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General Discussion / Re: Echolocation?!
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 20:21 »
Not too long ago I saw something on telly about a device that can help blind people see with their tongue...

What happens is that there is a camera which is attatched to the person's head and it picks up a low-res black and white image and transfers that to a small pad which is placed on the tounge.  There are dots on the pad representing each pixel and each dot gives of a small pulse whose strength depends on the tone of its respective pixel.

When the camera is looking at an image the tongue can quite effectively pick up an image from the pulses which the brain can then interpret as a mental picture.

When I saw this it was only in the early stages, something like 8x8 pixels.  But the guy tried it, looking at a white line, and he could clearly make out the line and could even tell which way it was slanted... when they develop it and fit a few more dots in this could be a brilliant way of helping the blind to see... its incredible.

I can't help you finding a host I'm afraid, but for html try  I often refer to them if I need help with something.

Critics' Lounge / Re: More sierra stuff
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 18:57 »
Woah, much better.
Genuinely creepy.
Sort the moon out and you've got an awesome background on your hands.
Also, I think maybe the tree shadows could be longer and pointier, but that could just be a matter of personal taste.

Good one.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Requesting a character crit
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 18:42 »
Haha, one of the main things that people complain about when a new game is made is "oh, the character moves to slowly"... here we have a quick sprite and still noones happy.

But I agree he could do with being slowed down a peg or too.

Critics' Lounge / Re: DUSK OF THE DEAD
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 18:28 »
Nice! But the characters look like the Bee Gees. :) Disco Of The Dead!

You'd have trouble 'Staying Alive' with all those zombies about.

Critics' Lounge / Re: First background!
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 18:22 »
Also, you could add some green to parts of the trees to make it look like some kind of moss or fungus growing on it.

Really like these pictures.. if they were on paper i'm pretty sure they would glow in the dark... hehe

Keep it up :)

General Discussion / Re: I'm going to England for a year!
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 10:27 »
Hey, If you're still in England by next Summer you could do Brittens...  I might tag along next time.

I hope you have a great time Vic.  England's not so bad.  I'm Kinda looking forward to getting back, in a strange way.  Three weeks to go.

Good Luck mate.  Enjoy it.

OK... a theory of sorts.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Alice is not who she seems.
She knows more about Ben than possibly he even knows himself.  It was her who dug up the box in the 'sun-tan lotion' cave... I don't know how she managed to get them to there and make it seem like Ben's idea...
Unless... everyone in the airport (taxi driver, black woman) were part of some big conspiracy and lied to Ben about not being able to go to Athens... Just to direct him to Angry Anna (or whatever the place is called again).

The Monster at the end was also strangely humanoid... Maybe he was just a guy in costume and didn't really kill the people on the beach (they were in on it, too and just made pretend drag marks in the sand and walked off).  This would explain why he doesn't kill simon...

(okay it doesn't explain why he kills Ban if you let him, but the idea is you're not supposed to let him, so in the complete true version of the game, Ben lives, therefore the Monster hasn't killed anyone.....

This would also explain the lack of police... if nobody has really died or gone missing then of course the police have no interest.

But theres definitely a conspiracy, and Alice is definitely in on it.  The last six cases, and maybe the 7th, too, have all just been mere training exercises for the real test which lies in Case 8...

Tenuous and roundabout theory I know, but it's just a couple of Idea's I had, most of which came to me as I was writing.

General Discussion / Re: the atticts
« on: 04 Sep 2007, 04:32 »
My mates had a band and they used to do some amazingly raw and nasty punk rock.  But then they got better at their instruments and decided to mature and start doing 'rock n roll'... needless to say that was far less interesting and the band have since fallen apart.

But this is one of the song's from their glory days, recorded in the Ticehurst village hall, back when they were so shit it was brilliant.

PS... NSFW!!!

Let me know what you think... leave a comment if you like.

Maybe it's the weather, then.
Dasjoe, you're not sarcastic at all are you?

its getting worse... maybe its about time to free up some memory and delete some old posts from the archive.

General Discussion / Re: PC Rituals
« on: 03 Sep 2007, 05:40 »
If it's a beat 'em up or something I often choose a female because they tend to have massive tits which bounce beautifully.  But if it's any other kind of game, particularly if there's an element of role-play I'll normally choose/create the kind of person I would like to be...  ie. Heroic, masculine, muscley (but not too much so), a hit with the ladies... everything I'm not really.... but still male.

General Discussion / Re: PC Rituals
« on: 02 Sep 2007, 17:28 »
Yeh Stupot isn't the most original name so I'm lucky when I can get it.

Any rituals?... Well I always keep a tab with my Yahoo! inbox open and just refresh it every once in a while instead of loading it up every time... dunno why, though... I'm not that popular and its mostly spam anyway.

Oh, and I normally load up solitaire as soon as Windows opens and have a game of that while I wait for everything else to catch up.

This is a great game. But there was one thing missing...

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
"G. R. U. N. D... i s l a v grundislav"

Simply unforgivable  ;)

Critics' Lounge / Re: DUSK OF THE DEAD
« on: 01 Sep 2007, 06:17 »
Why don't the figures have any feet?  ???

Coz they were eaten.

Great pictures, man...  you should enter The MSPaint Game and put us all to shame.

General Discussion / Re: Is the Internet an Addiction?
« on: 01 Sep 2007, 05:54 »
Hello, my name is Stupot and I am an Internet addict.

We neverhad a PC in my house back in the day, so it wasn't until the Day Dreamcast was released that we got hooked up to the internet.  I spent so much time in chatrooms it was unbelievably sad.  I spent more time on the internet than actually playing Dreamcast games.

Now the DC is dead, but in the meantime my folks had bought a PC.

I think it CAN be called an addiction, because I don't really need it, but I can't do without it.  I'll think to myself... 'oooh, must go online'.. so I do... open up a browser and stare blankly at a forum or inbox with no extra posts...

I don't even do much else, sometimes I might have a couple of games 0f solitaire then click refresh just to make sure... it's a sad life, but the nature of the internet means you have to keep checking or you'll lose touch, so it's unhelpful of you to have started this thread, Dom, because now Im going to have to keep checking for replies.

Great so far... 29 points in... nice story...
Possibly already contender for the 'Stu's favourite Ben Jordan Game' award  (No.4 currently holds that prestigious title).
I'll probably have this completed today.

But it's August...
... 27mb ain't that bad.  Once you finish the game you can always delete it again.

Relax, I don't mean to insult you in any way.
But whenever I read your nick I think of a stupid pot, that's all. The famous Homer X-Ray came to mind and the sprite was born.

No worries, no offense taken.  Well, maybe a little bit but you've set my tiny mind at ease.

Knight have too short legs :)

Haha... True dat!!!
I can picture him on a quest for the king, galloping through the forest on the back of a tiny little shire pony.

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