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well, I started with 1 award every month, and then changed to 1 every season... and now you want me to have it like, one time in the year??, well,, it would be great for me , since iam busy with making my own games, play in 2 bands, go on school and making websites like, ill think about it :D..but anyway ill think ill have it like this to next year,, and then ill come up with something verry cool...

Okey, today ill start nominating games for the Assassinaiton Adventure Games Award the Spring 2004!!!! and please send me an PM if you also want to be nominated!!

The Rumpus Room / Re:Sam and Max Cancelled!
« on: 08 Mar 2004, 12:46 »
this is verry sad even thinking about that i actually almost only like 2d adventure games, it would be fun to meet sam and max again in a 3d adventure.,, or am i wrong now??? it was a 3d adventure right??

Hi, iam sorry for not nominating games, but ive been verry busy, but ill verrry soon begin the hard work in nominate and test games,, the spring 2004 award os soon to be given away.. and i dont nominate your game please tell me to do so,, since everyone can win this price, if you have used the engine AGS!!

Thanks,, Peder Johnsen

You're saying that my 90 Mhz computer is to fast?
That's the nicest thing someone said about my computer in 10 years.

WOW!! you got a 90Mhz, I only got an 60Mhz!!!!! :D... well ,, i have an 600Mhz as well..

Iam Peder Johnsen from Norway :D hehe... The reson Bobs Quest won was because that was the only game that could win the price, noone else joined.... okey, maybe I should add all games my self, instead of letting you do it... So, Ill start adding games soon... And ill send a PM or an email to everyone who can win the price.. is that betther??

i have fixed the link now.,.

the site is a bit dark,, its verry light at my place, but that maybe because i always have the brightness on about 100%.... Ill fix it as soon as possible

hehe,,, its something wrong with .tk these days, try this link instead..

I yust wanna say that everyone who wants to win the Assassination Adventure Games Award send me an email with a link to a download of your game!! email:

The Winter 2003 price goes to Stinky Software with the game Bob's Quest

I cant see why we always have to change the old stuff.. all the time there come new stuff and the old stuff go away.. like , i collect the old Sega Master System.. and i yust love to play it.. I actually starting to get sick of the new grapich,, and now its only shoot and kill games (almost,its also sportsgames.) and when monkey island was made there was also humor.. and i think thats important in a game.. Maybe the new sam and max and Larry games have humor, thay actually should have humor, if not i wouldent even try the demo, since i think that if a Sam and Max game or a Larry game dont have humor, then its not a S&M game or a Larry game.. and yust think about the grapich on the monkey island game.. the characters looks so good, and i think that wasent easy to make them, at least not for a normal guy without no skills in drawing (animation), for example me.. I dont know but theres something special with the old games, maybe because i grew up with them..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 15 Dec 2003, 08:52 »
ok.. sorry.. see what you mean now, ill make one.. How do you want it?? like yust a piece of paper with the text:
The winner of Assassination Adventure Games Award Winter 2003 is Stinky Software with their great game Bob's Quest.. something like that??

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re:putting my game on cd
« on: 12 Dec 2003, 14:19 »

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 12 Dec 2003, 09:33 »
offcourse not, since it actually helpt me, I have started with BASS 2 already, yust planning though, but thats one important progress.. It much easier to make a game when you have planned everything.. did you try Stickies Adventure?? Do you actually think someone would join me making games when they see Stickies Adventure?? well, it would be great to work with someone..the best thing would be if I could work with someone who lived near me so we could meet and plann some stuff together..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 12 Dec 2003, 09:15 »
Okey, yust send it to my email..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 21:19 »
noone who wants to add their game to my games list for winning the award?? new design is comming soon on the website..Ill start to ask folks if they want to be on the list as soon as i can..

Yeah, its possible on the latest version, but not in the version i used then..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 20:55 »
well. then ill say it like this, Stickies Adventure is a parody of Permanent Daylight.. It has almost the same story, but now the characters is more stupid and much bader made than the characters in Permanent Daylight.. this is only the intro.. i think there some "bugs" there, not really bugs but like, wrong size on the sprites, to small.. its almost immpossible to see Stickies eyes,,,

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 20:30 »
well, i think it is but iam making, ehh, kind of Permanent Daylight on a new place with new characters.. Characters i can animate my self..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 11:03 »
Thanks for the unasked help juncmodule.. it helpt me alot.. Iam gonna make BASS 2: The Returning to Ken (Kent??) after iam finnished with my second and parody of the game permanent daylight first..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 08:54 »
I can, when iam done.. my biggest problem is to make characters and animate them.. Okey, maybe ill make BASS 2: The Returning To Kent with my own backgrounds, but then i will wait untill i got more members and have learned some more.. so ill put it on a hold.. What exactly was it that you got from them?? did they send you the sprites or??

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