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11 people in Eruo ‘16 (well 12 because Chicky came on as a sub of Tzachs who came off injured at half time) and 14 in World Cup ‘14. But 20 would be great.

I hit Enter by accident and submitted 26 no-score draws that I didn't intend to.  I think I'll leave it at that now and hope for the most boring World Cup ever!
Hehe. I noticed that and it made me laugh. I thought maybe you were planning to submit the rest later (not in the rules but I wouldn’t have minded) but I just took the ones you put in hide tags in your post above and entered them into the spreadsheet. :-)

We now have 10 players already (including me).
Another 10 would be perfect.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I also forgot to copy the results, so let's hope the site doesn't crash or something.
When you submit the predictions they are emailed to me and I’ve also entered them into the Google sheet, so they should be safe :-)

I’ve just submitted my own guesses.
I’ll post them here too, it would be good to have a time-stamped record so that no one will think I fiddled the spreadsheet if (when :=) I win the league.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Russia 3 - 0 Saudi Arabia
Egypt 1 - 2 Uruguay
Morocco 2 - 0 Iran
Portugal 3 - 2 Spain
France 3 - 0 Australia
Argentina 3 - 1 Iceland
Peru 0 - 0 Denmark
Croatia 1 - 1 Nigeria
Costa Rica 0 - 1 Serbia
Germany 2 - 1 Mexico
Brazil 2 - 0 Switzerland
Sweden 1 - 1 South Korea
Belgium 0 - 1 Panama
Tunisia 0 - 2 England
Colombia 1 - 1 Japan
Poland 0 - 0 Senegal

Russia 1 - 0 Egypt
Portugal 3 - 1 Morocco
Uruguay 2 - 0 Saudi Arabia
Iran 0 - 2 Spain
Denmark 1 - 1 Australia
France 2 - 1 Peru
Argentina 3 - 2 Croatia
Brazil 2 - 0 Costa Rica
Nigeria 1 - 1 Iceland
Serbia 1 - 1 Switzerland
Belgium 1 - 0 Tunisia
South Korea 1 - 1 Mexico
Germany 3 - 2 Sweden
England 3 - 1 Panama
Japan 1 - 1 Senegal
Poland 0 - 1 Colombia

Uruguay 2 - 0 Russia
Saudi Arabia 2 - 2 Egypt
Spain 2 - 1 Morocco
Iran 1 - 4 Portugal
Denmark 0 - 3 France
Australia 0 - 0 Peru
Nigeria 0 - 2 Argentina
Iceland 0 - 0 Croatia
South Korea 0 - 3 Germany
Mexico 1 - 1 Sweden
Serbia 0 - 3 Brazil
Switzerland 1 - 1 Costa Rica
Japan 0 - 0 Poland
Senegal 1 - 2 Colombia
England 3 - 2 Belgium
Panama 0 - 0 Tunisia

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 19 May 2018, 23:31 »
It looks like most games take forever to release like a few other games stated out in late 2017 are still not out nor do you ever hear anything about them: kind of guessing game..O well maybe I will check back next year to see ....
It’s kind of tradition in adventure development, and games in general, to wildly misjudge how long it will take to finish a game.

As a rule, take the number given by the dev, halve it, then add 9 years.

@CaptainD - Yeah sorry about that, Dave. Try again in a couple of hours or when you have a chance. If you don’t pay for the premium package, the host puts your site to sleep for one hour every day for “maintenance”. They’re a great free host for learning though.

Cheers Cassie.
Two entries already :-)

Good plan Selmiak. Thanks for your submission. It was fun to receive the first email from someone other than ‘John Smith’ or ‘Guybrush’ or ‘Testy McTestface’

All in one go would be preferable. It used to be that you could do them in drips and drabs but most people did them in one block anyway. It’s easier for me because I have to transfer them manually to the spreadsheet in my free time.

It’ll be a mission but it’s just 5-10 minutes and you’ve got 4 weeks to think about it and make notes before submitting. After the group stage it will be dramatically easier.

No no, it's not immediately obvious. My web design skills are about as basic as all my other skills, so any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

Due to being on a free host, the site is unavailable between the hours of 14:00 to 15:00 every day (sometimes a little longer).
Is that sentence different according to my system clock? If not, you might wanna add the timezone.
Thanks for checking it out. It does say at the top of that box ‘All times are in BST’. But I might add it again to that sentence just to make it clearer.

The beautiful game!
No, I don’t mean Phantasmagoria.
I mean Soccer.

Football fever is nearly upon us and suddenly we're all armchair experts again.
That can only mean 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is nearly upon us.

Predict the scores, win points, become a champion.

Make Your Predictions Here!


This year, we have a special predictions website. You only need to enter your forum name and predictions. That's also where you'll find all the rules and updates (via a twitter timeline).

I will be maintaining THIS SPREADSHEET and league table on a publicly viewable document. I won't always be able to update things straight away. But rest assured, if you submitted a valid prediction before the deadline, it will count, even if you can't see it reflected in the spreadsheets and updates straight away. It just means I'm probably asleep or at work.  I'm in the Japanese time-zone through this, so please bear with me.

I think that's all for now. Let me know if you have any Queries.

Good Luck and Happy Predicting!

Just a bump to say the prediction website will be going live preeeetty soon.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 15 May 2018, 03:15 »
Privateer Puddin' is my best friend. Thank you, Privateer! #10 wasn't Silverspook's, Stupot :D
How do you know tha- oooooohhhh. :-D

General Discussion / Re: Where`s m0ds?
« on: 15 May 2018, 00:55 »
Yeah, it’s weird not to see m0ds around here these days. To me he’s one of the AGS All-Stars. I’m sure there are several good reasons (moving away from AGS for his games for one). Plus, the community has evolved and maybe he just doesn’t feel like this is his place any more. I know some of the political trumpybrexy threads got a little bit nasty and some of Mark’s views seemed less popular than others’. I don’t want to put words in his mouth though. Maybe he has totally different reasons.

We can still follow him and Screen7 on Twitter, Facebook etc. Mark, if you’re lurking: all the best, dude

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 14 May 2018, 15:52 »
So #3 is Baron or Ponch
#4 Mouth for War
#7 Danvzare
#10 has got Silverspook written all over it.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 14 May 2018, 13:33 »
Well it seems I got 10 out of 10 wrong. Not a bad effort.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 13 May 2018, 08:09 »
Maybe in the next round Andail (or another host, if it changes) can post the names of all the people who submitted something. That should make this guessing part a bit easier.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 13 May 2018, 03:58 »
#4 is not my pitch, Stu.


Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 13 May 2018, 00:58 »
Hmmm I’ve been thinking:

#1 Cassiebsg
#2 Gurok
#3 Selmiak
#4 Mandle
#5 Cat
#6 Danvzare
#7 Slasher
#8 (I saw the thing)
#9 CaptainD
#10 Hobo

Now tell me how wrong I am.

Competitions & Activities / Re: Game pitch competition
« on: 12 May 2018, 11:49 »
Well done to number 5.

I was going to guess that the author of 5 was Creamy but I just saw his comment above so it can’t have been him.

So I’m guessing Selmiak.

I’ll update this post later with some more guesses.

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