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The Rumpus Room / Re: Group hug!
« on: Yesterday at 23:20 »
You know what this reminds me of? The village in Asterix fighting with each other. Let's be honest, that's just their way of hugging. :-*

Am I too late to the fun?

Sinitrena got stuck on a velcro wall,

More like, Sinitrena's laptop decided to die on her with the strangest error ever and she lost what she had already written. Luckily, the files still exist, the disk seems to be fine and my brother copied all of them on one of his just to make sure, but I don't have access to them right now and only my kindle to write and post on. Which is no fun at all.

Anyways, I did manage to write an alternative.

Depending on your sensibilities and age, this might not be appropriate for you. The title should give you a hint why.


Your order, no matter the trials,
is always keep going, is always survive.
No matter what hurts you, no matter your ails.
For our success and new life to thrive.

Of millions and millions it only needs one,
who seems just so weak and has all to gain.
For when all is said and when all is done,
keeping one surviver is worth all the strain.

The first leave too early to find fate in slobber,
millions and millions who don't find the way.
The second wave, so many, are stopped by the rubber.
But some find a hole and decide not to stay.

Your order, no matter the walls,
is always keep going, is always survive.
No matter your host's will, no matter his balls.
For our success and new life to thrive.

They might be diminished but all know their creed,
to fight and survive until all are gone.
It only needs one to keep going, succeed,
and their work is finished and done.

Passing the condom, some still stops the lube.
But the end of their journey will soon be reached.
They find it through cervix, through womb and fallopian tube,
and by one alone the egg is then breached.

Your order, no matter his will,
is always keep going, is always survive.
No matter what stops you, no matter her will.
For our success and new life to thrive.

I'm sorry. I'm annoyed at my computer and when I'm annoyed my writing gets a bit weird.

Thank you, everyone, voting is now over and with Blondbraid's votes, we are down to a two way tie. So, as competition admin, I use my tie-breaking powers to declare:

Baron with 7+1 points the winner of a golden fish.

This story needs a warning: "Deep swimming puns, keep head down!" I laughed all the way through it. This was amazing. Thank you.

KyriakosCH recieves 7 points and wins a silver fish.

A very poetic work, very atmospheric. I just wish there were more in the plot department. It's a good description, but feels very much like a beginning of something else,  something more. You won the Atomosphere Category hands down with four of four points. Well done.

Frodo reaches a third place with 6 points.

I like your screen-play like style. It reads very easily. I just noticed a tiny logical problem: The men are caught in a snow storm. You can melt and drink snow, no need to use the old fountain. Change it to a storm in the desert and the problem is solved. Other than that, I really love your take on the topic and the "fight" of the two species that both just want to survive and are completely incapable to even see the other as living beings.

Thank you all for your entries and votes and see you in the next round. Baron, over to you.

Sorry, I'm late (again). The good thing is, it means we got one person more to vote, the bad that we now have a three way tie. I leave voting open for another day or so.

These guys:

are looking for a new home, and with a three way tie, only one would find one. :~(

Yes, we do! Apparently, nobody snuck in a last minute entry, even though I'm late and they had a bit more time.

Anyways, here are our competitors, fighting for the win this round:

The stir by KyriakosCH
The Fountain by Frodo
Punder the Sea by Baron

Do you know this spiel yet? We vote in categories, with one vote allowed per category.

Best Character: The best personality, the most realistic or strange character.
Best Plot: What happens in the story? The events and structure of the story.
Best Writing: The art of combining words - the technical aspect of writing.
Best Atmosphere: The emotions and feelings the story evokes.
Best use of topic: Do you get a sense of mystery? Do you feel immersed in the water?

Voting is open until Wednesday, 26. September.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Water is dripping, time is running...

We've nearly reached the half-way point. Is anyone working on something?

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game, cat, and I hope Mandle's Murder Mystery will be fun for you and everyone else.

I said I would start a new game around this time now, but I realized that I don't have time in the next couple weeks. So if someone else wants to take over for a round, please go ahead. But as Mandle is running the Murder Mystery game right now, maybe this is enough. And I promise I'll be back for a Werewolf game next month for Halloween.

No word limit. Write as much or as little as you want.

Under Water

About 2/3 of our earth are water - vast oceans, smaller lakes, rivers or just little streams in the mountains. Some are underground, some open to the eye, some natural, some man-made, but all bodies of water are filled with a certain sense of mystery. We still know little about the depths of the oceans. There is a whole new world down there.

Tell us about it. Tell us about the prehistorical monsters still roaming at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, about the village that has to drown due to a new dam and hydroelectric power plant, about the civilizations of mythical figures we know nothing about or about the new high-tech submarine going for its first cruise. The main part of your stories must take place under water, but that is the only rule.

Deadline: 21 September 2018

Thank you all for the votes and kind words, guys.

The next round is coming right up.

One more thing I thought might be interesting to discuss: the Nurse role.
I think that with the current ruleset, the Nurse is the absolute MVP of the town team. The way we play now (which I confirmed with Sini during the game) is that the fact that a target has been successfully protected is fully revealed to all players, but without revealing the target's exact role or the Nurse's identity.
So in effect, the Nurse has the following "hidden" powers in addition to just protecting their target (and themselves, compared to the Bodyguard) from death:
* the Nurse makes the scum team completely waste one of their kills,
* the Nurse hides the role of the protected player from the scum team,
* the Nurse hides their own identity from the scum team,
* the Nurse proves the target's innocence to the town team.

Now, I have no idea if it makes the Nurse too strong, or if the balance is just about right if we want the town to sometimes win for a change. We surely need to play more games in this setup to get a better idea. But I wanted to share my thoughts on that as something to maybe look at during/after future sessions?

The nurse seems strong when you describe it like that, but for the nurse's powers to take effect, the nurse and the scum side must decide on the same person in the same night, which becomes more likely the longer the game goes on. But the longer the game goes on, the more knoweldge everyone should have anyway.

In the three games we played, the nurse (or guard, for the first two games, but that's irrelevant for now) did not once actually manage to protect anyone.

Because coincidence is such a large part of the nurse's power, I don't think the role is too strong. But you're right, we need a bit more data on that, especially what would happen if the nurse actually manages to protect someone. How would it play out? And how would it interact with the removal of "ghosts" as discussed above?

The "locked votes" thing sounds very positive in both ending useless day phases early where things are a foregone conclusion and also an interesting window into the psychology of why someone would lock a vote and when they did so.
Agreed! It's a very interesting concept. Imagine: "Oh damn, I'm now convinced that you were right to accuse X but alas, I cannot change my vote anymore! :<"
That's why I'm hesitant with this option and why I didn't use it in earlier rounds and why I call it a risk.

By the way, if someone is interested, nearly all kill methods were on me this time. Kastchey's only request was the feather boa in night 1. It's actually a lot more fun and challenging for me when you request stuff. I'd love a game where the bad side tries to make me write the most absurd and not fitting to the setting things as possible.
Really? Oh, okay. I wasn't sure if you'd like some more input or if it interfered with your storytelling concept. That's definitely good to know.
It's very interesting when you share more insight about what's fun to you as the Game Master, too. This is an entirely different perspective!

I don't ever know what you all decide to do, so there is little concept I can create. I tried to have a bit of a theme with always having a number and a colour for each murder (and forget about it for at least one, I think) but that's about as far as I can go without giving anything away. I can't create a motive, or an actual narrative or plot. I'm limited to scene descriptions that I might be able to connect slightly.

For me as a writer, it's an interesting experience, but I don't exactly produce proper stories. It's a challange, because it goes against every rule for what a good story entails. And from that point of view, strange kill methods are more interesting to write, because otherwise I end up only writing that someone is dead. There are only so many ways to do that.

So yes, absurd kill methods are fun and they certainly can't destroy a non-existent storytelling concept.

Not having a concept to work with also means I have very little time to write each piece, because every kill needs to fit the player, especially in a more role-playing focused game. And I love the scum side for sending their kill requests early, because it means I have more time. (I would never ask them to hurry up their decision. They have the time, per game rules, the writing part is my problem). It took me about an hour for each piece to write, with most of the time thinking about it and ten minutes of actual writing and maybe five minutes looking for pictures that somewhat fit what I wrote.

But if you want to play again, and it looks like some people are interested, let's talk a bit about the next setting as well. Where do you want to play? Somewhat isolated places make more sense, especially if we go with a more role-playing approach. For a purly tactical game, it doesn't matter so much, but would you even want story-telling then?
I think everyone enjoys the storytelling aspect to some extent, and no one would want to ditch it entirely. I'm a huge fan of the concept of changing the setting each game. A cult of the Old Ones as the scum team could be nice. Or a game taking place in deep space (Battlestar Galactica's cylons vs humans come to mind, or that Trilby game by Yahtzee that's set on a spaceship). Or another go at Agatha Christie-ish setting, say Orient Express for a change? Or something fairly close to the original Werewolf game setting, but with a slight tweak, e.g. a setting similar to The Village (which wasn't a very good movie but is creepy enough and it fits the game).

Hm, can't do something with the Old Ones, I don't know anything about them. Spaceship and Orient Express I considered already, too. And I think a Haunted House for Halloween?

BEST WRITING - I'm going with WHAM, with Sinitrena as a very close second.  Both painted terrific pictures in my mind, but some editing lapses in Sinitrena's work broke the spell.  Tickling a dozing?  Er.... :)

I don't doubt that there are countless errors in this story, especially because I did no editing at all, but what is wrong with tickling a dozing and silently weeping dragon? I mean, as a non-native speaker of English I obviously make mistakes, but as far as I can tell, this is exactly what I wanted to say. Layim tickles the dragon. The dragen dozes and weeps silently at the same time. What do I miss?

But thanks for your votes. This story was actually planned to be longer but I was so running out of time. Originally, Layim was not supposed to know who hired him, only an intermidiary (one of the two who escape) and only one of the two who get away from the dragons is found outside the city. There would then be some investigation going on. Also, the villain is supposed to have more of a personallity then “raw,I'm evil“, illustrated through the scene where Vettian actually does his performance as a bard. I also skipped most of the backstory for Layim, and removed all possible obstacles for him while going up to the tower.

All in all, I shortened the story considerably from my original idea and still had no time to properly proofread.

The second factor was alcohol.

Don't drink and play, it might get you killed. I was so confused by this claim of Mandle's as well. I knew it wasn't true but it also wasn't benefitting him to liey there. I guess alcohol is a pretty good explenation. (laugh)

I laughed so hard on day 3 when josiah was the only one not wanting to lynch Stupot. A bit of guilty conscience from all the other times you got Stu killed? ;)

By the way, if someone is interested, nearly all kill methods were on me this time. Kastchey's only request was the feather boa in night 1. It's actually a lot more fun and challenging for me when you request stuff. I'd love a game where the bad side tries to make me write the most absurd and not fitting to the setting things as possible. (At their own risk, of course. Stuff like that has always the risk of revealing something about them.)

As for the next game...
I take it you all want me to host again?

I don't know if a new game right away would be a good idea, we all get a bit tired from too many games, I think. You don't want to oversaturate the market.How about 1 game per month? Checking the date of this thread, that would mean the next one opens for sign-up in two weeks.

But if you want to play again, and it looks like some people are interested, let's talk a bit about the next setting as well. Where do you want to play? Somewhat isolated places make more sense, especially if we go with a more role-playing approach. For a purly tactical game, it doesn't matter so much, but would you even want story-telling then?

As for the propblem of ghosts, I think we all agree that it would be better, or at least interesting, to disallow them and work with a last words approach instead. How exactly that would work, I'd still have to think about it.

A last point: I think you all get why I used the locked vote thing for the last phase. It made sense for this specific situation because the outcome was clear anyway, but would you want this option in normal rounds?

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 01 Sep 2018, 02:00 »
Mythbusters? (I doubt it, this looks older.)

It would still be a lot of messages. I mean, for this round alone, I recieved 30 PMs (that includes those I had discussing rules with Kastchey). Do you know how many I have, all in all in my Inbox? 161, received since I joined the forums (Okay, I never recieved many before, but still.) Just to be clear, I'm not complaining, more kidding, noticing how many PMs I suddenly receive. 8-0

Anyway, another way might be for the GM to specifically request the diary from the just killed player. I'm not sure how good this would work, because then a period of time between the kill decision and the reveal would be necessary. Yeah, not sure that would work all that great. Just thinking out loud.

Of course it's not an actual diary.

I actually thought more of the work for the GM, looking through a bunch of PMs (but your suggestion above helps a bit with that.)

The problem with such a dry recount of the activities is that it seriously breaks the immersion in a game focused more an role-playing, which seems to be what at least some people would prefer.

By the way Sini, are you a fiction writer? If you're not, you should be.
Agreed. I wish I could write that well.

I'm certainly a writer. A published one? Not so much. I wish I were. Thanks for the compliments.

(3) Players send their "diary entries" to the GM via PM and may change them and resend once every Night Phase. The latest version is the one the players will discover the following Day Phase. This means that the Psychic doesn't get to include that night's scan in their "last words" as the GM usually sends out night action PMs to the players just before opening the next Day Phase. The GM could change this by allowing time after PMs have been sent for players to compose new diary entries but this has been found to be a huge pain for the GM and also disadvantages players who live in wildly different time zones to the GM.

(4) Same as above but new diary entries can only be sent once per Day Phase. This makes the above issue about when intel PMs to the players should be sent by the GM during night phases completely moot.

(In all cases above a line-limit is often placed on how long a "last words" diary entry may be. I think about 5-10 lines was the usual limit depending on how much scrolling the GM was willing to do through his or her inbox. (laugh) Or how willing the players are to suspend disbelief when a dying person rattles off a 6-page essay. I have seen funny comments about this like:"Oh, God, is he gonna die already or what?! It's almost lunch time!")

That would mean that all players must constantly keep a diary of the game, doesn't it? Sounds time consuming, for the players and the GM who would need to read a lot of PMs. But in general, sending the diary to the GM is a good idea, especially for players killed during the night phase, because then the diary could be "found" in the night wrap-up post, right when everyone learns who was killed. And before the new discussion starts, which makes a whole lot of sense from an in#game perspective.

an interesting alternative would be to change it into a "last words" post. Anybody who dies is allowed one last post in the thread and then no further communications with that person are allowed until the end of the game

This is exactly what I was going to suggest for future games. This is actually the way the game is most often played as long as the group maintains a code of honour about it.

People will be nervous to break the rule, however, because they also have to count on the person they contacted by PM to be dishonest as well and not tell the GM that someone is cheating.

I think we can count on an honest game pretty much. I doubt anyone really wants to shame themself over making a fun game less fun by cheating.

I think in general we can count on people in this forum following such a code of honour. What I wonder about a bit is how one would actually deal with people who do not follow the rules, just in case. Just call them out? But by then information might already be leaked. I really don't think this would come up, at least no intentional rule breaking, but it might.

I think it's an interesting idea to do box art for existing games. You could chose a couple of them that don't have many or any votes yet in the database: Get people to play the games, get them some fanart and hopefully get them some votes in the process. (nod)

On a completely different note, it is interesting that the game structure required the good side to lynch one of their own to ensure a victory. What a strange situation! And interesting to learn that it can be beneficial to other roles than the fool to lynch themselves.
It wasn't that we had to lynch one of our own to ensure a victory as much as it was that we had to lynch someone other than Josiah and VampireWombat. We thought that cat might have been the party host and by lynching someone we allowed for the odds to work in our favor. 

I meant compared to not lynching anyone. Lynching cat or tzachs meant a win the next day, lynching Kastchey would have been an imediate victory. Because a ghost revealed that josiah was trustworthy and because josiah knew that VW was the Psychic, there was no chance of either josiah or VW gettin lynched. Yes, lynching either of these two would have given Kastchey a chance to win, as would not lynching anyone. But you all knew that, therefore, lynching one of your own did gurantee the victory for the good side.

Another rule I'd like to discuss, is that dead people were not allowed to post on the thread anymore but can still PM everybody. I found it kind of silly. Mandle PMed the entire group, which is exactly like posting in the thread except outsiders (and the host) can't enjoy what's happening. So, I think, either this rule should be cancelled, OR, an interesting alternative would be to change it into a "last words" post. Anybody who dies is allowed one last post in the thread and then no further communications with that person are allowed until the end of the game (this would shift the balance a bit for the benefit of the murderers though).

I agree: It is silly, a "last words" post would make more sense, and yes, it would shift the balance to benefit the scum side. I think it would be better to not allow "ghosts". The problem is control. We would have to rely entirely on the honesty of all players. But maybe we should. It would be more logical, in world.

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