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Critics' Lounge / Re: RoN sprites - revamped character
« on: 14 Jul 2007, 03:20 »
After a bit of studying my own posture and the way the arms and legs naturally position themselves and experimenting with the sprites, I've reached this point:


Due to technical issues, I've had to retain the previous colour scheme, although I've gone back to the original "otherworldly blue" for the eyes).  While it would have been nice to use ProgZmax's idea of additional shades, it just isn't feasible at this time.

I've kept the height the same as raising the neck made things look "giraffe"-like.  I don't think I've got the right shape for the shoes in the up view.

Critics' Lounge / Re: RoN sprites - revamped character
« on: 12 Jul 2007, 02:11 »
Based on pslim's visuals, I've incorporated his suggestions in the side profile and made an attempt to illustrate the hair part in the right side view.  If anyone has thoughts on the back view, in particular the feet as they look slightly flat, would be helpful.

I've also added the sigils to the side views of the male robed characters (green, red, purple) and the full robed sprites to illustrate how they look.

This, of course, was done before I'd seen what ProgZmax had produced.  I shall now go off with his notes and try to incorporate as much as I can.


1.  Reduced width of the guy's front side by 1 pixel.

ProgZmax: Sorry, but where exactly.  I'm trying to see what you've done by comparing measurements with the marquee tool in Photoshop and it isn't working as I'd hoped.  Also, when you say pixel, do you mean reduced an entire line or just the head and torso and the width of the straight part of the legs of the original sprite and your version seem to be the same width.  Thanks.

Critics' Lounge / RoN sprites - revamped character
« on: 11 Jul 2007, 03:55 »
After a few iterations and the assistance of Krysis and others on the RoN forum, I'm taking Krysis' suggestion and displaying the sprites here as there are a few things about them that I feel need work.

There are a few things about the top row side view(s) that strike me as needing improvement.  One: I'm not too sure about the shape/look of the face but I'm unsure if it could be improved given the size limits.  Two: the shape of the arm bugs me, I'm wondering if it's not the right shape/location, needs some sort of shoulder definition, or if the shape of the jacket itself might be causing problems.

With regards to the robed figures, my question relates to the sigils (gold lines).  Would (or should) the sigils be visible in the side view and if so, how far would they go (two-three pixels)?

Thanks in advance.

Things have finally resolved themselves and I'm glad to say that I'll be going to Mittens after all.  For those those of us at Yorkdale, having a gathering place would be nice.

If Disco is planning screening Star Trek, I'd like the possibility to counter with The Adventures of Baron Munchausen for anyone who hasn't seen this film.

<joking>Oh, and could someone explain to me why London would such a great place for a half-day trip.  Granted, it's a somewhat decent place to live but I certainly wouldn't want to visit.</joking>  ;D

I thought it best to notify people that due to unforseen circumstances, I may have to cancel my participation.  Things are still up in the air and I won't know what's happening until next week (hopefully).  Things are dependent on what news I get and when final payments need to be in.

While I'm hoping everthing works out, I think it would be wise if budgets were recalculated with one less person as a worst-case scenario ...  which I truely hope doesn't come to pass.

This is a lot of fun. Just a note about the style, it's my best aproximation of the style Krysis devloped for RoN.

Rather than post each individually, here's a lineup.  Please ignore the purple background.



Marvin - 21 x 82, 5 colours
Arthur - 23 x 83, 15 colours
Ford - 19 x 80, 12 colours
Vogon Guard - 37 x 87, 8 colours
Benji & Frankie Mouse (each)- 9 x 15, 9 colours

Belcerebon - 13 x 81, 5 colours
Mr. Prosser - 25 x 72, 11 colours

Like when the aliens came and took him away?

Yes, and they also returned him.  That's either a case of mistaken identity or the aliens couldn't tolerate him for very long.

As far as I can tell, it seems like most would like to have tags or classifications of:

1. Canon (games that make up an established history of RoN)
2. Essential to newbies (games that best serve to introduce characters and plots to those new to RoN)
3. Non-adventure/misc (puzzle, quiz, arcade, any game that isn't classified as adventure)
4. Substandard (games that people feel are of a lesser quality and should be separated from the rest) - note: this needs, perhaps, a more diplomatic term.

Is this close to what people where thinking?  If it is, then a small group, say 3 or 4, should get be formed with the purpose of going through the existing games and sorting out what should go where.  If anyone is interesting in this part, let me know.

The subject of a "quality game" is a sticky one, at least in terms of the early games.  How would one catergorize a game that, while "bad", introduced a character or concept that was used in other games?

Simple, by the whim of the RoN admin of course.  There, how's that for a display of adminstrative power abuse. ;D

Seriously, everyone is going to have a different opinion on what should be considered "bad" or "quality" in reference to RoN.  There should probably be a small group that would determine what qualifies as a quality game, average or just plain bad game based on a few criteria.  This would, hopefully, keep the process impartial and fair.

If the RoN games are going to be split into catagories, I think it would be helpful if there was a general consensus of what would a) be helpful, and b) a number that wouldn't intimidate people by the number of categories.

Off the bat I can think of two: "Non-adventure" which is self-explanatory, and a "slush pile" where games of, as people have said, lesser quality could go.  As for the rest, how should they be classified?  Short games, arc-based games?  I'm not sure if medium-games or long-games would work as I don't think there are any RoN games that could be considered medium or long.

On a different topic, there was mention of a RoN wiki.  There actually is one, although it's a lonely and neglected thing.  The url is

And again, as others have said, the best way to keep things going is to make games (the themed game comp over on the RoN forum is a good example) or contribute in some other way such as music, writing, or art (traditional or sprite/background).

Regarding updated graphics, this was something I asked eariler this year on the RoN board.  I think updated graphics would be a good thing, and I'm fond of (and would like to see) the style of the series go in the direction that Krysis and Wogoat.  Partially for the overall look and the ease of use (I've Photoshoped several new rooms from the few screens Kyrsis has done with very little difficulty).  I have a few example graphics if anyone needs a visual reference.

Also, ProgZmax- I just wanted to say I really like the sprites you did.

Now Dave used the word pruning, which sounds like he's suggesting deleting games from the database.  While there are some games that might warrant being removed, would anyone object if games were removed from the site?
- If the amount of games is deterring some people, is separating them by some classification going to make a different?  There'd still be around 75 games on the site, they'd just be rearranged.  Would that still deter people from participating?

I'd like to touch on a couple of comments that have been made.

The welcome message on the RoN page gives an explanation of what the purpose of RoN is.  To quote: "It involves the creation of a central environment - in our case, the Reality-on-the-Norm town. Each member of the team creates his or her own game as a chapter to be added to all the previously achieved ones, thus creating a collective and diverse "book" of several independent yet coherent chapters."

The timeline was something I created as a resource which would list games in a chronological order and note important plot points.  However, there are some games that clearly contradicted each other, which is why I had to figure out what worked best.  Which is why some games were not included in it, and the timeline is described as "best fit".

In regards to making new games fit established events, most games fall between 2001-2003 (game-time).  There's nothing to prevent games taking place sometime in the near future or in the past.  Or have characters travel to different cities.  Perhaps opening the concept up and adding to the world might be a direction someone might be interested in.


I don't know if having the entire RoN forum moved to AGS board would be beneficial.  As mentioned above, any engine could be used to make a RoN game, such as Krysis's downhill  skiing game using Gamemaker.  If people saw the need, perhaps a subforum could be created to handle annoucements of non-AGS RoN games and general discussions.

As for what can be done right now, any games or demos made with AGS could be annouced here as well as on the main RoN site.  I'm not sure where an appropriate place to annouce non-AGS RoN games would be, though. 

One of the things I find frustrating is the lack of response whenever I try to generate interest or draw attention to RoN.  There was a discussion on the RoN forum about things that could be done this year, and a new contest/activity section was added to the forum.  Participation has been rather dismal to say the least, but you have to keep trying.  I think RoN still has a lot to offer in terms of stories and potential, and I'm not ready to give up on it.

Speaking frankly, RoN is only active when there are people contributing to it.  Be it creating games, graphics, art, writing, or simply participating on the forum in discussions or the forum activities, there has to be people who are willing to participate otherwise very little output occurs.

Far better to get involved in some way, either in a solo project or with a group, than stand by silently.

I believe in RoN and the stories that can still be told.  As long as there are people who believe in RoN and are willing to watch over it, then it won't die.

I'd like to confirm a spot for the AGS bus.

I'll be arriving at Toronto's Greyhound station around 10 am on the 20th, which should allow some time to quickly visit some shops.

If it's still possible, put me down as a yes for pickup at Yorkdale mall.  Getting there by subway seems easier than trying to figure out the TTC bus system.  :)

I can rent the vehicle straight up so don't worry about deposits -we'll settle up at the meet.  I do have to have an idea of how many people would be interested so I know whether to rent a Smart car or a bus.  Conditional interest is fine (i.e. I'm in if you go through Brantford, etc.).

This works well for me.  I'll be coming up from London via coach (no car or license sadly) and could rendevous in Stratford, Kitchener or Woodstock depending on whatever route is more convenient.

Had to recheck with my boss and it looks like I'll be able to make it as well, PMing now.

Late June-July-August is best for me.  Work slows down in the summer, which makes it easier to attending Mittens.

I plan on attending as well.  Living in Ontario certainly simplifies travel plans.  :)

It's the Doctor with the TARDIS.
84 x 125, 32 colours.

The Doctor's pose came from Tennant's original photo shoot.  The reason for the high number of colours comes from the TARDIS (and that's after abandonding the frosted windows and reworking the colours somewhat).  The Doctor himself is only 35 x 90 and 21 colours.

Sorry for the late entry, had some issues with lighting to overcome.  Anyway, this is somewhere in the Great Underground Empire.

The view is first-person.

Here's a non-interactive promotional trailer for the RoN series and an accompanying screenshot.

You can download the trailer from here:

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