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Best of luck with the new position.  Feel free to drop in when you can, RoN will still be here. :)

Reality-on-the-Norm / RoN art activity
« on: 23 Jan 2014, 16:55 »
It's been ages since we have any sort of fun graphical activity and I thought it'd be nice to do another one.

The subject is Brandford Scotts from Kunafits game "Strange Days".  For more info on the character & the game he appears in, please see his Character Page and the Strange Days page.

Anyone can participate and can submit a few entries if they wish.

Format: Any.  Can be a sprite, 3d model, drawn, etc.
Entry Period: Jan 23 - Feb 9

* As an optional, there could be a voting period between Feb 10 - 16 if we wanted to this to turn into a comp, upon which the community would pick the one they like most.  State/discuss if anyone would like to turn this into a comp or not.

Have fun.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RON RPG.
« on: 15 Jan 2014, 22:43 »
What about a platformer? ;)

Am I a clown for your entertainment?! ;)

Be thankful nobody asked for a dating sim.  :)

I really like the look of the sprites you've cobbled together.  I look forward to see this RPG progresses.

Out of curiosity, which game was it that so traumatized you?

As for a starting point, I'd usually say pick one that looks interesting and jump in, but that seems to have had disturbing results :).

You could take a look at Purity of the Surf by Dave Gilbert.  It's a stand alone and thus doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of the universe or characters.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RON Crossovers?
« on: 19 Dec 2013, 02:56 »
Wow, late reply.  However, as pointed out there's been a few characters from other series that have popped up.  Such as Lassi & Roger, Commander Keen, Monty Mole, Joey Malone.

If they're your characters and you want to include them, feel free.  It's your game (if you're making one) after all.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 31 Oct 2013, 14:16 »
That is it, it's done.  It's complete!  All humanoid characters have been converted to the Krysis style.  This lack pack includes:

Many thanks to Oldschool_wolf for helping get Guido mocked up and finished.  When you download the packs, you'll find three versions of Guido: naked, thong, and censored.

I've updated and uploaded the .cha & sprite packs (along with updated Krysis-style backgrounds) up to the site.

The animal characters still need work and if anyone is willing and able to help out, send me a pm and we'll discuss the subject further.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 17 Oct 2013, 03:48 »
When this is all over?  Probably be glad it's finally finished.  Of course, there's still the animals and I'll most likely need help with those.

Next four are done and uploaded on the site.  I've updated the character sprites pack as well.

Lassi & Roger come from the Lassi Quest series.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 06 Sep 2013, 02:15 »
I will accept cash :-D.

Here's the next batch of added characters.  The updated .cha pack can be downloaded from the RoN site.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Ron-ification
« on: 10 Jul 2013, 04:06 »
This thread is for posting forum avatars, fictional characters from other media (books, movies, games, etc), or anything else (such as animals, vehicles, inventory items, props, etc) in the current RoN style.  If you have something, even if it's been posted elsewhere, feel free to post it here.

I'll begin with my own forum avatar:

Renegade Implementor

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 08 Jul 2013, 02:21 »
Okay, here's the next batch of 5 characters done.  All nicely animated, pack up and available for download on the RoN site.
Wolf, as you can see Alec is in this batch.  He may not have a spring in his step but he has a bounce. :)

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 19 Jun 2013, 18:48 »
Pretty much.  Just because a character has only been used once, doesn't mean they should be excluded from being updated to the Krysis-style graphics.

And I forgot about the animals, so it's under 30 who still need to be finished.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Donation for RotN
« on: 19 Jun 2013, 18:30 »
The reverse can be true as well.  I found a Gaia Dream Avatar creator toolkit in 2008 and quickly made a small collection of RoN characters.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 19 Jun 2013, 16:16 »
The latest batch of characters is done and uploaded to the RoN site in it's convenient .cha pack (updated the Krysis style backgrounds & char sprites packs as well).

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.  By my count there's about 20 characters (who've already appeared in a RoN) left to get animated.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: Donation for RotN
« on: 19 Jun 2013, 16:09 »
Thanks for the donation DBoyWheeler.

It'll be fairly easy to RoNify (that's a new word people) these characters as Wolf has already illustrated.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 27 Apr 2013, 20:56 »
Now that the site is back up, here's the latest batch of characters.  Enjoy.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: 4-9-2013
« on: 25 Apr 2013, 16:10 »
The site is back up and running.  The links should be fine but if there's anything out of place, please pm me and I'll see to it.  Thanks for being patient while we were down.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: 4-9-2013
« on: 20 Apr 2013, 01:59 »
Progress has been made.  With luck we should be back up soon, as in a few days or before the next epoch, whichever comes soonest first.  :)

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: An update on graphics
« on: 01 Apr 2013, 14:16 »
Here's the latest batch.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: RoN Walkthrough Videos
« on: 23 Mar 2013, 03:15 »
As far as I know there aren't any walkthroughs or videos of "The Unraveling" or "Rend".  The final fourth part of "The Tapestry" series is stuck in development amber for the last upteenth number of years.  I'm looking at going over things and tidying up the previous chapters and then finishing things up.

However I still have all my notes and can answer specific questions if you'd care to send me a pm.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Re: The Pit Dance Club
« on: 23 Mar 2013, 03:06 »
The backdoor leads out into a back alley.  If you're using the Krysis style backgrounds, see "esmerildas-day.png" which shows the outside rear of Dominatrix and the rear door.

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