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Thanks for the entries guys. I’m a bit busy st the moment but keep an eye out for the voting hopefully some point today. Also keep an eye out for the new topic thread, coming soon.

Someone on the Facebook group is trying to register on the forums but is having an issue:

“Hi! I have problems On Signing Up On the Forums, It seems I have the Right Answer on Registration Quiz but It always give me an Error Message saying I have one wrong Answer even though my answer is correct. Can you please help me? I wanna join the AGS Community Forum because I have lots of questions when It comes to Scripting and Such.”

Any idea what could be the problem? Other than maybe he is getting one of the Qs wrong

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Day 1)
« on: 31 Jul 2018, 09:57 »
I’m already getting paranoid and I haven’t said anything yet ???

I also think we can afford to wait one night. We won’t learn anything from lynching the wrong person with zero intel (I guess. Maybe Mandle knows some secret trick). Let’s give the seer a chance to learn something..

Unbreakable wasn’t about superhero universes as such, but it was a film about superheroes. The idea of turning it into a “universe” was clearly a kind of commentary but Shyamalan on the recent trend of creating these extended universes. I think it was a stroke of genius.

I don’t know if Glass has any particular superpowers. But then again neither does Batman. Wealth, intellect and determination seem to link them. The only difference between Glass and Batman (apart from their motivations) is that one of them is trained to break bones and the other is broken bones.

Ahh yeah, you guys are right. I think I just jumped on Die Hard because that’s what everyone always jumps on as the quintessential action movie. I still think it still belongs there in relation to the other examples I used, though. The puzzles it has are much more urgent. And like you say, it often means McClane using his firearm as a key.

Interesting observation.
Both Indy and Lara class as action/adventure but I guess they are on different parts of the spectrum. Indy tends more towards the adventure, whereas Lara, especially this new one seems more about the action. I don’t think they’re too far apart though.

I would say the action-adventure spectrum looks something like this:

Die Hard - little or no puzzle solving. Lots of violence.
Tomb Raider - some puzzle solving. Details brushed over. Lots of violence.
Indiana Jones - some puzzle solving. Details shown/explained. Some cartoon violence.
DaVinci Code - it’s got ‘Code’ in the title. A bit of fisticuffs.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Board Games
« on: 29 Jul 2018, 12:54 »
I used to play Cluedo on the old Amstrad. An AGS version would be cool.

I’m pretty sure Trivial Pursuit has also been made into a computer version. That would also be great as an AGS game.

General Discussion / Let's Curate a Halloween Watchlist.
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 16:47 »
October is still a little way away but I had the idea of putting together an ultimate horror-themed watchlist by the AGS community.

Obviously, I don't expect anyone would actually watch all 31 films in 31 days but we can all try to watch some of them, perhaps even watching them together and chatting about them in the forum or on Discord and IRC. If at least a few people are watching one of the films on any given day and keeping the thread alive then that would be awesome.

I’ve come up with a preliminary list of ten horror categories with the idea that we could all choose ten films that fit these ten categories and then together we can compile a list of 30 (assuming that number 31 is going to be Halloween). We can discuss any adjustments or changes over the next few days before settling on a final ten, but for now, here is that list:

  • Curses/witchcraft
  • Possession/demonic
  • Undead (zombies/vampires)
  • Ghost stories
  • Slasher flicks
  • Psychological horror
  • Creatures/monsters
  • Comedy/parody
  • Miscellaneous horror
  • Miscellaneous not-necessarily horror.

As you can see, I've included a non-horror option with the idea that we could have a little breather from horror at regular intervals throughout the month. If people think that's a lame idea we can scrap it. There will obviously be some cross-over between the categories, but they are just intended as a guideline to make sure we get a good spread of horror.

Here's how I see things working (it's just a rough outline for now):

Step 1 (3-4 days) Discuss the categories and settle on a final ten.
Step 2 (2-3 weeks) Fill in the Google Form (which I will make) with your ten films*. We can discuss our choices in the thread while this is going on.
Step 3 (2-3 weeks) Compile all the suggestions and choose three from each category to get 30 films. Also discuss where to place each film in the month.
Step 4 (2-3 weeks) Locate, borrow, rent, as many of the films as we can. We can share information on where to stream or buy the films. We may even be able to lend/gift each other some of the films.
Step 5 (October) Watch the films. One film will be assigned to each day. We can watch them individually or try to synchronise so we can chat about them as we watch.

* This isn't necessarily a voting process. These are just recommendations. We will discuss which films to include in step 3. Of course films that lots of people chose will get priority but I want to compile a diverse and eclectic spread, so some editorial decisions with be discussed. Also, it would be nice to try and make sure that everybody gets at least one of their suggestions onto the list.

A couple things I want to point out before we start talking and making our choices:

Try to ensure that your 10 contains a mixture of tones and settings.

Try to include a spread of movies from a range of eras. From black and white monster movies through 80s slashers to something released just this year.

Preferably think about how readily available the films are for most people to rent, stream or buy cheaply (and legally if possible). It’s not expected that anyone will actually watch all 31 films over the month but would be nice if as many people as possible had the best chance to watch as many as they can/want.

All that is to say, try not to show off too much by listing a bunch of obscure films that no one else has heard of. It’s not intended as a contest of horror geekery. Of course, a handful of little known gems would be great, so please think of one or two, but I hope to expect some big-hitters in there, too. Feel free to even include one or two titles that you haven't actually seen yet yourself.

Who's in?

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 23:15 »
I think this is The Lost Room. That was a mini series that involved a Motel with a door that led to different places on Earth. It also had a bunch of items that all had some different power. It could work as an adventure game. But I don’t remember anything about combining the items.

General Discussion / Re: I made a thing
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 22:58 »
Nice video. Man, I fondly remember playing around with BASIC as a kid. Doing all the type-ins from Amstrad Action. I don’t know why I never pursued programming properly after that and now I suck. But I have good memories of messing around with it.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Sign-up)
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 12:14 »
Sign me up for round two. I wanna redeem myself.

Quote from: Cassie
I must admit I got pretty mad at Stu for using him breaking the rules and post during the night to gain advantage in the game. From his post I got it that the only reason he scanned me was due to my nudging him about posting during the night time. And his post also influenced how we choose the next snack... cause we didn't knew who read it, and if we choose him if people would think that it was because he voted for Sinitrena... :-\ Only reason I even nudged him was cause I didn't want him to get kicked out of the game and thus giving us a victory by default.
I definitely ballsed up by posting at night time and can only apologise. It was a genuine mistake.

I would like to point out though that I had already requested to scan you at 23:55 Japan time. Your PM to me about posting at night was at 00:04, so it had no bearing on my decision to scan you. Mandle then confirmed it at a later time.

I will put my hands up and admit that it was bad form to use details of your PM to try to convince people, considering that PM was the result of my having broken the rules. It didn’t occur to me at the time and was bad ettiquette. So for that I’m also sorry. I should have skipped the part where I tried to pretend I had some other intel and just admitted being the seer from the outset.

Just to reiterate though. When you PM’ed me I had already scanned you and had a suspicion but it was only later that Mandle confirmed your role.

Hehe. Thanks man. I actually did find an SD card at a level-crossing more like 8 months ago and I still haven’t checked it in case something dodgy ends up on my laptop. It only occurred to me a little while ago that I could put it in my old camera. Probably just some salaryman’s spreadsheets, but what a strange place to leave it.

General Discussion / Re: AGS Image Host?
« on: 26 Jul 2018, 23:38 »
Nice idea. I’ve not had a many problems with Imgur but it does feel like somewhere you would just dump memes and jokes that you don’t expect to have any use for beyond the few days or so that anyone’s going to see it.

General Discussion / Re: The X-Files
« on: 26 Jul 2018, 08:59 »
I finally caught the last two episodes on DVD. I’d been watching them on shitty streams during its TV run but wanted to watch the finale in slightly better definition, so I forced myself to wait until it came out on DVD.

I sooort of knew the basic gist of how it would end. But had managed to remain basically spoiler-free.

Things I liked:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I liked that we got more William. It just makes sense. Ever since Baby William’s spinning mobile trick it was always something that needed to be addressed, and we finally got a proper William episode.

I liked that Monica sooort of redeemed herself, or at least she showed some remorse towards the end and managed to give Mulder and Scully a little tip-off.

I liked that Mulder actually got to kill CSM (one assumes he’s really dead this time). It always should have been either him or Scully to finally finish him off, so I was pleased with that.

Things I didn’t like:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Oh, Scully’s pregnant again. Cheap writing. For someone who’s meant to be barren she’s doing pretty well. I made that three now.

I didn’t like Skinner’s ending. He seemed to jump in a way that made it seem like he knew what he was doing and then we just saw his legs. I concluded that he was playing dead, but then the show just forgot to address it. If he really did die then they really messed up The Skinman’s ending.

I didn’t like that Scully came jogging up behind Mulder after all the action had taken place on the dock. She should have been more an actual part of the final showdown but instead she missed everything. Again.

I didn’t like that William kept running from everybody when he could have easily turned into someone else. There’s no mention at all that using his powers makes him weak or anything, so in theory he could just walk around pretending to be some random guy the whole time. So all the chase scenes seem a bit rubbish. At one point he even does turn into a random man to lose his tail, but I don’t get how he even has a tail.

I also don’t like that a large portion of the fandom (mostly the very vocal and frankly insane shippers) responded very badly to Gillian’s announcement that she will not be returning. They said they will not watch any future episodes without both her and David. Sure enough, Fox soon said that they have no plans for a season 12. Well done to those idiots.

I consider myself a real fan of the show. Have been since I was a little boy. Gillian and David are my heroes. But there is a whole filing cabinet full of unexplained cases and a world full of conspiracies. I seriously think the X-Files could thrive with a new set of agents, but those selfish shippers may have killed it.

Mind you, it seems Disney now own The X-Files, so anything could happen.

Yeah part of me wondered if maybe you were leaving it to see how it played out. I guess it would have been unfair if the votes had changed after the day should have ended... but I was still hoping they would.

Cool. These are always fun. I’ll put my thinking bandana on.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Flippin' BT
« on: 26 Jul 2018, 03:27 »
BT always pays their debts.

@Privateer Puddin Yeah I regret all that deliberately ambiguous stuff early on. I think I was trying to compensate for not saying much in the first day (due to being busy IRL). But that post you quoted was from before I knew Cassie was hungry like the wolf. After that I just thought honesty would be the best policy.


But yeah, Mandle’s right. We would have had a much better chance if I’d come forward as the seer before most people had already made their preliminary votes. But towards the end it didn’t make any sense for a town member to not believe me, especially after Josiah’s observation.

The best part about being so honest forvthe second half of that game, and about this post-match analysis is that we are all learning tricks which can either be employed or implied for maximum paranoia.

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