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General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 06 Aug 2007, 10:20 »
 I think you know what I meant and are confusing pedantry with debate.

When I say "try" I don't mean that each individual creature or plant necessarily makes a conscious effort to evolve.  Each species, however, is unknowingly doing just that.  When the accidental mutations occur, the ones whose mutations best suit their 'present' environment are more likely to be the ones who survive and keep the species alive (even if a new species is created in its place).

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 06 Aug 2007, 08:02 »
Fate/destiny is the excuse people give to make themselves feel less stupid when they f*ck up or if something doesn't go to plan.

"It wasn't meant to be", they say, because they fell asleep and missed a hot date.  No... you fell asleep, you loser, and now she's gone off with the captain of the football team and they're probably doing it right now.  Don't try to pin the blame on some unseen force, coz you're not fooling anyone.

I don't think fate/destiny and God can be lumped in the same bag... as LRM says, God promotes free will.  But I don't believe in him either so my bag is pretty empty.

The "whole wide world" and all the "creatures great and small" are products of science, and they are products which are constantly being updated to meet ever-changing demands.  This is evolution.  And as Rui said, everything evolves to try to best fit into the present, which is refined and sculptured by the past.  The future is really irrelevant, except to say that whatever is living in that time will have evolved (or at least tried to) to best live with the climate and conditions of that era.  And good luck to them.


By the way this is an often related topic, do any of you think the moon landings were fake? If so I would like to have a rolliking time debating THAT!

Haha, go back to the first couple of pages of this thread.  I tried to bring that theory up and got flamed for it.   Truth is, they probably weren't faked.  Millions of people watched it live on TV and you would've thought somebody somewhere would've picked up a genuine continuity error by now.

However, it's nice to think that the world was duped.  The perfect hoax.  And if and when it is revealed that there were no moon landings, I wanna be one of the few people who can say "I knew it!!!"... So until that day my arse will be collecting splinters.

Haha, the constitution's been amended so many times I'm not even sure any of the original words are left on it.

...according to people much smarter than you or I and who have spent far longer contemplating and studying it, this may be easier to comprehend, but it's also wrong.

These people are indeed smart most of the time but they also talk a lot of bollards.  These are the same people who invent new dimension everytime they have a new theory just to make the maths fit.

Before, there were three (four if you include time but I don't)... when they'd spent far too much time trying to get people to believe in string-theory but couldn't get the maths to work so they fabricated [I think it was] 6 or 7 new dimensions and said "they're there, they're just too complicated for the human brain to comprehend".

Bollocks!!!  They just moved the goalpost in a ball game most people don't know the rules to and pretended it was perfectly fine practice to do so.

I think they're up to about 22 dimensions now and I'm sure when the next big theory comes along that can't be explained using conventional maths they'll just widen the goalposts even further... Just don't expect to be allowed to see the rulebook.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Cheesy subtitle for AGS
« on: 04 Aug 2007, 03:48 »

AGS: Giving a purpose to the domain name

Good post.

The  universe, that is all of time, space, matter, and energy began as a singularity.   This singularity is not a point in space because all of space and time is contained within that point.  There is no such thing as "outside" or "before".

I can't find the logic to get my head around this... that singular point had to 'be' somewhere, and the only way I can think to look at it is that it was suspended in space (which is infinite and eternal and always has been and always will be).  Space itself wasn't in that point, only everything else.  All the molecules of everything that is IN space were in that singular point, but space itself is not made of anything, it's just nothingness.

I'm not saying that your statement is false and mine is right, but I think if people start thinking of the universe as 'everything in space' instead of space being something that is in the universe, then it's a hell of a lot easier to comprehend (for me).

The Rumpus Room / Re: Post an awesome video clip
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 11:09 »
Final Fantasy 7
Battle Boss Theme
Played very, very well on guitar.
Really quick and almost spot on.

Also, you really shouldn't provide hits for retard websites like this one.

[Disclaimer: all views expressed on this forum are the views of the individual and are by no mens the views of Chris Jones,  AGS or]

The Rumpus Room / Re: The MSPaint game
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 08:02 »

Eastenders meets South Park.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Janitor's Room
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 07:30 »
Since when are spiderwebs shiny?

They can be very shiny if they are thick enough and recently made.

Yeh, and I'll set up the deckchairs.  It's a sick joke that we spend so much time debating and wondering about these questions, but when the answer comes we'll all be long dead and won't be able to record it.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 05:38 »
taking the god out of 'godfather'.... technically that makes you his father.

Haha, there were one or two people who originally thought that to be the case, but one look at the kid and you can tell who the dad is... and it ain't me... besides I never slept with his mum and I don't really want to thank you very much.. haha.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 05:12 »
I'm not certain that "godfather" is anything to feel hypocritical of.   Whose godfather actually taught them christianity and made them stick to it?   Whose parents here even did that?   Its just a tradition that's meaningless.

Mostly makes you liable if the father dies.   

Yeh the word 'Godfather' has little meaning today, but I still had to go into a church and pray and swear to God that I'd bring the kid up on a Godly path.  I felt uncomfortable doing it.  But he's a cool kid and I'm sure he won't care that his godfather doesn't believe in God.. haha

General Discussion / Re: My letter to Matt Groening
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 05:08 »
Oh, bugger.  That's a shame.  I still really want to see it, but after reading your post I'm gonna have to lower my bar of expectation... If I go in expecting it to be crap it might be mildly entertaining.

Are you actually going to send that letter to MG?  You should, you might get your money back.. hehe.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 05:03 »
Actually, to add to my last post.  I went and ruined my proud moment of sticking to my belief by later agreeing to be the Godfather of my friend's son.

But even though it was hypocritical of me to do that, I'm not ashamed.  I like to think of myself as his 'Goodfather'.  I won't be teaching him the way of God like I agreed to in the at his christening, but I certainly like to think I'll be there for him to give him advice if he wants it and help him to be a good person.

General Discussion / Re: Expressing Atheism
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 04:39 »
My family was never a churchgoing bunch, but my mum believes in God and would always put "Church of England" on any forms etc that required a religion.

But in the last Census I told my mum to put Atheist for me and she was a little disappointed.  I'm not going to put Christian when I don't even believe in God.  Sorry mum.  This is one way of expressing our atheism.  By not lying to those who my be a little disappointed.  Why should we pretend to believe something we don't. Everyone's entitled to their belief.

Another way I have express my Atheism was a couple of years ago when I was summoned for Jury Service.  Every member of the Jury has to swear an oath saying that they will promise to look at all the facts and come to the fairest possible conclusion.  They have to swear by God.

There is an alternative oath for non-believers and people of other faiths.  Everyone before me had just sworn by God and I wondered how many of them actually do believe in God or are they just going along with it because it's less hassle.

But I couldn't just go along with it.  I had to stick by my belief and in front of a room full of lawyers, a judge, the rest of the jury and other complete strangers I plucked up the courage to ask for the alternative oath and I had to explain that I don't beleive in God in front of them.  But I felt proud of myself for sticking to what I believe even though it meant announcing that I was (apparently) the only one in the room who didn't believe in God.

Something has occured to me: Have there ever been an anvil in a adventure game before? You know, the ones they usually throw or drop in cartoons.

I'm sure I've played a few games with anvils in, but I can't remember if I've ever played one where it was an inventory item.

* Second-hand toilet roll (available from Oxfam's Skull Island branch)
* A panty-liner (with wings for gliding over a magma filled crater)
* A mother-in-law (incase a real shield is unavailable)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Moonlight painting
« on: 03 Aug 2007, 04:10 »
I liked the shininess of the sea in the original picture, but when you fixed the horizon you seemed to blur the sea somewhat and it looks more pastelly whereas the original sea had some sharpness to it, you could see the ripples and the waves more clearly which I personally liked.

Love the island though and the sky is perfect.  Maybe one or two of the larger stars should be reflected but if you think it ruins the picture then it's not that important.

How about some foreground action?  Maybe a boat or a buoy?

This is my interpretation of the big bang.  It's by no means fact (before moox jumps on me again), but it's the only way I can get my head around the theory.  See if it makes sense to you.

Don't confuse 'space' and 'universe'.  Space is space... nothingness, and goes on for eternity.  The universe is every material thing that is in that space.  Before the big bang there was just space and a hell of a lot of material floating about.  Everything has a density, even the slightest piece of dust.  And everything with a density had a gravitational pull.

Over a period of unimaginable time, billions and billions of years, the tiny specs of dust would cling to each other, creating slightly larger bits of material with larger gravitational pulls.  And these larger pieces would cling to other larger pieces making their pull even stronger.

This would go on and on until eventually a big ball of matter had a gravitational pull so immense that it sucked everything in space into one tiny, microscopic point.  The whole universe (not space, that still goes on for eternity, but everything in space; the universe) was a tiny dot in the center of space.

This tiny dot became unstable and eventually gave up, exploding all this matter into the vacuum of space.  This was the birth of our universe and all the dust and molecules have since then clung to each other to create bodies of matter such as stars and planets and life, and one day in billions of years time one of these bodies will become so large and have such a strong gravitational force that it will suck everything again into one tiny point and the process will happen again again for eternity.  Just as it has happened an infinite number of times before.

What do you reckon?
Sorry it was way off topic, but I was inspired.

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