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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Picking up objects..
« on: 21 Jul 2018, 21:41 »
I'm more inclined to B, because I believe that you should find the door before finding the key. I do not like picking up an item at the start of the game, whose use is only at the END of the game. I would much prefer it if I could only have acquired that item at the end of the game. I remember Thimbleweed Park having a few items like that, which was jarring since Ron Gilbert was the one who came up with the concept of finding the door before finding the key. As a matter of fact, I think it was a literal key as well. ???

But as everyone else has been saying, it can be really weird when a character will refuse to pick up one item, saying he doesn't need it right now. I suppose it can make a nice joke if you do it once, but otherwise you'll want to make that item unavailable in some other way. So that people will know for certain when they can pick it up.

I recall trying to open a parcel wraped in gift-paper, in Cruise for a Corpse. The controlled character turned towards me and said: "How would you like it if WE opened your presents"? (laugh)

General Discussion / Re: Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 17:13 »
It is known as "involuntary decapitation", and is an event not just historically documented (eg 19th century Britain and US) but also happening nowdays (apparently Sadam's brother had this fate...).

Ohhhhh, grusomely informative!

I guess I might have stuck my neck out a bit too far with my assumptions. (laugh)


Yes, it is pretty brutal!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Picking up objects..
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 13:54 »
Imo even that is considerably better than somehow needing to have a specific bit of metal/wood/plastic/whatever you just happened to find in a room or on the street :)

General Discussion / Re: Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 12:54 »
That can't be done, because an antagonist to the warden is in control of what rope is used ;)

Re the method being more humane: only to a small degree; part of the story is about how this is all just for show, and politics. Nothing really humanistic is going on, and the narrator was invited to act for the warden's gain.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Picking up objects..
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 11:35 »
I am not a fan of carrying a large number of items around. No one would do so IRL (let alone random stuff). Moreover i dislike how in many games the player just picks up tools from random locations, when the same thing should be available in their house. I mean... would you take a pair of scissors or a plastic cup if you had those in your apartment? Why? :=

Ok, an adventure game isn't a book you read, but imo it is better to keep some of the same logic re item picking :)

General Discussion / Re: Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 11:11 »
Actually there is nothing unbelievable about it :) It is known as "involuntary decapitation", and is an event not just historically documented (eg 19th century Britain and US) but also happening nowdays (apparently Sadam's brother had this fate...).

You can easily find info on this, in the general hanging article in wiki, or more specific sites, eg:

To sum the issue: A person who has over a set weight, will get decapitated by force of the rope pressing around his/her neck, if the free fall is long enough* :)
The specific ratio had been studied (irl), to avoid so gruesome a spectacle. Having a long free-fall was used so as to avoid the also nasty spectacle of soft-hanging (person dieing slowly/agonizing death), by causing instant death by breaking the neck. But the long free fall makes the force with which the noose is pressed on the neck potentially be large enough to take the head off. (nod)

@Stupot: glad you liked the plot 8-)

General Discussion / Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 07:36 »
Writing can suck; not due to being a lowly interest, but because one can easily lose sight of what one can do, and end up in some desert where any movement is pretty much futile and will only lead to variations of the same pointless end.
Recently i have been returning to some actual attempt to write a bit better again. Not that i regard anything i have wrote by now as being that good; but there is always a difference between a slow-moving person, a zombie, and an immobile corpse...
According to some writers (eg Pessoa), one mostly just has to express oneself - and know how to do so - in order to produce something decent. Moving away from some prototype/influence is always hard (i think that most writers either don't have much reading of classic literature done, or never move past any model they based their own writing on, consciously or not), but it can also seem a bit dangerous. For example i always viewed originality as a road without a map (though i had very specific reasons to do so, since elementary school, and those weren't about writing). In a way you can feel safer by revisiting information or forms you have stored in your memory as crucially tied to other people (eg other authors in this case), rather than moving in a path you identify as more open-ended...

That said, recently, as i noted, i tried to return to my writing work, and produced three new stories (actually more, but only three survived). One of those is titled "Invited to the desert".
While it likely isn't even the better one of those three (and maybe none of the recent three will ever be in a book; they may get erased in time or i may not choose them to be in the next book), at least it is a bit more alive than some other works of mine in the last year.

The story is about (or seems to be, anyway) a person who was invited to a small prison in a province of an emirate, in some region which consists of desert. The prison warden wants to gain influence with a prominent politician, with whom they share some slightly more humanitarian ideas; namely they both want to stop having execution-by-sword in the prison system.
So the warden means to replace it with hanging.
It would be enough to do so, so as to be on the good side of that politician, but a problem does appear: the majority of those executed with the new, meant to be less gory, method, end up decapitated by the sheer force of the rope tighted during the fall.

So the narrator is called there, to try to help. Naturally he is aware of the weight-to-fall ratio to produce a non-gory spectacle in the hanging. (well, a less gory one :) ). But some other problems arise, because he has little access to actual tools, and has to improvise.

The story ends just as the new execution - now with the important politician present - is about to take place. If it works as planned, the warden will be pleased, and the narrator can finally leave that pitiful place.
It is inferred, in the final words of the story, that he may be another inmate, imagining all this important role so as to not go insane while waiting for his own execution to happen.

Do you like this kind of plot?
Sometimes (like Borges noted) a hidden meaning can be so obscure than it just won't be picked up. And (as Kafka said) some machinations are just so delicate that they fail due to inherent traits. :)

Hints & Tips / Re: The Guilt Eternal
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 22:32 »
I am having the exact same issue. I tried to find more burried objects afterwards, but nothing. Only the shovel and the jar.
Then the detective leaves and I cannot say stuff to the n.f. studying girl, nor speak to anyone for much on the phone...

My items are:

-broken jar

hm, i am wondering if one should do as in the intro, and stand to talk on the same location?!

EDIT: nevermind, i found what i had to do:

[spoiler] use the pot on the books, so that the character will reflect on how he needs to visit a library... [/spoiler]

Critics' Lounge / Re: Strategy game models
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 22:03 »
Ok, I changed it a bit :)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Picking up objects..
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 19:12 »

we may have had this before but..

Enter room. See a number of objects.

Should you be able to:

A, Pick up all objects whether you need them or not.
B, Only pick up objects you need at that time.
C: Limit the amount of objects you can pick up per visit to room.

What do you think?

The issue is current; in 90s adventure games the game almost never would highlight the object (eg show its name, or have the cursor even change when over it), so the object was just another part of the room - unless you could actually use it. At times some object was not usable until later in the game, but you wouldn't actually know that for sure; cause it was the same as any other stuff in the location you could just read a description of.
Imo it is bad that currently we have to highlight objects (surely out of fear that point n click is dead, and thus it will annoy the player to have to hunt for what is in the room).

Anyway, to answer your particular question: imo the object should either be usable at some time, OR you should give enough/interesting/ontopic description for some which won't be, so as to not annoy the player if they discover they can't do anything with those.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Strategy game models
« on: 19 Jul 2018, 07:23 »
In the end i managed to save even what started as a complete train-wreck...

The aztec set is mostly finished. Views?

Hm, can the game be shocking in a metaphorical sense? (eg very violent, etc)
I was thinking of something about a series of murders, to be exact.

Ok 8-)

Not sure if I can suggest this (given it is not free, and from 2016; and another poster already suggested a game, from 2004- not sure if it was accepted or not?), but since no one else is posting anything, and given I recently rewatched the playthrough, here goes:

Kathy Rain

My review:
"Kathy Rain can be regarded as a modern version of the first Gabriel Knight; in style the gfx and feel is similar, while the actual plot includes some more ambiguous elements. The protagonist, Kathy, is to a degree dependent on her friend, much like Gabriel was to his female employee and romantic interest, and both of those secondary characters find themselves in danger along with the leads.
The progression of the story comes at a natural pace, and there are a couple of intricate puzzles. There is both humour and some sense of dread; although probably the overall mood is less sinister than in GB or similar horror.
A very stylish and professional-looking game."

Critics' Lounge / Re: Strategy game models
« on: 17 Jul 2018, 18:02 »
Aztec set remains a generic-fest, but it is closer to completion:


Hi, I work both with pixel and 3d render. Maybe I could be of use; a few of my backgrounds (eg for my own AGS game) :

also you can have a look at my object (small object etc) work in this thread:




Nope. It was around $10k total for Kathy Rain. That included the studio fee, the payments to the actors, the fee for the casting director, and payments to myself. Admittedly, I think I may have low-balled myself and I would probably charge more now.

Kathy Rain was a cool game 8-)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Strategy game models
« on: 16 Jul 2018, 23:58 »
(edit ;) )

Critics' Lounge / Re: Strategy game models
« on: 16 Jul 2018, 15:36 »
Anyway... i started work on the aztec set. Ie the last of the medieval era.

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