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Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
« on: 02 Jan 2018, 22:35 »
Gah, sorry. Back at my workstation now.

To clarify, I meant that I needed to build the libraries properly in the /buildlibs folder, and I had to do it from within the Terminal.
In the osx-nick branch, the /ags/OSX/buildlibs folder has a file that details how to build the libraries from scratch:
1. install homebrew
2. brew install pkg-config autoconf automake libtool cmake curl
3. install xcode *and* the command line tools
4. sudo xcode-select --reset
5. build the libraries with: make install

I initially missed those steps the first time I checked out the osx-nick branch and could not build.. hence why I meant 'using Terminal properly' ;)

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
« on: 02 Jan 2018, 02:38 »
@Radiant: I'm away from my workstation right now, but have you tried to build Janet's 'osx-nick' branch? It built fine for me on Sierra with the latest Xcode. The trick for me was building the libraries using Terminal properly. If you can get it to build, it might help narrow down your header/search path issues.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
« on: 04 Dec 2017, 14:55 »
Thanks so much for the build instructions - I'm going to try these out today and see how far I get. The Xcode branch has always been extremely fragile and difficult to patch/build plugins for - I'll let you know what my results are.

Update: Ah, I had forgotten to 'make install' the buildlib folder. Again, I'm using the osx-nick branch, so 99% of the work was already done for me.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
« on: 02 Dec 2017, 20:47 »

Did you have any luck building a Mac port? Which version of Xcode are you using?

I'm running 9.1 and it's complaining about a lot of missing frameworks (CoreVideo, Cocoa, etc) from the sox-nick branch. Could use some help getting this off the ground.


Engine Development / Re: AGS engine iOS port
« on: 09 Dec 2014, 17:15 »
Sorry for the delay everyone. I realized that I need to make some changes to the port to make it useful for general use.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine iOS port
« on: 21 Nov 2014, 20:58 »
which do you need - the xcode project or a pre-compiled IPA?

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine iOS port
« on: 19 Nov 2014, 20:53 »
i've got a working build of AGS 3.3.0 using patches written by JanetC and JJS if anyone needs it. not sure if people are looking for the ipa or the xcode project though. let me know.

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