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AGS Games in Production / Re: Unavowed
« on: Today at 12:58 »
Devstream #4!

Randomly clicking onto middle of the video, watching how character is tying a red ribbon between two objects. Remembering a puzzle from intro scene where you have to do similar thing to a wire.
Is this a game about connecting things together? :D

But I create an executable. run winsetup; say run in window mode, save it. then I zip the game with the config file and download it on another computer. and it does not run in window mode unless I run setup again in the other machine. so, whatever I set config to, does not seem to work when I run in on anther computer.

Ah yes, I was wondering if that's this problem.
When you use winsetup it saves config not to file in game folder, but to the file in user folder (%USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/<Name of your game>/, which is "C:/Users/<user>/Saved Games/" on Windows 7 and later). This creates an issue when you may think you changed default config for your game, but instead change personal config that is stored in personal settings.

For that reason I added new "Default Setup" window to the Editor in AGS 3.4.1 (will be released soon).

As for 3.4.0, there are two workarounds:
1) When you are about to distribute your game, copy acsetup.cfg from your personal folder, not from game folder.
2) Edit acsetup.cfg in the game folder by hand. That's a simple INI file, instructions are here:

1) full screen mode should automatically scale the game to take up the entire screen. and the game should default to window mode if possible( without the need to run setup).
This is done by setting "stretch to full screen" in setup. It is defaulted to "max round scaling" for historical reasons. As eri0o noted, if you send acsetup.cfg with your game, players will use your settings as initial ones before setting their own.
EDIT: actually I could default this to "proportional stretch". Round scaling may be essential when running low-resolution games on irregular display resolutions - that may cause uneven scaling with some pixels scaled twice and others not scaled, which is noticeable if game is 320x200 for example.

Removing background frames limit nad playing video on background or arbitrary object may be a good thing, but meanwhile - alternatives are animated room-sized object positioned below everything else, or scripting drawing sprite on room background with timeout (may be slower though).

EDIT: To be frank, it is safer to assume that there won't be much big change to this engine. Development has stalled in last years, and there was never much people interested in it anyway. Engine is based on obsolete technology that runs worse and worse on every new operating system. I believe that the future is with alternative engines or complete rewrite (I know some people around here are trying to do that).

Ah, that might be what it is. I've just been sending out the EXE, not the associated Winsetup or audio.vox. Again, stupid newb question - will the person receiving these files need to do anything special to implement them? Or will it be okay if the file is just in the same folder? Sorry to seem so inexperienced, but this is the first time I've done something anything like this.
Yes, you need to send them all, because they are all part of the game. Audio.vox contains digital audio and winsetup is a setup program. Without winsetup.exe player won't be able to configure the game (well, there is a way, but it requires additional manipulations that are not obvious).
No additional actions needed usually, players just unpack the archive. Then they may run winsetup to change configuration or just run the game.

Yeah, that's where I'm getting it from, as far as I know. I go in there, grab the .EXE file, and save it to my various upload folders and whatnot. The guys who've volunteered to playtest the game says the game works fine - except for the music. And yeah, it's only the music that doesn't play - the sound effects work just fine. As for Winsetup, I don't think I've even touched that, beyond changing the screen resolution.
Ok, so it is not you who does not have the music, but another person? You say you "grab the .EXE file", what do you have in your uploaded package exactly, is it just exe, or other files too (vox, cfg)? Normally you would copy everything from Compiled/Windows folder (except debug logs "warning.log").

Do I need to update the engine? Will that effect my game if I built it in 4.3.0?
No. Also, there is no 4.3.0...

Looks like I'm using the 3.4.0 version. How does that affect how audio/music is complied?

Hm, maybe it does not... we had several music-related bugs during development of 3.4.1, that is why I asked.

Where do you take final games files from? In 3.4.0 that should be Compiled/Windows.
Are you sure that you did not disable music in winsetup? Is it only music that does not play (do other sounds play, if you have any)?

What is the exact version of AGS you are using?
Note: music.vox is a deprecated name from AGS 3.1 and earlier. Now it is called audio.vox.

Editor Development / Re: minor bug in the editor : undef
« on: Yesterday at 21:20 »
Interesting, there was already a bug fix for crash when typing "#define". Maybe this is another half of same bug?

So newest ags has that?
No. I mean, this probably would be best solution to add one.

By the way, don't other d3d9 games not working on Windows 10, or its just AGS?

Probably not the best idea, but it will be a long time before my game is done, so I assume 4.1 will be made final (or close to it) before that.

Actually that's a good idea because it makes more extensive testing and serious issues may be dealt with earlier :).

As for the final 3.4.1, I really was going to finish it with OpenGL's vsync, but now since eri0o reminded of that old bug with portrait positions, I might as well try to make a fix to it too.

Thank you for pointing these places out, but I will have to do research first anyway. When I said "ugly code", I meant not only that it is not very clean, often there are strange connections between variables and parameters, you change something in one place and it suddenly breaks something seemingly unrelated...

Hey, I know this maybe too late for this, but on dialogs I seem to have the speech text draw on top of GUIs while the portraits are drawn behind the GUIs.
This bug is as old as AGS... I may look into this, but cannot make any promises, because speech is one of the ugliest part of the engine code.

Could you run one more test with the logging on? This build searches for extension ID using 3 available methods and writes down 3 results. I am curious to know if particular method may report extension even if other do not.

Something that I just found, it appears that vsync is toggled on by default on my machine. It works always if I "emulate" failure to register the necessary extension.
So, actually, what I implemented was not vsync on its own but rather means to enable and disable it from game setup.

Also this is what I found in OpenGL documentation:
Video drivers can override these values, forcing a swap interval of 1 or 0 depending on settings the user provided in the video card's control panel.

Edit : v-sync works in OpenGL mode in other games (e.g Doom with GZDoom) on the same PC. Maybe is there another way to "call" a v-sync function ?

Maybe, this is something to research, I guess. I also remember suggestion to test for extension differently, I may try that first.

I also found one worrying thing, that OpenGL has two types of extension functions, one tagged as EXT and another ARB. ARB are extensions that are generically supported (as standard, just not yet in the list of core functionality) and EXT are extensions that are supported only by few GPU vendors (kind of early experiments). And our OpenGL implementation imports only EXT functionality, while it should probably use ARB one...
Although, not sure how much difference that makes. I noticed that some functions are only declared as EXT ones, even though they could already be reported as ARB extension... This all is completely new field of science for me, where I have no knowledge whatsoever.

Edit : If you want to test it, I made a simple room with a vertical scrolling (it's a part of the intro of my current project) :
It's 60 fps (and maybe it increases the effect). I included both Windows compiled and the "raw" data. (compiled in beta 7 + acwin with v-sync test)

This is interesting, I tried both D3D and OpenGL and they have similar results: strong tearing effect without vsync and barely noticeable occasional tearing (could me my imagination) with vsync.

Since OpenGL perfomance largely depends on installed libraries and video drivers, it is possible that your system does not support required extensions. I've made another build, which logs out warnings if some extensions are not found. Could you write "log=1" line under "[misc]" in acsetup.cfg and test game again? Log should appear in the common AGS save games place, in ".ags" subdirectory (%USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/.ags).

Also, could someone else test this game on their machines?

Edit : test... And sorry, but it doesn't change anything.

Do you run it windowed or fullscreen?

Best way is to add new DirectX support then (11 or 12).

So have we found a solution to this besides just switching to DirectDraw?

You can also switch to OpenGL.

Can you try using OpenGL in recently released 3.4.1 beta 4? That may be an alternative for D3D on newer systems (unless someone adds compatible renderer for DirectX 11 and higher).
OpenGL works perfect on my system :)

So I stopped working on my game for a few months, now I decided to pick it back up, but for some reason whenever I run the game from the editor I can't hear the music. If I build the exe and run it from the compiled folder I can, but with the editor's run option It's gone. Last time I worked on it it was working just fine, so I have no idea what happened

What version of AGS are you using? There was a bug like that in one of the previous betas of 3.4.1 (which is now fixed).

Someone (I forgot who) told me that VSync does not work with OpenGL, so I implemented that.
Here is a test build:

Is there anyone who has an opportunity to test this out? I do not have any prepared test game for such issue.

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