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So that's what Rimmer's up to these days.  I did wonder.

General Discussion / Re: Cloverfield craze?
« on: 10 Aug 2007, 00:50 »
Is anyone here of the idea that it's going to be tied in with Lost?
I can't see it myself but it would be fun.
Perhaps the unseen monster is actually Smokey (Cerberus) who has been unleashed into the real world and wreaks it's special brand of havoc on NYC....

.... nah...

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 10 Aug 2007, 00:44 »
We have the Right to be Wrong

Haha, I like that.  Did you make it up?

I agree that you can't punish people for what they think, but if they think about little girls then maybe, Terran, that guy you once knew should still consider seeking professional advice before his passing attraction for 12-year-olds turns into something darker.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 10 Aug 2007, 00:37 »
Same thing with Ringo Starr... I didn't know he was a Beatle unitl I was about 10 or 11... before that he was just the scouse bloke from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 09 Aug 2007, 12:50 »
I'm at a loss as to what you mean by the edit, though

It was a funny metaphor.

I won't deny the fact that some people gain comfort and reassurance in their love for God, but why is it necesary to believe he actually exists.

I get my kicks from watching Lost.  It makes me feel better, I think about it when I'm bored.  And you know what?  I think it's even taught me a few lessons.   But I don't actually believe theres a mysterious Island out there, or a Dharma Initiative, or a Jacob.  Just as gaining strength from worshiping a God doesn't have to mean believing that he literally exists.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 09 Aug 2007, 08:16 »
Yeh, I mean it's all well and good poking your nipples for comfort, but if nipples didn't exist then the people who do it would be considered slightly eccentric, to say the least.

You've got to laugh really haven't you..

Hey LRM, can't you turn the URLs on your blog into Links?
It would save me at least three seconds a day.

Critics' Lounge / Re: New digital painting
« on: 09 Aug 2007, 04:40 »
Nice soft colours.
Maybe a tad blurry.
And how about some foreground action.  Surprise us with something.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Cheesy subtitle for AGS
« on: 09 Aug 2007, 04:31 »
AGS: Alternative Gay Sex

Anyway. I love UFOs, I just had sex with one. Last night with two of them.

Were they Ugly Fucking Ogres?

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Who Killed Who?
« on: 08 Aug 2007, 14:32 »
Hahaha, you're a bastard, Alliance!!!!

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
The game quit on me for trying to talk to the ground.... How did I not complete this game first time?...

As for the Hamster Dance song, check out the original dance here
Also did you know that the song was infact from Disney's Robin Hood, the Big bear guy (can't remember his name) sang it, and they just sped it up for the Hamster dance.

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 08 Aug 2007, 10:12 »
If MM was taken by a paedo or just kidnapped for some other purpose, then surely the fault lies with the guy/woman who kidnapped her.  Not the parents.

If I steal a packet of Hobnobs from Sainsbury's, and got caught, I'd be the one to blame.  Noone would defend me by saying "Well it's the shops fault for allowing the Hobnobs to be left on the shelf."

Mr and Mrs McCann will always regret letting Maddy out of their sight. It will haunt them for ever.  That, surely is punishment enough.  To suggest convicting them is foolhardy.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 08 Aug 2007, 10:03 »
Yeh.  This universe is big enough to encompass billions of miliion-to-one coincidences.  But each such coincidence seems so unbelievably uncanny (particularly to an ancient race of humans with no scientific knowledge) that it's understandable they put it all down to a divine presence.

If God(s) had never been 'invented' before today, I don't think they would now.  Knowing what we now know about the Earth and the universe the idea of a god would surely seem too ridiculous.  It's only because the idea is embedded in history that people still believe to this day.

General Discussion / Re: Playing the mandolin
« on: 08 Aug 2007, 04:44 »
I'll be going to ... lesbian parties

Woah!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 07 Aug 2007, 17:16 »
All criminals should be slaughtered at birth.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Shading statue
« on: 07 Aug 2007, 12:24 »
Nice pixel art, Ben.
Keep it up.  Can't wait to see the finished result.  And the game, if there is one.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 07 Aug 2007, 12:14 »
Nobody did say we should protect them, when I said that I was adding my two cents, not arguing with anyone.  That was when I used the word 'monster' and I've spent the rest of this thread trying to explain myself.

You guys tend to pick up on the one minor flaw in each of my posts and turn it around on me even when you know the point of my argument and that one minor flaw doesn't always have anything thing to do with the debate in hand.

I might not be as articulate as I'd like to be, but I enjoy healthy debate and it's frustrating that sometimes my lack of vocabulary or eloquence weakens my arguments and makes me look like I don't know what I'm talking about.

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 07 Aug 2007, 10:24 »
You're putting words into people's mouths in order to have something to argue against.

Not at all, if anything, I'm trying to defend my original arguement which was shat all over as usual.  When I suggested that these people should be exempt from the human rights that protect law-abiding citizens because they are inhuman,  it was in response to the post a few places above it talking about protecting the identities of these people.  I was suggesting their names and faces shouldn't be protected by the law, because the nature of their crime is so disgustingly wrong. Their names and faces have to be known to the public, for the safety of other children and for the prevention of further such crimes.

Apart from the maim comment (which was clearly a joke because it rhymes with name and shame and I even put it in bracketts with a j/k next to it to make absolutuely sure) I never suggested Lynching, Hex-ing X-ing, or Staking.  In that respect aren't you guys putting words in my mouth.   

General Discussion / Re: My Plan for Paedophiles
« on: 07 Aug 2007, 08:21 »
I have a bit of a preference toward petite anime girls, myself.  There are plenty of them over here in Tokyo and guess what, not all of them are underage.  Infact some of them are forty.  Having a preference or even a maybe a light fetish isn't monsterous. It's perfectly healthy.

If you had a choice of two otherwise identical girls but knew that one was 12 and one was 22, I'm sure (i hope) you'd go for the 22 year-old.  I would.  Okay this would basically be admitting that you find the 12-year old girl attractive, too, but theres nothing wrong in acknowledging beauty.

The kinds of people who should be stripped of their rights are the kinds who would choose the 12-year-old, because she's 12 years old, because they prey on younger children.  For me this is unacceptable and two years in prison is about as much of a punishment as a bowl dry porridge.

So cheer up, you're not a nonce yet.

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