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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Creation: Day One
« on: 08 Feb 2003, 15:47 »
The bible tells us that God made light and then he saw that it was good, but it doesn't tell us about the early monday morning prototypes.

First he made bikes (but he saw them to be without application).

Then he made trikes (and saw them also to be without application).

Then he made unicycles (and decided to get out of this whole damn bicycle vein and make something good for a change).

Then he made light (And saw that it was good, and he had a whle universe full of trikes and bikes an one-wheelers lying all over the place).

The only reason he made humans in the first place was to help tidy up, but did we? Did we Free Will.

Well those are my beliefs. I'm not entirely sure how relevant they are. I'm sorry if I've wasted time and space.

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