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Editor Development / Re: Help file... here we go again.
« on: 09 Jul 2018, 15:44 »
+1 for this organization

I would recommend highlighting some subjects that are often overlooked with AGS though :
- Localization
- Talkie games

Of course I remember you Monsieur OUXX, my work is safe :wink:
By the way, Congratulations for the seven cities of gold, the team is doing a great job, really amazing and the Easy Mirrors Module and Indy Styled Travel Map Module are fantiastic, congratulations again ;)
Many of those modules were made by talented people outside of our team, BUT we're doing good at the moment, progress--wise. However I'm super jealous of your genuine 8-bit pixel art skills. I learnt to draw on computer with Deluxe Paint II so your speed paint video makes me feel nostalgic.

EDIT : as expected it was some ridiculous copy and paste mistake.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I know this is not what you are asking about, and TBH I am not using that module so that's just a passer-by's opinion, but using arrays with enums instead of distinct variables look so inconvenient...

Yup, but there's something that you don't know because I didn't explain my plan: These arrays can then be manipulated in an abstract manner through Ultravariables (or similar module), and each value can be given a name which can be displayed on screen at any time. More settings can be added without having to duplicate accessors many times. Simply think of it as a poor man's XML settings file, except it's flat (array). Since AGS script is not reflexive, that's my way of manipulating objects members in a weakly-typed manner, and add some dynamically, as you would do in Javascript or Powershell. I'm not going over the top though : I'm only doing it for settings, not for critical, internal values.

EDIT: as expected it was a ridiculous copy and paste mistake

Is the github repo up to date? 1.6.3 is from June 2018 but the repo shows last changes from 9 months ago.

Right now I'm in a work environment where the firewall blocks the images. And I'm literally dying. DYING. I WANT TO SEE THOSE IMAGES!!#@?%%@#~!!! >:(>:(>:(>:( You think this is a game? You think this is a sick joke?

PS : quo_sp I'm delighted to see you re-appear. Remember those messages I sent you on Facebook about backuping the "Raiders" game files? I was terrified that you would simply disappear from the Internet, taking with you the unfinished game. :)

Issue I had with git:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1) cloned repo locally
2) using Git's local client interface, created a branch called "objectified"
3) Made changes
4) Commited changes (to local)
5) Tried to push changes --> it prompts me for my git credentials --> OK --> then it prompts me for some "" credentials
   --> KO : It says "remote: Permission to dkrey/ags_9verb-template.git denied to jeancallisti. fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403"

Note : 'jeancallisti' is my git account name.

EDIT: here is how I solved it :
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

- when I cloned abstauber's remote repo, I wasn't logged into git, I just took the URL as it appeared on the screen.
- because of that, the URL did not contain my username, but instead Abstauber's user name :
- The clone and the first commit went perfect so I didn't even notice, but that url was still stored in .git/config
- I had to edit that file manually with the proper URL :
- Now the push went fine and my fork is in my own remote repo.
- Off to the pull request!

(phew, git is the only software I've ever encountered that's at the same time very straightforward and yet causing neverending confusion and human mistakes)

Hmm yes, this is not right.

There's definitely a history on this in the forums, even if I can't fond it right now.

This is the first time I hear about this, is there an issue opened in the tracker? How do you reproduce it at least?

Last time I mentionned it, Monkey0506 said "but why don't you comment the code instead of changing it directly and relying on Ctrl+Z?". It's definitely a thing, and it has been for many, many versions.

Scenario :
- Open an script (any script)
- change anything in it
- Do Ctrl+S
- As soon as the file gets saved, you cannot "Undo". All the undo steps get flushed.

I just fell victim of "No Edit-->Undo after saving a script file" which made me lose hours of work EDIT: After two years using Dropbox, its "history" feature finally came to the rescue :P .
I know it's a known behaviour but it infuriates me.

I thought I was understanding the script, but I don't. Too many coordinates transformations for my little brain. Anyone could put me in the right direction to add arbitrary edges within the room that lock the scrolling, in replacement of ((0,0), (Room.Width, Room.Height)) ? I don't care if that breaks the parallax, I just need to block the scrolling beyond those edges.

EDIT : I got tired of (failing) to do it elegantly, so instead I went brute force, like this :

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.         //COMMENTED OUT
  2.         //SetViewport(FloatToInt(ScreenCentreX, eRoundDown) - HalfScreenWidth, FloatToInt(ScreenCentreY, eRoundDown) - HalfScreenHeight); // Set the Viewport position relative to ScreenCentreX and Y.  
  4.         //NEW SCRIPT
  5.         int x = FloatToInt(ScreenCentreX, eRoundDown) - HalfScreenWidth;
  6.         int y = FloatToInt(ScreenCentreY, eRoundDown) - HalfScreenHeight;
  8.         if (x<edgeLeft)
  9.             x = edgeLeft;
  10.         else if (x+System.ViewportWidth > edgeRight)
  11.             x = edgeRight-System.ViewportWidth;
  14.         if (y<edgeTop)
  15.             y = edgeTop;
  16.         else if (y+System.ViewportHeight > edgeBottom)
  17.             y = edgeBottom-System.ViewportHeight;
  20.         SetViewport(x, y);
The scrolling doesn't stop as smoothly when the player reachs the edges, but it totally fools the eye for someone who's not seen the original smoothness.

Coincidence : I also need to post a question about this module right now. Let me know if it interferes with the other conversation.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I'm trying to set up "edges" to the smooth scrolling. What I mean is this : imagine you're in a room that's 600x600. You set up "edges" like this: (Left=100, right = 500, top=100, bottom=500). That's a 400x400 area.
- I want that no matter where the character walks, the viewport never exits that area.
- However when the player character is within that area, then the smooth scrolling follows it normally.

How would I achieve that?
EDIT: I'm in the process of succeeding.
Well I'm not :(

One more (not exactly MonoAGS) issue I have: I installed the VS Community Edition, which I thought was free? But now VS says that my 30 days trial license will expire in a few days ???

Sometimes the installer is the same but it's the license that matters. Check in google if there isn't a thing like "get your VS community key" which might lead you to a page where all you have to do is to provide your (any) email address to get the key.
Nowadays most of the time you can even generate a key directly from within VS. Chek ou the "help" or "tools" menu.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Hand-drawn to pixel scan
« on: 22 May 2018, 14:32 »
I was wondering if you thought it would be a viable option for pixel art.

I think you don't get very constructive feedback because people are puzzled by what you expect.
That guitar is in low resolution, but not very low resolution. So I think that people have the feeling that all you had to do was to follow the lines of your drawing, and you had an immediate result -- the fact that you used a handful of plain colors with no shading makes this feeling even more vivid.
I myself am wondering -- and I'm really asking in good faith -- why you did not directly draw that handful of straight lines directly with the MS Paint tool.
Or, if I take the process from the other end : If I had gone through the trouble of hand-drawing it, then I would have kept a sufficient resolution to have nice curves on the final result (moving away from pixel art).

Maybe there's something that we don't get here : maybe there's a broader context to your question. Are you planning on using this same process on many graphics, and this guitar is just a test run?
Or are you trying to learn actual pixel art? If so, then I would recommend to lower the final resolution even more -- so that you learn how to fool the eye into seeing curves when there are only big square pixels.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Cedric Shooter
« on: 22 May 2018, 14:20 »

You're seriously good at animations.
At first I was skeptical about the hi-res-but-not-hi-enough-not-to-need-antialias, but in the end it turns out wonderfully.
Since it's so awesome, have you considered doing 8 angles for the main character instead of just 4?Then your game would look 200% smooth.

another approach : try this as a proof of concept in your global script and then if it works try to make it cleaner by moving it to your room script :

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2. bool isOnTopOfLadder = false;
  4. void blockWalking()
  5. {
  6.    if (player.Room == /* the room where it's supposed to blok */)
  7.    {
  8.        isOntopOfLadder = /* conditions to return true if he's supposed to be on top of ladder */;
  10.        if(isOnTopOfLadder)
  11.        {
  12.            if(player.Moving)
  13.            {
  14.                player.StopMoving();
  15.            }
  17.            //Do this only if needed
  18.            player.LockView(/* the view wheree stands still at the top of te ladder */);
  19.        }
  20.     }
  21. }
  23. //block the walk at the beginning of the game loop
  24. void repeatedly_execute_always()
  25. {
  26.     blockWalking();
  27. }
  29. //block the walk at the end of the game loop too (just in case)
  30. void late_repeatedly_execute()
  31. {
  32.     blockWalking();
  33. }

Itis ndeed not used, however that's not the important thing about the Splashscree room.
the important thing is that it has a different structure from the other rooms. It is designed to have an unpredictable framerate, which means that onRepeatelyExecute and the tweens update are called manually from this room's loading function itself.
If you don't feel too confortable with that weird room, I'd say that you may skip the splash screen altogether and just go directly to an actual room. It will take a few seconds to load, but for a small game it's no big deal.

Site & Forum Reports / Re: New sub-forum for MonoAGS
« on: 14 May 2018, 07:49 »

Permission to copy?

Well duh (laugh);)

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. [url=][img][/img][/url]

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