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I mean the bar where it shows Room > Characters > cName
If I add a new character to the room and open the room, the character will neither be seen nor be available in that drop down list (is there another place to see which characters are in the room?). opening a new room and then returning will show the character in the room and in the list. Removing the character from the room (or moving it to another room) will remove it from the editor show but still show it on the drop down list. Again these are fixed with opening another room and returning.

Funny, I can't choose the character from list either (using the dark theme, if that makes a difference).
But can confirm that opening a new room and then returning will fix the character showing. (nod)

I made a sketch... not sure I'll do anything more to it though... might try and make it as a 3D model though. (laugh)

PS - Thanks for the inspiration morganw. ;)

EDIT: Uhm... does it even fit the theme?? I know I had fun doing it at least, but scary? Probably not... confusing and weird, most likely. (wtf)

To clarify: Closing and opening the room tab doesn't help. so far only restarting the editor has solved the problem.
Maybe some others could try this just to see if it's just me or a bug?

Uhm... was trying this, but I got an issue, not sure if it's just me.

I started a new project using the BASS template, change res, color depth, proper alpha blending, imported some sprites, created a few views, created 2 new characters, added them to room 1, change the BG in room 1... thus I now have 3 characters in room yet. Yet in the editor I can only see the original character. 8-0
And yes the characters are on the screen and I added a walkable area. If I run F5 I can move my new character and see the other two.

Edit: Okay, I closed the editor and opened it again. Now the characters are shown in the editor. Using the "rebuild all files" doesn't solve it either. Seems like only restarting the editor does. :~(

That's insanely busy ... erhm... airspace? :-D

You guys sometimes just make me feel like I should just di my head in the sand and give up... awesome BG! (nod)

Critics' Lounge / Re: AGS Awards Ceremony client - GUI
« on: 23 Feb 2018, 20:59 »
I like all of them! (nod) (laugh)

But I specially like the uncropped one! I like how the icons burst out of their "cages"... :-D
About the colore gold/blue... well the first one stands out more, the second is more discrete. Do we want them to pop out of be quietly on the BG?

Maybe a 4th version with the uncut icons and the blue BG? ;)

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 23 Feb 2018, 17:41 »
* Cassiebsg wants to sit there and never ever leave... 8-0

Or is it just a clever illusion with 3D generated 'flat' rooms and animation?

This. (nod)
I made the models in Blender, rendered them, saved them as pngs and imported them as sprites. Nothing magical or weird. ;)

I believe there is a 3D module (or) plugin and Gurok is/was working on some generated 3D thing, but more can't I tell you, as I really don't want to do a 3D game. I'm just using 3D models to get my sprites as I found out that not only my talent for hand drawing isn't very good nor do I have much patience for doing pixel art... so I took the next best thing (that I actually enjoy doing mind you. :-D )

I can confirm it runs (on win7 64bit) and reads the dark theme just fine. (nod)

Ohh... can't wait to try this version, so many goodies I have long longer for! (nod)

Great work everyone and big big thanks!

Looking good! (nod)

This looks awesome!
Good luck with the project.

In lieu of receiving a nomination for best Music and Sound, I finally got the push to get the soundtrack released. ;-D

So if you enjoyed the wonderfull music that Eric Galluzo has composed specifically for this game and wish to listen to it undisturbed you now can! :-D

Anyway here's the download link, enjoy! (nod)
Soundtrack, original music by Eric Galluzo, now available as a zip file here:

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 17 Feb 2018, 18:59 »
The Invisible man?

Recruitment / Re: Feria d'Arles - Musician & Testers
« on: 16 Feb 2018, 22:38 »
This looks sweet! :)

If you still need a tester, I'm game. :-D

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Bestiary
« on: 16 Feb 2018, 21:49 »
Well, it looks great!
So well done! (nod)

Oh, and you shouldn't assume that everyone in the world knows when "Labor Day" is... it that 1st May?

Uhm, think the only "story" that comes to mind, was one day when I was on a school trip by bus, and while cruising (or speeding) on the freeway(?) I saw through the window a guy(or woman) splattered on the tarmac. Guess he/she was trying to cross the freeway the crazy way and got run down... but think what made it stick in my mind was  the "brain" matter I saw all over... 8-0 (at least that's what I  interpreted it to be, might have been something else in similar color though).

And speaking of speeding, this reminds me our trip by bus to Italy where the other bus (we had 2) almost drove out of the road because the driver was falling asleep at the wheel. >:( Luckily the driver managed to somehow to avoid the bus from tipping over and then he/we stopped at the next rest stop.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Jorry [Demo available]
« on: 15 Feb 2018, 21:25 »
I also played and finished the demo. (nod)

I'm glad there's a difficulty option right at the start. :-D
Graphic, story and animations at just top notch! (nod) I had some difficulty shooting the gun though (thank God for easy option!). I kept pressing the left button to shot... (roll) Not sure if others had this problem, or if it's just me (because in my game I use the left to shot and right to holster)...   

Anyway, awesome job with the demo and I'll be looking forward to see this one released! (nod)

Speaking of MAGS... I made this game about 5 months after I joined the board:
Or this one done by cat:

In other words, you can also use a camera to take pics of your backgrounds and characters and avoid drawing entirely. ;)

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