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Thanks guys  :)

Mirror please.

You can use the mirror on the database entry to download from Mediafire ;)

Just finished playing this little gem. Good work!


 A very short interactive poem. Created for AdventureJam2017.
 Designed to be a calm, relaxing experience that should only take a few minutes of your time.
 Controls: Mouse (Left click).


This looks great. Glad you were enticed back to AGS and that development is going faster than expected. Good news all round.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Football Game
« on: 12 Apr 2017, 14:15 »
This looks pretty cool. I look forward to it's completion.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Moonchild
« on: 26 Mar 2017, 00:04 »
I like the look of this. I watched the video and,  well,  you have my attention. Intriguing  :smiley:

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Shrivel
« on: 25 Mar 2017, 23:58 »
The graphics alone make me want to play this. I'm intrigued to know how such a simple idea will play out and as it has a short estimated playtime I guess I'm going to have time to find out.

A huge congratulations to all the nominees and winners. It really has been a great year for AGS games. It's pleasing to know that AGS is still going so strong with plenty of developers and players. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring.

Looking forward to this. Nice idea.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Gateway Remake
« on: 28 Feb 2017, 07:33 »
The original with it's big list of commands would definately put me off. It looks like a chore that I would not have the patience for these days. Your remake with a simpler interface definately entices me to play it.

Modules & Plugins / Re: PLUGIN: Snow/Rain plugin v2.02
« on: 28 Feb 2017, 07:23 »
Anything that can be done to update this add-on would be great..

I agree.

I voted a while ago so I hope you received my PM okay.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Rabbit Hill
« on: 23 Jan 2017, 07:40 »
Cat: Thank you for the helpful feedback. Now you have mentioned it I have no idea why I didn't just put an autosave at that point. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cogliostro: Thanks also, all feedback is helpful for the future development of games as it helps me to realise things that I may not of otherwise considered.
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I didn't realise at the time of writing that many people would be unfamiliar with treacle mines. It was inspired by folklore of a tower that is local to me and linked with treacle mines in the area. I thought it would be something cool to cover as I hadn't seen it done in a game before. In hindsight may be I should of added an extras option in the menus where players could read about it in more detail.

Still have a couple to play. Downloading them now!

There's been some impressive entries this last year. Tough one... decisions, decisions :-\

For your consideration:

Completed game thread:
Hints and tips thread:
Database entry/download:

Please consider this game for any of the following:
Best Freeware Game Created with AGS
Best Gameplay
Best Puzzles
Best Writing
Best Music and Sound

Thank you :)

I rarely find time to play full length adventures on PC at home because that time is usually spent developing my own games. Now that it is on Android I can play it when I'm away or 'on the go', so I will definately be downloading. Good news!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Strange DETECTIVE
« on: 15 Sep 2016, 11:23 »
Great looking eye candy. Good luck with development.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Sisyphus Reborn
« on: 06 Sep 2016, 13:08 »
I remember playing this around Christmas over a year ago. I thought it was a beautiful 'experience'. Nice to see it on Steam.

AGS Games in Production / Re: GNRBLEX - Redux
« on: 01 Sep 2016, 16:15 »
I'm in the middle of playing the MAGS version now (and liking it!). I'm pleased there will be a more polished version.

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