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I have 4.6 installed

So would installing 4.0 fix this?

The error appears when the editor loads, not when I'm trying to load a project, the speech plugin seems to be denied.

This happens to this version, other versions of ags prior to 3.4.2 seemed to have no issues.

I'm trying to load the project that is using the Speech Plugin!111&parid=A031D4A2C1ADD700!110&authkey=!AJ9otK4Z8fEy_9I

And it's giving me an error, when I start the AGSEditor exe, since now I put the dll on the editor's directory.

First test works, I can up the limit! Now onto testing a tad more!

Not sure if removing the limit it is doable, but please please up it up?
Also can AGS change the text Alignment of a label/button/ui control via code, or no (this is a minor thing, not really that important).

Sorry to ask again, any luck on prioritizing or working on this, or any progress?

AGS Games in Production / Re: Strangeland
« on: 30 Jun 2018, 14:06 »
Strangeland is still daily being worked on! Lots of pretty screens courtesy of Victor

Not sure if removing the limit it is doable, but please please up it up?
Also can AGS change the text Alignment of a label/button/ui control via code, or no (this is a minor thing, not really that important).

Is there a chance to remove or up the font limit that's currently 30 fonts, it's something that I'd personally really need, cause we're trying to integrate a bunch of translations into a project atm.

So newest ags has that?

My issue is that this specific person wants D3D bad.


So have we found a solution to this besides just switching to DirectDraw?

Critics' Lounge / Music Critique
« on: 30 Jul 2017, 14:59 »
Alright, I'm working on a song at the moment, where the aim is to make it a bit tween-peaky.

This is the first version of it:

And this is the second version of it:

I'm a bit stuck deciding which is better atm. Will also gladly accept any other feedback regardless of the choice of preference.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Convert MIDI to MP3/OGG
« on: 02 Jul 2017, 13:44 »
You can do this online if u don't feel like downloading anything.

Well, my votes would be Ogon 3 and Creamy 2, so that's a win for Creamy!

Current Score:
#1Untitledby Ogon3
#2Apartfallingby Dualnames2
#3Dirgeby Creamy5

The voting is going to work this way: You can give 3, 2 and 1 point respectively to different songs you choose. It also be nice to give an explanation behind your vote, but it's not necessary.
Also, you cannot vote for your own entry.

Let the voting commence!

The voting closes on 20th June.

So the only entries I see are mine and creamy's. Anyone else working on an entry perhaps? Or we starting the voting process?

Damn creamy that's bleak!

Anyhow's here's my entry

Mostly focused on the decay side of life. I'm imagining a small rural town full of rust (twin peakish) accompanied by this.

What is a Music Competition?

Well, a music competition, is a competition where music composers can compose and release their musical creations to compete for the ultimate priz, acceptance and recognition.
It's meant to be fun, no one should care about winning, but improving their own skill set. Or trying new things. Be creative!

Who is hosting it? And why is this back again?

I'm hosting it, and the reason it's back, is to make it interesting again.

The main problems of the old tune competition, which explained the lack of entries, were:
1) Unclear deadlines.
2) Very strict themes.
3) Very strict rules.

Definition of Death

a :  a permanent cessation of all vital (see vital 2a) functions :  the end of life The cause of death has not been determined. managed to escape death prisoners were put to death death threats — compare brain death
b :  an instance of dying a disease causing many deaths lived there until her death

a :  the cause or occasion of loss of life drinking was the death of him
b :  a cause of ruin
the slander that was death to my character — Wilkie Collins
The drought was death to the farm.

capitalized, folklore :  the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe when death comes to take me away

:  the state of being no longer alive :  the state of being dead

a :  the passing or destruction of something inanimate the death of vaudeville
b :  extinction the death of the dinosaurs

law :  civil death

:  slaughter death and destruction

Christian Science :  the lie of life in matter :  that which is unreal and untrue


As long as it fits the theme (and that should be fairly broad), you can compose and post from at least one to x songs. You can even make an EP.
For example you can compose a hip-hop beat that samples the world LOVE and makes a pun as you hear a tennis crowd cheering at the end. You can do anything, as long as you can explain (if needed) how it does fit.

          No limit on duration:
          -You wanna make 2 bars, make 2 bars.

          No limit on genres:
          -Any genre goes, death metal songs are fine.

         No limit on covers:
          - You can cover an older composition of yours or someone else's, as long as the cover is obvious and you are being honest (aka posting the older song)

          No limit on file type:
          - MIDIs are fine.
          - OGGs are fine. (Preferably at 320kbps)
          - WAV are fine.
          - FLACs are fine.
          - MP3s are fine. (Preferably at 320kbps CBR or V0 VBR)

          For the lossy filetypes (mp3, ogg) above 128 CBR (Constant Bitrate) plz.

          Limit on the time deadline.
          -Entries that are delivered late, unless I'm notified before, won't be accepted, unless the entry is delivered within 24 hours after the deadline.


The deadline is till the 12th of June, that is, because on June 15th I'll post another theme, while this competition goes on the voting part. Voting will be public, and can be done by anyone. We'll see more rules about it, when we get there.


If you wanna do your entries, workshop style, that's highly advised. Going into detail, explaining your process, and how you work, if you want. No harm in sharing, people can input on that, but please do so in a respectable manner.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Theme is DEATH.
  2. Compose a song.
  3. Deadline is JUNE 12th.

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