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Critics' Lounge / Re:3D street c+c plz
« on: 28 Jun 2003, 15:38 »
Is this a screenshot from a cut-scene sequence?

If it is approach it like you were making a film, you don't need to get everything (houses, monsters, and hero) in the frame at once. It could be more dramtic to cut back and forth between the creatures and the girl.

If this is a room backdrop it might benefit from a higher camera - It's nicer to see a large patch of sky at the top than a large patch of tarmac at the bottom.

Nice and frightening though - the creatures take suburbia.

Critics' Lounge / Re:Ignac screen
« on: 28 Jun 2003, 12:45 »
Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic! Just painfully good.

Critics' Lounge / Re:pro sprites
« on: 24 Jun 2003, 23:15 »
Remember that a professional sprite needn't look like Broken Sword (as good as they are). Broken sword's characters are very realistic in an early-disney-hero kind of way.
Don't forget that Parker and Stone are professional animators who make a living out of South Park.
A good sprite is one which looks good and works well, not necessarily one which is drawn painstakingly carefully and smoothly animated (though that's nice too).

Look at Neole's figures. Sometimes they are very elegant and realistic and other times very cartoonish. It depends on what suits.


"Glottis? Is that you, hefe?
Did you get the number of that fancy dress donkey cart?
Man, those guys wanna drive more carefully."

I think this looks great, it's so well drawn!

The only thing is: if I wasn't told she was a Voodoo affiliate, I'd have thought she was a Romany. In spite of her dark skin, her features are quite caucasian. That's fine, because it gives the character a style (like manga) but she could be made to look more negroid by widening the nostrils and darkening her eyes.
This is what I mean:

I really hope you don't mind me playing with the image. It's not very good, I'm just trying to show what I mean.

Critics' Lounge / Re:Lost for lights...!?
« on: 19 Jun 2003, 23:36 »
Absotively Posilutely number 4. Number 7's nice but the fog will look odd with objects/characters superimposed.

Critics' Lounge / Re:Purple alien on a meteorite 0.5
« on: 13 Jun 2003, 10:01 »
This is a great shot, I love the branch, but there is what looks like a glitch on the bottom left 'corner' of the meteorite. Does a leaf hit it?

General Discussion / Re:Introduction
« on: 13 Jun 2003, 09:56 »
Wow, that's the tallest, smartest 10 year old I ever did see...

Normal Lovett (The male Holly) chose to leave. I think he wanted to prove he had legs or something.

Series seven and eight were so bad. I can't bring myself to write about them. 1 and two are my favourites.

The synopsis of the film sounds intriguing though.

Try searching for Gmax. It a 3d game maker, apparently a bit like 3dStudio MAx.

Hi, sorry I'm late - I've been really busy.

I hadn't realised I'd have to choose, oh the responsibility...

I think evil's Cannibal has to be the winner. There were plenty of others which just as great, but I think evil was the first (and the second) to make a real effort to create a sprite. Especially because the subject was tricky to do a sprite for - sorry that's my fault.

If I have to pick a runner up I'd choose makri just for the expression on the guy's face.

Please don't hate me everyone else, the other entries were lovely, and I have only just got N3Tgraph's joke.

I was half asleep and I though I heard something on the TV.

Are Liberty X covering a Radiohead track?

Please tell me it was a dream.

Critics' Lounge / Re:Achtung Franz! A comic!
« on: 27 May 2003, 17:16 »
These are brilliant! My favourite is the one with the monkey and the palm tree.

Competitions & Activities / Sprite Jam May 27 - June 04
« on: 27 May 2003, 13:13 »
Okay here goes....

Sprites based upon the theme of:
                          "The reason I couldn't get to work yesterday was..."

You know, like a guy on the phone to his boss with his foot in a shark's mouth. Something like that.

250X200 pixels and 256 colours please.

Is that okay?

I think I've met someone who's dad is one of the people Russel Crowe has punched. Does that help?

Then again, most of us have probably met SOMEONE he's hit.

General Discussion / Re:Most disappointing adventures
« on: 27 May 2003, 09:19 »
I really liked the story to the Feeble files, and the voice acting. But it took TEN MINUTES for the tiny guy to move from the right of one screen to the left! What kind of game doesn't let you skip through the maze once you've completed it?

Worst game:
Chronicles of the Sword. You've probably never heard of it and you're lucky. Every time you die (which is often) you have to listen without skipping to the same story told by a shrill, welsh, badly animated narrator for about 15 minutes.
Plus, one of the 4 acts is about saving the life of a girl who will guide you somewhere - at the act conclusion (when you've saved her) she gets killed by a fireball without taking you anywhere! You're back EXACTLY where you started but a whole act later.
And all the male chars. are the same 3d model with different coloured hair. And the Dragon is just a triceratops which has clearly been lifted from a library of 3d objects.

I hate that game, yet I spent years playing it.

congrats Ali. You can host the next sprite jam.

Thanks to everyone who was nice about my picture!

I don't really know what I have to do to host the next Jam, though. This is the only one I've entered.
Do I set a post with a subject and some specs?
Help me, I need guidance.

General Discussion / Re:How do I animate on paper?
« on: 24 May 2003, 15:00 »
i think i even got a link with tutorials on how to make your own light-table... i'll try to find it

Please, please, please do!

I've been planning to make one but I don't know how, and I'm too cheap to (Ali does quote marks with fingers) 'buy one'.

Critics' Lounge / Re:C&C desired on this room in my game
« on: 24 May 2003, 14:56 »
Trees are tricky things aren't they? I think you should get rid of most of them, and only one or two - that'd look more bleak. Either that or add loads more to create a real forest look with a lot of variety in height and so on.

I think it would be quicker and more effective to get rid of most of them though. The whole image looks really great, but the trees look very much like they've been equally spaced across the scene.

And just to be really picky: The shadows might look a little more natural for a panoramic scene if they were softer.

These are only minor points, the scene is still better rendered than some of the commercial games I've played.

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