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Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: List of unplayable/buggy games
« on: 30 Aug 2017, 03:56 »
As it seems it works I've put the dosbox version of Nightwatch up on the site.  Not sure why it's crashing on me but if it works for others that fine.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: List of unplayable/buggy games
« on: 29 Aug 2017, 23:06 »
If you can contact an original game author then it never hurts to get in touch with them, although given the amount of time that's passed it's not always possible to establish contact.  Also, there's no guarantee that the game files have been kept for a recompile.

As for Scorpiorus' fix for Nightwatch- I've checked it out and the game keeps crashing back to dosbox every time I try to go south from the hospital exterior screen with an error message.  If someone else could check this out and see if the game crashes in the same place that would be helpful to know.

The links to Game 39 (ROTN Quiz 2) & Game 54 (Retaliation) have been fixed.

Thanks for taking the time to go through & make this list.

Reality-on-the-Norm / RoN's 16th Anniversary
« on: 17 Feb 2017, 20:51 »
RoN turns 16 today!  Which means it's celebration time and that the series can go for it's drivers license in some countries. :D

Well, we now know what the art style of Retro Wolf's next game is going to be. :-D

These sprites look great and I really like the character (and background) variations in these interpretations.  Looking forward to the seeing more whenever they show up.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
« on: 09 May 2016, 21:02 »
Most of the games on the first two pages should be DOS games, with perhaps a few found on page three.  The original versions of The Repossessor, The Postman Only Dies Once, Paranormal Investigation, Monty on the Norm can be downloaded from their respective pages (view game details).  Blastoff & I Spy comes with dos & windows versions in the download.

While you can use Mobygames as a resource, I wouldn't take the info there as 100% accurate.  AGS 2.31 was the final version to have a dos-based editor, so earlier games stand a better chance of being dos only.  Such as:

Lunchtime Of The Damned (AGS 2.14)
Vengeance of the Chicken (AGS 2.14)
RON 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play (AGS 2.15)
Nihilism (AGS 2.15)
Return of Die Vie Ess (AGS 2.20)
Davy Jones C'est Mort (AGS 2.15)
The Lost Treasure of RON (AGS 2.21)
I Spy 2 (AGS 2.56)
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman (AGS 2.21)
Davy Jones is Back (AGS 2.30)
The Chef (AGS 2.31)

If someone's come up an idea that's sparked your imagination, there's nothing that says you can't run with it.  You can always send someone a pm if you're unsure of anything (it never hurts to try to contact someone).

Your sketch background looks promising, and don't forget about Dave Nihilist who is also a barman at Scids.  If you want George working a shift at the beach in your game, just claim that Dave's watching over the bar back in town.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Reality TV questions
« on: 21 Mar 2016, 15:32 »
The Anthony Hahn Library is on the corner next to the municipal building across from Chez Chef & the Red Apt building (try going south of Chez Chef if you're in the town square, or going to the right side of the screen if you're in the red apt exterior).  While you can still get to it in older version of Virtual Reality, I did upload a new version that adds road crossings that make it clearer where the room change spots are in the town square room.

Don't forget, there's also the maps in the faq section on the site.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Reality TV questions
« on: 20 Mar 2016, 01:44 »
See my previous post, although you can read about the time it hosted Big Brother RON if you head to the fiction section on the RoN site. :)

The original intent of the series was that would tell stories that could build upon ideas presented in earlier works.  As time went on and with more games, things started to get overwhelming for newcomers which is why the classifications of: Canon, stand-alone, non-canon were devised to attempt to sort things out into something more manageable.  At end of the day, if you've got a story idea go for it.  If you questions about characters, locations or the series history, don't hesitate to create a forum post and ask.

Re: Jackie working at Dominatrix, she didn't until both you and DarkWater decided she did... in two separate games without talking to each other about it, I'd wager.  Also, it's easy to claim that Nick had sprained wrists & couldn't play drums in "Rock" which is why Chris played them (rationalizations are fun :))

Back to the topic on hand, yay more content, downloading now.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Reality TV questions
« on: 14 Mar 2016, 22:14 »
Reality TV hasn't featured in any games, so the staff are all uncreated/unknown.  Since you want to avoid making new characters I can suggest the following characters would would be easiest to fit into some role at the station as they're not predefined with an existing job/role:

Unnamed Fat Man: Has only appeared in 1 game so far, nothing is none about what his profession is, doesn't even have a name.  Would require new sprites to put him in a suit.

Frank Jones: His profession is unknown (as far as I'm aware).  Would require new spirtes to put him in a suit.

Louis Darcy: Investigate journalist with 25 years of experience.

Jennifer Barnes: An aerobic instructor at the fitness centre.  Could host a morning exercise program.

Mrs. Stringstein: Thakbor's mum.

Edit: It occured to me that students could be working at a location such as Reality TV as part of a school credit co-op education program.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RoN's 15th Anniversary
« on: 18 Feb 2016, 05:35 »
What?  You can't make it out in the swirls, ridges & furrows of the icing? It's was written in chocolate after all. :-D

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RoN's 15th Anniversary
« on: 17 Feb 2016, 20:56 »
RoN turn's 15 today!  Happy birthday RoN!!

I updated and uploaded a new version (v6) of Virtual Reality and I baked a cake.

Reality-on-the-Norm / RoN's 15th Anniversary
« on: 01 Feb 2016, 20:09 »
Well, here we are, just 16 days from RoN's 15th anniversary.  If anyone needs a place to post links or files of whatever they've been working on to celebrate the anniversary, they can post it here or can simply send me an IM.

I've updated & uploaded new bundles (Feb 1, 2016) of the character sprites & .cha files to the resources page on the RoN site.

Also, there's a special RoN MAGS this month (in the AGS Competitions & Activities subforum), if you're interested.

It's been a bit quiet since Eggie's awesome art so here's what I've been up to.  After finishing the 2014 reconstruction of "The Repossessor", "Paranormal Investigation" & "Monty on the Norm" soon followed.  In June of this year (2015) "Cold Storage" was updated & uploaded.  I've also spent time working on the wiki and have gotten the character pages created and the character info transferred from the RoN site.

Today I uploaded the updated, recompiled "Stuck at Home" to the RoN site.

So I created sprites for a character, based on a favourite author, for RoN University's Dean of Literature.  I've still to get the animations done but when I do, he'll be added to the appropriate packs.

I'm still working on debugging Stuck at Home, however Cold Storage is finished and is up on the site for download.  I'm also redoing the beach backgrounds as they need updating.

I'd say try not to second guess yourself.  If you want to make a game with Mika as the protagonist, then do so.  There are plenty of story themes and ideas that can be explored by a plucky photographer/photo-journalist.

Reality-on-the-Norm / The road to the 15th anniversary
« on: 16 Mar 2015, 19:01 »
Next year RoN will be celebrating it's 15th anniversary.  I'm mentioning this now so if anyone wants to do something special to celebrate this landmark (or RoN in general) has enough time before Feb 2016.

If anyone is unsure of what they could do, contributions could be any of the following:
- Artwork (digital or physical)
- Fiction or non fiction piece
- Music: for game use, or a live recording of the Ron theme (for example)
- A game
- Character/object/etc sprites
- Game backgrounds
- A birthday card
- Photos of a cake celebrating the 15th anniversary
- a audio and/or video piece
- Or something not listed above that marks this anniversary or celebrates RoN in general

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Can't download "The Chef"
« on: 05 Feb 2015, 04:06 »
I've re-zipped the version of The Chef (click here for link to games page) that's at the RoN site & uploaded it.  Hopefully you'll have some luck with that.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Can't download "The Chef"
« on: 04 Feb 2015, 05:17 »
I've encountered a few false positives from Avast.  It once threw a .dll file straight into the quarantine vault when I opened an old game of mine with AGS 2.7 as I needed to check some lines for a port project I'm working on.

You may have to get Avast to either exempt the files you're trying to extract or turn it off briefly as it's clearly being pig-headed.

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