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I think you are misunderstanding: those are good pieces of software, I am not saying to build AGS on top of any commercial engine, I am saying LOOK AT HOW THEY SOLVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEMS, and take a note. Seriously.

I have absolutely no idea why you don't look commercial engines up considering considering they have history - not for building on top, taking inspiration, and they have open bits (or are completely open), either on github or bitbucket. I know that I will stay on AGS and migrate to a better maintained engine if the "replacement" is just New Mistakes Edition. It's completely not fun being in middle of development and have your engine swept away.

Just a reminder you can just do what Unity does and have the thing you write code separated from the rest - this is also how working with Chrome/Firefox developer tools with VSCode works, and I think with Unreal too. People seem to be OK with this - I know in the past we used to have IDEs but not doing it looks to me more maintainable. Also think about a package manager (you can use one that already exists) to share scripts.

Monodevelop is redistributable, isn't?

Engine Development / Re: Let's build for Android!
« on: 10 Jan 2018, 18:46 »
In Android docs I found:

Doing ctrl+f on each thing from the issue, things look available. I don't know where are iOS docs.

Engine Development / Re: Let's build for Android!
« on: 10 Jan 2018, 17:56 »
CW, I still couldn't understand: is the current master branch supposed to build for Android or it should fail?

Editor Development / Re: Discussion on existing engines
« on: 09 Jan 2018, 19:32 »
Unity distributes monodevelop

Editor Development / Re: Discussion on existing engines
« on: 08 Jan 2018, 19:44 »
You know what AGS does really well, as simple as is it's functions and editor? GUIs. I made a game using only GUIs. GUIs in AGS are very easy to do.

Editor Development / Re: Discussion on existing engines
« on: 08 Jan 2018, 14:37 »
Is there any reason why ignoring Unity3D, Gamemaker, RPGMaker, Unreal, Lumberjack, Pygame, Phaser, Pico8, Visionaire Studio, Construct, ...?

I will try to shine some light on why I think Unity works... If any normal person opens Unity, you can't possibly say "this is great piece of software". BUT once you commit to learn all the rough things in Unity, the same language you used to build your very tiny, probably in a jam, C# game, well... You can use that same knowledge to build tools for it! The base can be a magic proprietary box that mostly does nothing, but you now can build your own tools to make games with the same knowledge you have for making games, and you can share those tools. And you can share assets too! In the end I see Unity as this thing that Has a store to share stuff, and build across multiple devices, but that when you just install, it does nothing.

In AGS you have 3 type of people:
1 - people who can script, using AGS Script
2 - people who can make plugins, using SOMETHING (I have no idea how to make plugins).
3 - people who can mod and advance the engine, using C and C++.
and a secret 4th type:
4 - people who can draw Adventure Game Stuff.

Being good in 1 and 4 doesn't contribute much to becoming 2. And the majority is too distant from 3.

So to create Yet Another Game Engine, I think the idea that would work would be just like Unity. Have something basic that does nothing, a package manager for distributing assets, and start from there. I would strongly advice being 2D AND 3D, choose ONE and stick with it. Doing the 2 there is already GODOT.

Also AGS Script is typed, which allows very good prediction of things while typing. I would advise against bare javascript, python or other non typed languages. I like that AGS Script is very non-verbose when compared to C#, making easy to sketch commands in forum (without smart predictions of things).

I would ignore collaborative and just guarantee things to work with git.

Also I think such engine should have as priority having an asset for AGS like workflow of game making, but you know... Allow if someone want to one day add a Mario Maker asset or crazy RTS designer asset, SIM RPG MAKER asset.

morganw! If you can create a fork of this version of the engine, share on github and create a thread somewhere in the forums so people can keep an update on what you try that works and what does not, it would be cool!

Hey, I don't understand any of this. What is the dates and time? What are the categories? Can I submit my totally not an adventure game made in AGS? N00b send help plz.

Engine Development / Let's build for Android!
« on: 08 Jan 2018, 00:35 »
I will try to explain what I did here, questions will arise, hopefully everything can be answered here and this will allow me to generate a guide.

So first two things are important:
 - Android port of the engine currently doesn't report correctly mouse.isButtonDown, so your game CAN'T BE USING THIS, use if(System.OperatingSystem == eOSAndroid) in your code to work for this.
 - I am using the latest prebuilt APK as libs, those were for the previous stable version, so your game must be built with that AGS.

1. You need to install the latest Android Studio, just download and install. .

2. You will also need JDK, NDK and Android SDK.

3. After installing Android Studio, download the repository I made here: . This is my modded version of Monkey's Android Studio Project.

4. Open the folder in Android Studio.

5. Building should generate my game .apk!

6. Ok, let's make YOUR game .apk. In the folder Android Studio placed the Sdk, there is a magical tool called jobb. I use Ubuntu, and the tool is in the folder ~/Android/Sdk/tools/bin/ in my computer. If you use Windows, then it's probably in %appdata%\Local\Android\Sdk . (if someone can confirm this information, it would be awesome!). This is just so you can understand what will happen next.

7. In your game Compiled folder, there is a YOURGAMENAME.ags file. Open a cmd.exe (windows) or bash terminal (Linux/OSX). Change Directory to the folder YOURGAMENAME.ags is.

In Windows (untested!)
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. cd YOURGAMENAME\Compiled\
  2. mkdir obb
  3. move YOURGAMENAME.ags obb\
  4. %appdata%\Local\Android\Sdk\tools\bin\jobb -d \obb\ -o -pn com.YOURSTUDIONAME.YOURGAMENAME -pv 3
In Linux/OSX
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. cd YOURGAMENAME/Compiled/
  2. mkdir obb
  3. mv YOURGAMENAME.ags obb/
  4. ~/Android/Sdk/tools/bin/jobb -d ./obb/ -o -pn com.YOURSTUDIONAME.YOURGAMENAME -pv 3

In the code above, 3 is simply the OBB version number. Every time you change the content of the OBB linked to your APK and release, you have to increase that number - and update in your Android Studio Project accordingly. Also make sure that YOURGAMENAME and YOURSTUDIONAME are correctly updated in your android studio project.

8. In the README there is a line called Setting up the project for your game. I will copy below:

-Update package name:

Open the project in Android Studio, then in the project tree navigate to app/java/com.mythsuntold.osd.scourge.
Right-click on this folder and select "Refactor -> Move...". When prompted, select "Move package 'com.mythsuntold.dungeonhands' to another package" (the default). You may receive a warning that multiple directories will be moved, select Yes. Type the parent name of your package, not the final package name (e.g., com.bigbluecup not, select "Refactor" and then click "Do Refactor".
Right-click on the new project folder in the project tree (e.g., com.bigbluecup.scourge) and select "Refactor -> Rename". Type the package name for your game (e.g., game), then select "Refactor" and click "Do Refactor".

Finally, delete the com.mythsuntold.dungeonhands folder.

- Update This file contains gradle settings related to your project. The application ID, version code, and version name need to be set to match your project settings (application ID is your package name).

- Update project.xml. This file contains resources for your project. The values there are described in that file.

- Update This file contains local data that should NOT be added to version control (.gitignore will ignore your changes to this file). You need to add your keystore path, alias, and passwords, and optionally the path to your copy of the AGS source (if you are rebuilding the engine native libraries). See the Java docs on keytool or use the Android Studio signing wizard to generate a keystore.

- Update private.xml. This file contains definitions for your RSA public key and an integer-array with bytes for your salt which is used by the ExpansionDownloaderService. These values are necessary if distributing your app via the Google Play Store. The RSA public key is provided in the Google Play Developer Console, and the salt bytes may be any number of values in the range [-128, 127]. You may need to upload an APK without the RSA public key first before the key is provided. That APK should not be public unless the OBB file is embedded.

- Update graphics resources (app/src/main/res). You can use the Android Asset Studio to easily generate graphics for your app, or use your preferred method. Everything in the drawable and various mipmap-* folders should be replaced with your resources.

I made this post with the intent to help Mehrdad, so please try this!

Both window and fullscreen, but the above code does work. I will actually improve it to pause and proceed with the music later.

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 06 Jan 2018, 15:41 »
Question. I may go to NYC in May. Can someone suggest me a good hotel? My definition of good is a nice bed for me and my girlfriend, has a bathroom in the room, has wifi and either has breakfast or is near a bakery or coffee shop that offers breakfast.

I am going for leisure, will visit museums, and other stuff.

Being a user of AGS, have to say that switching to ScummVM and having the portability it offers, along the possibilities of SDL (like joystick support or building for JS with LLVM Emscripten) is something that would be huge - note: I don't really know if any of this is true. I also really would like to be able to package the game for platforms so that the customer buying the game would never need to know any of these things.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Pixel Font Resource
« on: 03 Jan 2018, 21:30 »
Just linking a website that has been very useful to me:

About Agent Based Modeling, there is a project some people are experimenting with in the company I work, called JaCaMo, the website has a nice short description of the concepts that may or may not be useful.

In the party example you have a place (rooms, gardens,...), agents (the persons), properties of the agents (in this you probably have to define some relations between agents to generate motives), a crime (the easier would be murder, and then try to come up with other crimes). This kind of simulation model you proposed looks to be somewhat Agent Based Model, so that's why I refered to agents there. Make something simple first (here is an example of simple thing using agents, The Incredible Car Salesman , HTML5 made in Construct).

The game elements are not really clear yet though - would this happen before in black screen, and through clues and talking to people you would see flashbacks from what happened? If you are going for Agents, remember you will have to make some modifications to ensure: (1) a crime does happen, (2) this crime is solvable. On the game elements part, I am throwing some references below for stuff I remembered by reading the party description and could be useful. Also a crazy idea here would be to inverse the play in the system: You must commit a murder and then watch the detective agent solve it or not.

One of Us - PC Jam Game

Is a game where you walk in a village where someone is the wolf, who kills, every end of a day, after getting clues, you choose someone you believe to be the wolf, to be hanged. If the right person is chosen, the game ends, if not, the wolf kills someone, and you can again explore the village.

221 B Street - Board Game

This game is known as Scotland Yard here in South America, (the European Scotland Yard here is Interpol). You walk on the board going to different places collecting clues, clues are predefined from a book of a lot of cases, every play is a different case. With clues you can put together stuff like murder weapon, the name of the person who committed the crime, and other things. The game has interesting elements idea on how to gammify a case solving - like how you must race against other player to the Scotland Yard once you know the answers.

I really like board games for inspiration because they are usually game systems in the simplest form you can just look and experiment. If there is any local bar with boardgames, go there.

And Then There Were None - Book

This book has a cool story and is written by Agatha Christie. Her other books, featuring the detective Hercule Poirot have a nice catch: once Hercule states he knows who did it, you can stop reading, analyse the clues you have been giving and try to process then in your head. You can then proceed reading and see if you got things right. I like the setting of those books and the era they take place provide lots of Public Domain assets to stea... use.

Two things: as to all open source projects, it seems we need a leader, benevolent dictator.

Second thing: for me AGS is the combination of adventure features with being good with pixels. If the being good with pixels is important for everyone, then it appears something like SDL makes more sense - no penalty from the lots of bitmaps. If the pixels are not that important, then Allegro 5 seems like the proper backend, but in this case, for me, there other engines that appear to work better.

The greatest strength for me in AGS is the editor that is very good and the scripting language that makes no distinction between things that happen synchronously or asynchronously, so the code looks like a sequence of thoughts.

Question. Going from Allegro 4.4 to 5 involves any meddling in the Editor? The reason I ask is because building the Editor is a LOT harder (configuring MSVS) to me than the Engine (typing "make [enter]"). My stupid idea would be building against Allegro 5 and fix each error until it builds, which is something very stupid, but makes the task brainless - assuming the calls to Allegro are mostly wrapped in the code so there aren't that many, IDNK if this is true though...

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