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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 12 Dec 2003, 09:15 »
Okey, yust send it to my email..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 21:19 »
noone who wants to add their game to my games list for winning the award?? new design is comming soon on the website..Ill start to ask folks if they want to be on the list as soon as i can..

Yeah, its possible on the latest version, but not in the version i used then..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 20:55 »
well. then ill say it like this, Stickies Adventure is a parody of Permanent Daylight.. It has almost the same story, but now the characters is more stupid and much bader made than the characters in Permanent Daylight.. this is only the intro.. i think there some "bugs" there, not really bugs but like, wrong size on the sprites, to small.. its almost immpossible to see Stickies eyes,,,

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 20:30 »
well, i think it is but iam making, ehh, kind of Permanent Daylight on a new place with new characters.. Characters i can animate my self..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 11:03 »
Thanks for the unasked help juncmodule.. it helpt me alot.. Iam gonna make BASS 2: The Returning to Ken (Kent??) after iam finnished with my second and parody of the game permanent daylight first..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 11 Dec 2003, 08:54 »
I can, when iam done.. my biggest problem is to make characters and animate them.. Okey, maybe ill make BASS 2: The Returning To Kent with my own backgrounds, but then i will wait untill i got more members and have learned some more.. so ill put it on a hold.. What exactly was it that you got from them?? did they send you the sprites or??

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Need animators...
« on: 10 Dec 2003, 11:05 »
1. ok, iam sorry..
2. thats true, iam yust looking for someone who can make something like it, offcourse it doesent have to be that good. but it have to look real in a cartoon way, if you see what i mean..
3. First, i dont need people to help me with the great backgrounds from BASS, only a character, since its not gonna be a seriuos game, its only gonna used to try to make Revolution create a new BASS game.. like, on the end they want Foster to come back visit them, so why dont make that game, Foster of the get a way to get back to them, and maybe some evil guy has "captured" them, something like that... And by the way, i yust took pictures of the backgrounds with the "Print Screen" button and then they where ready to be used in the game,, and iam not gonna let anyone else get the game besides Revolution...
4. Then i probably can make my own character with  his name over him and a arrow pointing at him..
5. I cant do that then, if iam not allowed to use their original backgrounds..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Need animators...
« on: 09 Dec 2003, 10:11 »
Hi, I need some animators since I cant animate characters my self..
I also would love to get some help with the backgrounds..
The things I need is Character and backgrounf grapichs like Monkey island or BASS (Beneath A Steel Sky).. Iam actually making BASS2 fan version.. its only an idea that i will send to revelution games, because i want them to make a new Beneath A Steel Sky game.. so if any one can animate and remake the main character in that game it would be great..
please send me an email ( for more information.. I could also need a guy to come up with stories.. PS!! Iam looking for people who wants to join my "company" Assassination Entertainment..

2110 The game is an parody of the game Permanent Daylight)

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 03 Dec 2003, 11:55 »
Bob's Quest won the Assassination Adventure Games Award Winter 2003, actually because no one other joined, so I have decided to send a mail to about 20 game makers and ask them if they want to be on the games list.. The price is that youll get all games that Assassination are gonna make, for ever!! so, if Assassination make a game in 2010 you will get it for free, even if its sold in shops.. But now assassination only make adventure games with AGS so, youll get the games on a disc in a DVD cover sent to you for 0$.. thats the best i could come up with as a price, iam not a rich guy soo, accept this or dont bother..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 28 Nov 2003, 09:03 »
its not sure yet, next week you will win if nobody else join.. but it looks good for you.. :D

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 27 Nov 2003, 13:59 »
com'on guys (girls) please join..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 26 Nov 2003, 10:55 »
I make Adventure games with ags and no i cant win the assassination adventure games award, I havent finnished any of my games because of the school, so its going slow.. but iam working on two games, Beneath A Steel Sky II - The Returning To kent (Iam only making this to make Revolution Software make BASS II, Its yust an idea how it could be, it will maybe bee to easy to finnish, but the idea was only to make revolution software wanne make a BASS II..) The second game is a remade version of my first game i never finnished because it all got fucked up, title: Stickies Adventure. Its looks yust like Permanent Daylight, and thats because iam making this game to him..

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Adventure Games Award
« on: 24 Nov 2003, 10:37 »
To all you guys who have written here on this post: First of all, Assassination is not only giving rewards but we are also making games. Okey, a award for every month is to much so I have decided to make a award for every season... how about that?? and please, send links to me by email or pm to a site where i can download your game.. ..and i will make the font more lighter.. got some more questions??

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Adventure Games Award
« on: 20 Nov 2003, 13:53 »
Hi, go visit

I hope you will "join" and try to win the prices...

Advanced Technical Forum / Re:walk trough locked doors.
« on: 21 Aug 2003, 17:19 »
ok. i thought that would be the answer but since iam not using scripts i dont know how to turn it off.. can you show me what i have to write yust so i know it.. i have tryed to write scripts before but it dosent work.. i dont know what iam doing wrong but the program says it something wrong with the script on line.... and so on..

Advanced Technical Forum / walk trough locked doors.
« on: 21 Aug 2003, 17:07 »
I have a problem with my door.. or not actually the door but..
the player can walk trough the door when its supposed to be locked.. because i have to have a walkable area on the door so when the player opens the door with the card he can walk inside and then change room (do you understand what i mean??)  i want it to be like in the game Beneath a steel sky with the elevator...

General Discussion / Re:Animatior..
« on: 17 Aug 2003, 20:07 »
hehe.. you are from russia i think??

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Animatior..
« on: 17 Aug 2003, 20:05 »
ok.. do you have msn?? my email is

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