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Idea: Simonsez128 - It makes me want to explore the world beyond the screen you've given me.
Atmosphere: Joelphilippage - Like some kind of inescapable nightmare - Love the Alice in wonderland theme.
Design: Raddicks - I love the cartoon style.
Composition: Simonsez128 - Good
Functionality: Joelphilippage - The possibilities are endless, here.
Technique: Simonsez128 - The cloud is fine and I like your dot-blending (whatever the real term for that is).

If I had to pick a favourite I would also choose Simons, but I would also like to play a game in Joels 3D style.

What is that, a severed terrier head?!?

I haven't decided yet. ;)

Your BGs are great, man.
I tried clicking on that grass tutorial vid and it wouldn't work, do you know why?
I found your background making tutorial on your website and I'ts really interesting.. when will step 5 be up?

Here's a Paintbrush special.
10 colours

Do props get brownie points? hehe


You all would.

You've got my camera... gimme back my camera!

Here's me using it.

I'm waiting on a copy of Photoshop, so here is my best attempt in MSPaint.

Competitions & Activities / Re: MAGS January: Anxious Pet
« on: 17 Jan 2007, 17:00 »
I'm stuck!!
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I've given her the camera and she said to go and get the phone, and I've dragged the cusion from the table and put it below the phone, but i still can't do anything and i can't pick the cusion back up.

Otherwise, good little game, I like the simplicity of just having use and walk coz, obviously dogs can't talk.  Shame theres not a few more things to interact with at the moment.

Stupot is the universally accepted nicknsme for Stuart.. which happens to be my real name, if you didn't guess.

The Rumpus Room / Re: How did you find AGS?
« on: 16 Jan 2007, 14:07 »
I've had a passing interest in adventure games for a few years now, so its inevitable that I would discover this site sooner or later... I think the first time I came here was looking at the "Free Games Galore" list on and noticing that a large chunk of those games were linked to this site...
I've popped my head in once in a while for the last 2 or 3 years but it's onloy in the last couple of weeks that I've decided to use the software and the forums and get involved a bit,

Cool. the screen looks gorgeous.

I can't wait for Trilby 4.. ooooohhh
And the Marionette looks gorgeous.
But mainly I'm looking forward to getting my own game off the ground.
Should have some screens and a GiP thread ready this time next week.

Don't forget that some, if not most, of the games made on AGS are made by true adventure games fans of the old-school who make very low-res games.  These low-res graphics may be confused by some as "bad" graphics because they only use a certain amount of colours and pixels... but it's all about how the artists use such a small pallette on such a small canvas that makes it all the more impressive when the games are finally finished.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Making Puzzles in AGS
« on: 15 Jan 2007, 23:32 »
Avoid one room puzzles that have no bearing on the progression of the game... whilst planning my work in progress I scribbled out an entire room and everything in it because I realised it was completely pointless...
It was the hallway to my character's appartment.  And he had to get into the door, which was locked, so he had to look under the mat, and find a rod then he had to use a picture on a wall and get the hook the attatch the hook to the rod and use it on his letter box to retreive the key inside...
sounds fun, but had absolutely no meaning for the storyline and it was all done in the same room. A Puzzle is better when it involves several rooms and is interwoven with the other puzzles and plot.. not just thrown in the way as an obstacle for the sake of it.

And also, I realised that my character would have had his key on him anyway, why would he want to set up a puzzle for himself to get into his own flat?

Shame I've just discovered this thread.   I was working on a semi-scary number earlier this week on Anvil and would have entered it into this.
Nowhere near as good as the other entries though... I'll have a bash on the next contest. How often do they come up?

Of course, the famous ScummVM... I've done it now.
Thank you very much, Pablo.

Oh dear... I can't any sound out of it and I don't know enough about drivers to get it working, does anyone have any ideas?

Hints & Tips / Re: Trilby's Notes - help thread
« on: 15 Jan 2007, 15:48 »
umm, not exactly related to getting through the game, but I can't hear any of the music in the game... I've tried changing the sound and MIDI settings to each of the variations, but I still can't hear the music... I can hear all the sounds though
(walking around, the chattering of the shadow realm etc.) but thats it... CAn anyone suggest what may be wrong and how to sort it out?

It's likely to be a problem with your PC rather than an AGS or Notes problem. Have you tried other AGS games? Do you hear music in them?

In the Normal Realm there isn't much music when your wandering round the corridors, sometimes none at all, but you should get the voices and scaary sound effects when you are in the alternate realm and in the flashbacks there is music.... I don't think there is a problem with your computer, you probably just have to do something to trigger some music... how far into the game are you?

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Today is a good day...
« on: 15 Jan 2007, 15:39 »
I've just found a Day of the Tentacle/Sam and Max Hit the Road double box set from 1993 in a charity shop for 50p... haha... I only went in there to find my mum a jigsaw puzzle.

Oh yeh i forgot you only had twenty objects per room.
I'm glad my idea worked for you, i wouldn't even be able to script it myself. hehe.

GG, your idea of useing characters for bullets is a good one.  See if you can get it working Rancidrat.

Bloody good question... I'm afraid I can't help you with the answer but I'd love to find out what other people say about it.

What if you had a limit, say twenty or fifty bullets and used the same sprite but saved them as individual objects.  Then once one bullet is fired, pressing fire will be told to shoot the next bullet instead of the same one again... if you see what i mean.  plus having a limit will add to the tension of the game.

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