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I honestly haven't worked with submodules yet, but from what I've read it seems like a good solution. Of course I'd have to start with using tags, releases and such :)

We could refer to particular commit too, but tags are more user-friendly.

That would be super cool to have a stand-alone game compiler (something that was talked about back in 2011-12), so that we could build all templates from script (like in Python script), but alas...

Editor Development / Re: Object Instances
« on: Yesterday at 15:25 »
Has the thought of making objects as 'instances' with copy and paste ever been looked into?

Short answer is "yes, of course".
Long answer is, engine need to be modified quite a bit for this.
Since we created a new development branch where backwards compatibility is cut out, modifying it may become easier now.
(Then again, I believed this could have been done earlier too, just no one found time and will to do so)

But it's not very intuitive. It's far from obvious that you can't set a channel's volume if it's currently fading.

This was mentioned as an issue in another thread not long ago. Crossfade overrides volume, iirc forcing it to go from 0 to max.

Usual method is:
- import into 2.72 and save a project.
- import 2.72 project into modern AGS.
- if necessary: adjust backwards-compatibility settings, if nothing else works: update module scripts by hand.

What version of AGS you are importing in, and what errors do you get?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: DisplayAtY question
« on: 19 Jun 2018, 22:18 »
Only functions that have "..." in the parameter list may take extra variables to format a string. This is called "variadic function".

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. Display (string message, ...)
  2. DisplayAt(int x, int y, int width, string message, ...)
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DisplayAtY(int y, string message)

When you need to pass a string somewhere that does not have "...", use String.Format to create a string:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DisplayAtY(200, String.Format("Cats are on the prowl... they manage to kill %d of your rats", num));

Editor Development / Re: AGS Build Server
« on: 19 Jun 2018, 18:19 »
This fixes the walking around and the hotspot detection, but character speed must have also been scaled somewhere because movement has slowed down (game speed is fine).

Well, I guess that means that there was something wrong with the master branch, not build scripts.

Master branch is obviously in a non stable state right now, after merging "ags4" into it. It needs to be tested and fixed.

Perhaps, it will be more convenient to test build scripts against "ags3" branch for a while?

Hmm, yes, it does not look like we have a distinct subforum for "game player support" here.

Anyway, regarding the issue, mentioning "top bars" and "side bars" probably means the game is made with older version of AGS, which had pretty limited display mode selection.

I may suggest trying to run the game using contemporary engine.
- download latest stable version of AGS, for example here:
(unless you have AGS installed)
- if you do not use AGS, don't pick installer, download ZIP version instead.
- all you need from the package is engine runtime called "acwin.exe".
- copy acwin.exe to the game's folder.
- right-click on the acwin.exe and choose "Create shortcut". Open shortcut's properties, and where it has "Target" field add "--setup" to the path\acwin.exe, to make it look like "some path\acwin.exe --setup". Call this shortcut like "setup new engine" or something.
The latest step is necessary, because winsetup.exe will run original game's setup, and you need new engine's one.

Now run the setup shortcut you created, and choose something like "Stretch, preserving aspect ratio" for the "Fullscreen scale" and "Windowed scale".

To run the game simply run acwin.exe.

Please tell if that improved the visuals for you.

Game doesn't have saving enabled so that's not possible.

Oh... well, that's not very convenient.
But surely there should be a way to script jumping into the final room right before the credits to test out this bug. Have you tried that before, and if yes, did the bug also happen or no?

The game's resolution is 320x240, and there is no background. Since it's the credits, it's just a black screen with two characters on either side, and a display shows the credits.

Do you mean that you did not change background after creating a room?
I don't remember exactly what AGS does in such case. It should create a dummy black bitmap when room is created, but the question is, what size is it (320x240 or 320x200). If it's wrong size, then it's possible that something bad happens.
(Need to test this out)

Editor Development / Re: AGS Build Server
« on: 17 Jun 2018, 23:44 »
Could you try latest master, Alan pushed a temp fix:

Question: does you friend have a saved game from somewhere before the crash, and if yes, is it possible to repeat same error?
If there is would be a save not long before the crash, that could make it much easier to find out the cause.

EDIT: I checked the crashdump, and the crash is occuring when the new room is about to start. Can't tell much more, because the dumps AGS makes have limited information i nthem (for the sake of saving disk space). But it has something to do with the room size.

What native resolution your game has? Could be that the room has smaller background than the rest of the game? Do you use "Letterbox" option in the project settings?

Editor Development / Re: AGS Build Server
« on: 16 Jun 2018, 18:15 »
I was testing master branch today, and found that walkable areas are broken:

Earlier you said that you were trying 3.4.1 also, could you double check that you actually built using old code?

So, the solution I posted above works, but the registry parameter resets after a while (not sure when or why), and it's easy to forget about it and stuck in unresponsive debugger that locks the computer for 10 minutes (if you moved mouse or smashed keyboard too much).

Has anyone else heard about problems like these, and the better way to solve them?

Editor Development / Re: AGS Build Server
« on: 16 Jun 2018, 01:06 »
Thanks for uploading those, I'll try it again tomorrow.

I could swear they are linked in the, but apparently not, need to do then.

Yes, sure. Which version of Windows are you using?

Windows 7.

Editor Development / Re: AGS Build Server
« on: 15 Jun 2018, 19:10 »
Is it definitely the "allegro-4.4.2-agspatch" branch which I should be building?

What happens if you use prebuilt libraries? They are built from that branch.
Also, I recall rebuilding them recently on my local machine (and constantly use these to build AGS).

May I get the build scripts somewhere to try and see these issues?

Hmm, code C++ or C# functions with same names and print output to the console/window?
There is XAGE which already has AGS syntax in C#, but idk if you can get a free copy from author.

Also can AGS change the text Alignment of a label/button/ui control via code, or no (this is a minor thing, not really that important).

Hmm, does not look like it can right now. It's a matter of adding script property and adding variable to save format.

Is there a chance to remove or up the font limit that's currently 30 fonts, it's something that I'd personally really need, cause we're trying to integrate a bunch of translations into a project atm.

Should be trivial, that's strange, no idea why it was not removed yet.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Runtime error
« on: 12 Jun 2018, 02:23 »
I have 133 module scripts + 1 global script + 72 GUI. 12 module scripts in repeatedly_execute function.

What do you mean by "72 GUI"? Like, actual GUI, or scripts for GUI? Only script modules number is important.

The related part of the engine is quite confusing, but from the quick glance, for some reason AGS creates 2 script instances for each script, and if that's right it means that max script modules that may work at once is 128 (which includes: all script modules + 1 room script).

I may research this more a bit later.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Runtime error
« on: 12 Jun 2018, 02:14 »
Everything is included in 256? Gui functions, module functions, room functions ?

Not functions, script instances, this is like runtime version of a script module.
How many actual script modules do you have in the project? (Not counting rooms)

The number of instances may be not directly equal to the number of scripts though, but this requires more investigation.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Runtime error
« on: 12 Jun 2018, 02:08 »
Unless I am mistaken, this means you have over 256 simultaneous scripts running, AGS only supports up to 256 of them now.
"Simultaneous" scripts include all script modules + 1 current room script.

Hmm, don't remember seeing anyone reporting this before.

Does this happen when the game starts, or at some other point?

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