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General Discussion / Re: Toronto Meet-up (Toques 2017?)
« on: Yesterday at 20:20 »
The Friday ship is sailing.... ;-D

I know I'm asking for trouble disobeying a direct request from the contest admin, but I'm experimenting with a bold new cutting edge format for my story.  It's like, I'm taking the Adventure Game genre to vivid and reckless places, you know?  But it's all about the art and the creative process.  The pen is mightier than the light brigade and all that.  How do you fit a muzzle onto a typewriter?  How can I touch your soul if you keep blocking me, bro?  How do I get off this crazy train called... dystemporal articulated pseudofiction? :-\

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a :P

The continuing saga of awesomeness continues! :=

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...upon (laugh)

General Discussion / Re: Toronto Meet-up (Toques 2017?)
« on: 22 Sep 2017, 01:54 »
But it's paid for, and I'd lose all the money!

Not necessarily.  A witty fellow such as yourself, with dashing good looks and minty fresh breath to boot, can surely negotiate a deal with those flirtatious airline employees.  They're always overbooking flights anyway, so they'd probably be more than happy to oblige. 

But even if you do lose it all, can you really put a price on seeing Ryan Timothy drunk on fermented poutine gravy? :=

Also, Baron, who would even be serving poutine that early? (laugh)

You, Madame, have clearly not gone on enough all-night benders in Kitchener.  By morning the traffic arteries are practically choked with gravy and squeaky fresh cheese curds.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Toronto Meet-up (Toques 2017?)
« on: 21 Sep 2017, 01:24 »
Errrr... would a morning meeting be more convenient for more people? :D

Sorry Babar, but during the week is insanely busy this time of year.  But if you skip that flight thingy we're golden man.  Friday Freewheeling, Baby!  We'll put the Oh! back in T.O.  Waddaya say? :=

I too will be writing my story on the instalment plan.  Enjoy! :-D

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General Discussion / Re: Toronto Meet-up (Toques 2017?)
« on: 20 Sep 2017, 01:30 »
My flight out of Toronto is at 4:15pm on the 29th :(

Blast!  Once again Time, my arch-nemesis, has foiled my best laid plans!

....I'll be working afternoon shift that week (2:45pm to 11pm). It's also a 2 hour drive from Toronto to my work... have some poutine for me!

Poutine Party in Kitchener at 8am! ;-D

General Discussion / Re: Toronto Meet-up (Toques 2017?)
« on: 19 Sep 2017, 01:55 »
I could do the evening of the 29th, but probably not any time during the week.  I'm a ways outside the city. :~(

So... you gonna add a bit of meaning to your life next round? ;)

...and that's the end of voting.  More with a whimper than a spectacular roar, but I'm tired of holding the competition hostage with perpetual voting.
Here are the results:

The golden trophy of spectacularness goes to Mandle with eight votes.  I thought a flaming crash would have been a more spectacular conclusion, but that'd probably be too obvious. ;)

The silver trophy of spectacularity goes to Sinitrena with seven votes.  I like the depth and texture of the setting in your stories all set in the same background world, although I might be biased having read all of them.  Does the world have a name we can refer to it by?  Otherwise I'm calling it Sinitrenia (so you'd better choose one :) ).

The bronze trophy of spectacularment goes to FunnyBoy044 with five votes.  I, too, was confused by the presence of some components of the chain reaction in the factory, but the basic plot was compelling.

Most Thought Provoking:...... Yeah, not really sure what purpose this vote category fills. It seems more an unneeded slot to fill rather than something that actually applies to writing/reading stories in general. Unless maybe we have an "Aesop's Fables" theme perhaps...)

Of course as the new comp administrator you may choose whichever voting categories you like, but I feel the "thought provoking" category has merit.  We focus a lot in our voting on the elements of writing (setting, atmosphere, plot, character, word style) but not so much on the message, which is really the whole point of writing anything in the first place.  Just my opinion.

And now I happily turn over contest administration to Mandle, be it his burden to bear for the next fortnight and change.  I for one am looking forward to the new topic in the next exciting instalment of....

The Fortnightly Writing Competition!

I'm interested in FunnyBoy's opinion, so I'll leave voting open for him. :)


Edit:  This is getting silly.  One more day, then I'm wrapping things up.

I guess we're extending voting until Mandle can squeeze us in.... (roll)

Maybe Funnyboy might check in on us too. ;)

Baron demands more votes.  Moar!  Mowr!  MOOOOOOORE!

Thank you all for your submissions.  The competition is now closed.  On to voting!  These are our competitors:

90 Mile Straight by Mandle.
It'll be Fine by FunnyBoy044
The Square of Flowers by Sinitrena
The Triumphal Procession by Blondbraid

You may cast one vote for each of the following categories:

Best Character: the most believable/captivating/magnetic/unique character.
Best Spectacle: the best spectacle!
Best Writing: the technical art of combining words in a memorable way.
Most Thought Provoking: Which story best reveals a lesson about the relationship between humanity and spectacle?

Voting will extend until Thursday September 7, and awards will be handed out the following day.

One more day, folks!  Be a Dudley Dowrite, not a Debbie Downer. :P

There will be no little extensions; only spectacular extensions! ;-D

Deadline Extended to Sunday September 3, 2017

Spectacular! 8-)

Also, I'd rank it "medium" in terms of length.  It's when you gotta split it into multiple posts that you officially hit the "lengthy" category. ;)

Nice to hear.  Three more days folks!

Mathematically speaking, you need to KEEP adding more work to sustain exponential growth!  I'll put you down as a "maybe". ;)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: MAGSAN Announcement!
« on: 25 Aug 2017, 03:17 »
Proofreading is almost certainly easier at larger font sizes....

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