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Edit: Wow, I tried Firefox from home, from the phone and from work, Chrome from work and now IE from work. The only browser where I was able to post was IE11 8-0 ??? :-X

Congrats on the release! I liked the first episode, good thing you completed the game.

Putting on moderator hat: Please create a new database entry for the full game. Otherwise, the download stats, nominations, links from extern etc. would be messed up. Additionally, if you add a new entry, you will be able to participate in the AGS awards 2018 with the game.
To make it clear that the full game was released, you can edit the page of chapter 1 and add a note and link to the full game. I have no idea why you cannot update the entry yourself, it looks alright to me. However, I can update it for you, if you want.

Since you asked especially for feedback, I've moved the thread to critics lounge.

I'm looking forward to many father-son productions :)

In case the scanner does not work: Simply use a normal digital camera (maybe even the one from your phone will do). It might require a bit more post processing (trimming and color adjustments) but I'd really like to see your hand drawn backgrounds.

Potential Cornelius Cat sequel?!
Now that MAGS allows pre-existing content, this is the purrfect opportunity.

Will there at least be Dr. Seuss style rhyming?

Who knows? I have bought some crafting supplies and cotton wool and the puzzles are also planned out - which means: I'm in!

Nice topic, but I'm not sure I have time to enter. Let's see ;)

Thanks! I set the pick. Charming game, but sadly I'm stuck close to the end
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What is the authentication code?

Well, that was a bit insane, I guess. Maybe I could have flipped the walking frame instead of keeping the stick in one hand. But actually, I think the animation turned out quite well and I'm a bit proud I pulled it off.

Doing animation isn't that hard (except for walkcycles, maybe), it's just a lot of work. And even for walkcycles there are tons of tutorials and templates out there.

I guess most people are just too lazy to do animations themselves. But if you consider something tedious and time consuming, why should someone else want to do that work for you?
At the beginning, I also hated to do animations, but then I got to rather like it, because my mindset changed. It is very rewarding to see the characters you have created come to life (it also helps to have good software, I strongly recommend Aseprite for pixel animation). On the other hand, I'm not sure I would want to animate other people's sprites.

Really? Does no-one here play games anymore?

Adding a dash of it to a cup of black tea would be quite seasonal.

Great! I stick to StopFollowingAsync, since I want to walk directly afterwards.

It works now :)

Ah, I am so used to Javascript with Closure compiler type annotations, I completely forgot it is not possible to have non-nullable types in C#.

I prefer option 3. I tried it in AGS and there the current walk is not stopped. The mouse will continue walking until it reaches the cat and then stop. StopFollowingAsync sounds like a good add-on. I think it's much easier to explain this way.

1. Tabata
2. arj0n
3. selmiak

I liked Cleanic's idea best, but since this was a competition with color limit, no points from me.

Good idea. Sadly, I didn't find anything that seems more helpful.

Thanks! I changed the values and it looks quite good already. I might fiddle with it more a bit later, when I have the final walking speed etc.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Characters.Mortimer.Follow(Characters.Cornelius, new AGSFollowSettings(wanderOffPercentage: 0,
  2. minWaitBetweenWalks: 0, maxWaitBetweenWalks: 100,
  3. minXOffset: 10, maxXOffset: 260,
  4. minYOffset: 0, maxYOffset: 10));

However, stopping still freezes the application (during await Characters.Mortimer.StopFollowingAsync();)

This is what my code looks like now:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. _game.State.Cutscene.Start();
  3. Characters.Cornelius.Inventory.ActiveItem = null;
  4. await Characters.Cornelius.WalkAsync((2479f, 0f));
  5. await Characters.Cornelius.SayAsync("Mortimer, come here!");
  6. await Characters.Mortimer.StopFollowingAsync();
  7. await Characters.Mortimer.WalkAsync((2035, 0f));
  8. await Characters.Mortimer.FaceDirectionAsync(Characters.Cornelius);
  9. await Characters.Cornelius.SayAsync("I need you to help me with the gate.");
  10. await Characters.Cornelius.SayAsync("You are small. Try to squeeze through it to the other side and open it for me.");
  11. await Characters.Mortimer.SayAsync("* squeak *");
  13. // TODO follow cat again
  15. _game.State.Cutscene.End();
When I click the pause button in VS while the game is stuck, it seems to be stuck in AGSGameWindow line 74 with call stack (not very helpful, I guess)
Spoiler: ShowHide

>   AGS.Engine.Desktop.dll!AGS.Engine.Desktop.AGSGameWindow.SwapBu ffers() Line 74   C#
    AGS.Engine.dll!AGS.Engine.AGSGame.onRenderFrame(object sender, AGS.Engine.FrameEventArgs e) Line 225   C#
    AGS.Engine.Desktop.dll!AGS.Engine.Desktop.AGSGameWindow.onRend erFrame(object sender, OpenTK.FrameEventArgs args) Line 87   C#
    [External Code]   
    AGS.Engine.Desktop.dll!AGS.Engine.Desktop.AGSGameWindow.Run(double updateRate) Line 73   C#
    AGS.Engine.dll!AGS.Engine.AGSGame.Start() Line 150   C#
    CorneliusCat.Desktop.exe!CorneliusCat.GameStarter.Run() Line 19   C#
    CorneliusCat.Desktop.exe!CorneliusCat.Desktop.Program.Main(string[] args) Line 10   C#

Another question: if follow(null) can cause problems, wouldn't it be better to remove this synchronous call completely?

ollj: Why do you dig up an old thread, just to post something completely unrelated? Of course, this board is called Adventure Related Talk & Chat, but please keep the talk and chat at least somewhat on topic. And show that you have taken the time to actually read what people before you have written in the thread.

This also applies to a few of your other recent posts.

The sub-forum is perfectly fine. There was confusion because many people come here and ask if it is possible to make RPGs with AGS. The answer is yes, but there are much better suited engines out there. This is probably the reason why there are not many RPGs made with AGS.

Sorry I can't help you with finding more games besides the ones I've already mentioned :(

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