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I think the poblem with generic talking animations is that the lips can never synch and bad lip sync often looks 'idiotic'. Still, I tend to use a variation on these three mouth positions, but vary them so that he doesn't look like he's saying "Me Ma Mo":

(The speed isn't quite right, but never mind.)

if that doesn't work here's the link:

General Discussion / Re:terrible virus
« on: 29 Apr 2003, 14:02 »
You're dead right 12431 and plasticman, this virus is not particularly dangerous (relatively). Literally millions die yearly from Malaria, Cholera TB in the third world AND WE HAVE DRUGS THAT COULD SAVE THEM!

SARS is only important because we haven't stopped rich folks from dying of it yet.

"Cleanin' my gun with the safety off, safety off, safety off!
 Cleanin' my gun with the safety o-" BANG!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Creation: Day One
« on: 09 Feb 2003, 15:56 »
Hi, I thought Herschel might need transportation to get him across the big spaces of nothing, so I designed a GodHopper. I don't know how to make it appear on the page (Flippy_D usually does that sort of thing - I don't know how - perhaps he has some magic shoes or something).

Here's the link. It might need to be dragged or something. I just don't understand:

If that doesn't come up right the url is :

The shading on the metal is very rough, but I did it quickly. You can see a sketch of where the robed guy himself would stand while cruising the void.

Feel free to ignore this, Neole and everyone else, I just felt like drawing it.

Also about offending people's values: I think there are too many religions and belief systems to avoid offending everyone. (I'm anti-capitalist, so I'm immediately offended every time an ad-break comes on TV).

All we can do is follow our beliefs, tolerate what others think and maybe (eventually) come to an agreement. Neole deserves the right to make a game which may be offensive to Christians, provided he's not denying them the right to be Christians.

Well ... that's what I think anyway.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Creation: Day One
« on: 08 Feb 2003, 15:47 »
The bible tells us that God made light and then he saw that it was good, but it doesn't tell us about the early monday morning prototypes.

First he made bikes (but he saw them to be without application).

Then he made trikes (and saw them also to be without application).

Then he made unicycles (and decided to get out of this whole damn bicycle vein and make something good for a change).

Then he made light (And saw that it was good, and he had a whle universe full of trikes and bikes an one-wheelers lying all over the place).

The only reason he made humans in the first place was to help tidy up, but did we? Did we Free Will.

Well those are my beliefs. I'm not entirely sure how relevant they are. I'm sorry if I've wasted time and space.

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