0 Spain
France 3 - 0 Australia
Argentina 4 - 0 Iceland
Peru 0 - 1 Denmark
Croatia 2 - 1 Nigeria
Costa Rica 1 - 2 Serbia
Germany 2 - 1 Mexico
Brazil 3 - 1 Switzerland
Sweden 1 - 1 South Korea
Belgium 2 - 2 Panama
Tunisia 0 - 2 England
Colombia 2 - 1 Japan
Poland 2 - 0 Senegal

Russia 1 - 0 Egypt
Portugal 3 - 1 Morocco
Uruguay 2 - 0 Saudi Arabia
Iran 0 - 3 Spain
Denmark 2 - 1 Australia
France 2 - 2 Peru
Argentina 3 - 1 Croatia
Brazil 2 - 0 Costa Rica
Nigeria 0 - 0 Iceland
Serbia 1 - 1 Switzerland
Belgium 1 - 0 Tunisia
South Korea 0 - 2 Mexico
Germany 2 - 1 Sweden
England 1 - 0 Panama
Japan 1 - 0 Senegal
Poland 0 - 1 Colombia

Uruguay 1 - 0 Russia
Saudi Arabia 0 - 0 Egypt
Spain 2 - 0 Morocco
Iran 0 - 3 Portugal
Denmark 1 - 1 France
Australia 0 - 2 Peru
Nigeria 1 - 3 Argentina
Iceland 2 - 2 Croatia
South Korea 1 - 2 Germany
Mexico 1 - 0 Sweden
Serbia 1 - 3 Brazil
Switzerland 0 - 1 Costa Rica
Japan 1 - 1 Poland
Senegal 0 - 2 Colombia
England 2 - 0 Belgium
Panama 1 - 0 Tunisia

General Discussion / Re: AGS - Games on OUYA console
« on: 16 May 2018, 18:48 »
Welcome xaby :)

About the timeout, you can maybe type your text on a simple text file first, and then post it? That way you can save and take as long as you need. ;) Then jusy copy/paste it into the msg box.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 16 May 2018, 16:50 »
Still no idea... Supernatural?

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