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The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 05 Apr 2018, 11:43 »
Cannonball Run? ???

Congratulations to Sin Sin and Creamy! Well deserved placings 8-)
That was fun, and I've earned my first AGS Sprite Jam trophy! :-D

1st place: my vote goes to Creamy.  What an awesome character! (nod)
2nd place: Sin sin, Jack hammer looks great! :)
3rd place: Khris, I would've given a higher placing, but it wasn't coloured in. :-\
Well done to everyone. :)

Cheers Captain D!  I will show the article to the family :) Thanks for that. ;-D

Critics' Lounge / Re: Critique on office background
« on: 28 Nov 2017, 21:04 »
Hey there ZincWit, this looks really cool for a few reasons:
1) The lighting works well ie. the shadows cast the right way from the light sources.
2) The background shows good depth ie. has a foreground that is obviously separated from the wall and furniture and doesn't lose itself at all.
3) Looks like the office of somebody who is maybe a little obsessive with coffee! ;)

Posted by: ClickClickClick  ยป Date: Today at 01:03 Insert Quote
I'd use a different colour for either the walls or the floor.
- I agree but don't lose that 'dank n gloomy' feeling!

All in all this looks great! Can't wait to see more! :)

Hints & Tips / Re: The Grizzly Goose of Gosse
« on: 25 Nov 2017, 20:16 »
Great stuff!  Glad you liked it! ;-D

Obviously BBB has never met with: 'The Glob' AKA 'Swamp Thing' straight from the Venusian North Pole.

WEIGHT: 66.6 KG (Soaking wet)
HEIGHT: 2.91 Meters
AGE: 301 Venusian years.

WON:      54
BY KO:      48
DRAW:       2
LOST:       0


...edit.. enlarged and darkened backdrop and added Legs for BBB...

Hints & Tips / Re: The Grizzly Goose of Gosse
« on: 21 Nov 2017, 19:43 »
Hey there, My family and I created this game so I can help you...
Spoiler: ShowHide
In the beginning when Dad leaves the scrap bucket near the front door, this bucket is the key to most puzzles in the game.
First of all, carry the scrap bucket to the chook yard gate - Angus will run back to the house and Dad has left a broom behind - carry this too.
Then go to the tent and talk to Alyssa (This triggers the package delivery near the letterbox) get the package and go back to Alyssa.
Make the helmet and carry it.  Now you are ready to feed the scraps to the chooks.  Go to the chook yard gate and face the Goose.
After the skirmish open the chook yard gate and 'Give scrap bucket to chooks' - now your bucket is empty.
You can fill the empty bucket with the water tank or use the mug to fill the bucket with chook food.
Use the bucket of water in the water bowl and the bucket of seed in the seed bowl respectively.
Shut the Chook yard gate and open the front door to the house.  THE END
There is an alternate ending also but I think you can work for it if you want it badly enough.

Hope this helps tsa. :)

The Rumpus Room / Re: The MSPaint game
« on: 17 Nov 2017, 08:12 »
A quick throw together...

Next up... A Dragon eating a human.

Congratulations Pilchard on your well deserved win! :)
Well done to everyone on some great entries!
The kids are totally stoked to have placed 2nd!
Looking forward to future MAGS, if we can conceive an idea.
Thanks for having us, now I'm off to cook some nice spring goose (nod) :P

The Rumpus Room / Re: Weird Dreams Thread
« on: 12 Nov 2017, 05:36 »
Thanks for sharing that Mandle :)
Isn't it amazing how dreams can be so vivid and wild that they just kinda make sense?

I had this weird dream a few years back that my wife gave birth to twins...  But they were tiny pink kangaroo joeys no bigger than a bean! (wtf)
I remember it was a home-birth and I fought back the tears as I delivered them and cut the umbilical cords.. :confused:
It seemed so normal during the course of the dream as I continued to help her nurse them with a tiny bottle, bathe & dress them etc.. (roll)
Just plain weird.
I guess it was a throwback of recycled memories from our days together as wildlife carers and having our own children years later?

Critics' Lounge / Re: Some wip rooms/characters
« on: 11 Nov 2017, 22:33 »
This looks really cool KyriakosCH :cool:
I especially like the isometric view, gives it a nice 3D feel.
The characters look crisp and have a sort of 'Sims' vibe.
Will be keen to play once finished! (nod)

Thanks for the feedback guys. :)
I've tried scaling down from the drawing (heavily outlined) but it's a nightmare to work with that many pixels when separating for transparency.
Currently the image fits into a 47 x 112 pixel box making it easy to work with.
I'm leaning toward going with the outlined image (far left) for ease of manipulation when making other sprites.

Cheers Mandle! I gave Redgum Joe a shadow...
I outlined the original in black? (far left)
I've re-drawn the main character in pencil? (middle)
Original (far right)

Thanks Cassiebsg! I may try a little bit of shadowing/shading on the background after some reflection...
The characters need a little 'oval' shadow at their feet too. Will update soon.
Appreciate the feedback! :)

Hey there people!
Just wanted some feedback/critique on my art.
The game will be called: Redgum Joe in: The beginning of the end.

I have a small cast made up also.. (the background is a photo of home & not for the game.)

Just want to make sure the style fits? ie. do the characters suit the background?

Obviously the characters are pixel art... how do you think it looks?
I am planning to make a series of episodes if the art style fits.

No worries cob. :grin:

Thanks for that Slasher! (nod)
As you can probably tell I'm a little modern PC/internet illiterate (laugh)
I long for my old 386DX40 I had back in the 90's.  That machine rocked! ;)

Hey Slasher,

Like I said Angus didn't even want to play your game, he was too freaked out by it! (laugh)
So you definitely succeeded in frightening him!

We created the game as a family, and as an ulterior motive I hoped the whole thing would cure Angus of his real life fear...
It worked!  He confidently strides right up to the goose and gander (who are very protective of their goslings) and chases them away.
All in all we are wrapped with our little game and I am totally stoked that my little man isn't afraid anymore! :-D

This game does lend a certain charm but it does have issues that need addressing...

I agree Slasher, just wish we had more time. 
We quite enjoyed your game, and after about the 4th attempt we cracked it in 36 seconds!
Angus was not keen... in his words: "That game is too creepy!"

Pilchard, the kids loved your entry and eagerly lined up to play it next.
It had that authentic 'old school' point and click feel and style to it... Well done!

Hortencya12 - The Frame on the wall... interesting story and graphics, creepy music...

Glenjamin - Just you and me... What an original style and theme! I really enjoyed playing this one.
It had a good flow, albeit a little glitchy if not followed correctly.  Especially liked the Jeep!

Thanks for an awesome variety of MAGS entries people ;-D we enjoyed playing them as much as creating our own...

May the best game win!  :)

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