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I reserve the right to use the word "fuck" at least twice and/or include an explicit and unnecessary sex scene. Also, I will hold fast to 499 words and cannot be swayed on this issue.

Also, are these bargains with the devil Kconan our FWC entries? That will certainly save a lot of time. :=

Asterix!  No, no, no, no....  I think not. (wrong)  How about:

You changed the requirements after I submitted my entry. I changed the conditions necessary for winning a trophy after you declared the winners. :=

I humbly accept my third and a half place trophy and congratulate the other winners. :cheesy:

Winning the Bronze Hairpiece of Third Party Wilderness is Frodo and Mandle.  [/img]

Bronze hairpieces are all the rage, don't you know!  :cheesy:

Bronze is the new gold!
Indeed it is! :cheesy:

Best Alternative Truth: Mandle
Best Alternative Truth Spouter: Kconan
Best Alternative to a Plot: Sinitrena
Best Alternative Writing: Kconan
Best Alternative Thought Provokingness: Frodo

Finally got a chance to catch up with the latest CupCast and I was thrilled by the return of one of my favorite segments (not my most favorite, you know, but pretty close to the top of the list). Well done, gentlemen! :cheesy:

Also, EVERYBODY loves mazes! :=

I believe him! Just as soon as I get these Alex Jones water filters installed, I'm going to subscribe to Blondbraid's newsletter! :cheesy:

General Discussion / Re: Trumpmageddon
« on: 17 Jun 2017, 00:17 »
Honestly, what has he done right???
He finally got the American government to stop preparing for the Y2K bug. :=

Baron: Grundy's identity was only outed due to shoddy journalism. What I find more disturbing was the revelation that he's saving up enough money to buy a 3/4 scale RealDoll of himself. Goodness! :shocked:

Mandle: I've been putting out issues of AGS Today for years and years. Here's one from 2011:  If anything, Peder is stealing from me! :wink:

My entry into the FWC: The latest issue of AGS Today!

Five years! Hooray! I hope they finally read the fan letter I sent them on April 7, 2017 (hint hint)! :=

That game looks great, Funkpanzer. But I don't recall giving you permission to use my likeness as a model for the fellow with the umbrella. :=


So does anyone else have a story they're working on? Or are they all disappearing mysteriously?

What would a Canadian know about covfefe? Go back to your nanaimo and poutine! Leave covfefe to the country that (possibly) invented it. (wrong)

The lizard people have gotten to Baron! Only water filters can save us now! :shocked:

Just want to mention to whomever deleted my entry, I did get approval beforehand.  I wouldn't have written that without Baron signing off on the idea.
WTF?! That was one of the funniest things I've read in the FWC in years. High quality Art Bell or Alex Jones stuff. I can't believe it got deleted. Good stuff. Who doesn't love a good parody? :sad:

People in Australia have normal names

Also, Slim Dusty? Phar Lap? Rocko Wallaby? Max Rockatansky? Kylie Minogue? Ben304??! :shocked:

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 02 Jun 2017, 15:22 »
Happy b-day+! :cheesy:

Good reads and some new blood for the FWC (Welcome, Frodo). :cheesy:

Best Stab: Mandle
Best Stabber: Blondbraid
Best Setting/World: Sinitrena
Best Writing/Style: Frodo

Sadly, it's almost 9pm and I'm just now getting home after a very busy Sunday. I had hoped to hammer my story into some kind of workable state, but alas, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Sigh. :sad:

I had high hopes for it too. It was told from the point of view of Crazy Horse, the native American leader, visionary, and warrior. At the end of his long war with the army, he finally surrendered to the army and prepared to move to the reservations. However, just after he signed the peace treaty, he was literally stabbed in the back and died.

Like I said, I high hopes. But I've run out of time. Good luck to everyone else! :smiley:

Ponch, that new avatar rocks!
All credit is due to jwalt problem. He made it, along with many others, about 3 years ago. :cool:

EDIT: Whoops. A quick forum search tells me Problem made this avatar. :-[

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