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I cannot download "The Energizer" (download halts in the middle).
Yep, TheEnergizer.exe is corrupt...

Wow, that's super weird! I actually downloaded it after I uploaded the last version and it was ok, but now it stopped working...

anyways, here's another link.

Hi cat, thanks for the input, this bug is already solved.
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
it was not during interrogation, but specifically when the notebook is visible...

If you'll download the latest version it should work...

@Babar: LOL... Ok, here it is:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
When you go inside the house of the inventor, there's an inner room, which you can only go into once...
If you try to go again the hero will say it's not safe for him to enter. So far so good...
Now, I took the strings and played it near the pond, and then I died.
After you die, you have an option to restart, so I did. I then played it again from the start, but when I went to the house of the inventor, and tried to get to the inner room he said it wasn't safe, like I've been there before, but I haven't, I restarted...


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I finish the game... the screen turns black, the music keeps running, and that's it... I have to kill the process to exit..

@Babar: I finished Samarkand. I liked the concept, story, theme and music to match, nice one...

Some bugs:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1. In the right wall with the pond, if you go under the window you'll walk behind the wall...
2. In the same place, I used the strings and died. I then did a restart (since I haven't saved...), and did the story again, but he didn't let me hear the story of the inventor again, somehow he knew it wasn't safe...
3. After the end, the game doesn't quit (or maybe I haven't waited long enough...)?

ok finished it with three different endings. Nice game!
That's great, thanks frogking!  :)
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You know there are actually 4 endings, but I counted the one you die as an ending too, so maybe you did all 4 of them...
Regarding the problem with the safe I either dreamed it or it went away after restarting, now I can open the safe even with the old savegame ... or should I say safegame ;)
That's good to know...
I'm going to sleep now, I hope I'll have 'safe' dreams  ;D


Yes I did, I think it may be a bug in the game which depends on the
order in which you do things (or some problem on saving and restoring?)

Hmm, I can't reproduce that, do you happen to still have the savegame where this happens to you?

I now started over from the beginning and ...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
... this time I could open the safe. Adlam is dead, I got the letter framing susan, I have 6 entries on my notes. I still can't enter Susans room through the window and I still don't know how to crack her. I ask about gun and show her the letter. The "Hint" button tells me I've got something in my notes but by now I must have tried every single word, even the silly ones.
Ok, for this you have to
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
ask about "gun" so that Susan will say she has no gun, then show her the note which says she has a gun (like bicliotti implied), and also show her the letter... you can show the letter before or after, it doesn't matter, it will still work.
BTW the game will crash if you use or look at notebook or note inventory item while they are being shown on screen.
Nice catch, thanks for that. I'm uploading a new version now and I will edit this post (and PM dual) when there's a new version. I uploaded a new version with the fix. I also tried to add some precaution measures for the first bug, hopefully that would do the trick...

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
The screwdriver will be in Adlam's office, only after you've "cracked" Mclassen (the guy outside)...

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
because he's a perv
Who, me? Perhaps...  ;D

Hey Crimson, I was playing your game and it crashed...
This is the error message:

in "GlobalScript", line 75:
Error: Gui.X co-ordinates specified are out of range

it happened when
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I'm looking at the key in the water thingy, and I moved my mouse towards the exit button


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Yes I fixed the bulb, and I think I need to use the screw driver on the safe at some point in the game but it is not yet "the time"
Arrmm, haven't you
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
talked with the boss about everything?  ???  After talking with him about everything you should be able to use the screwdriver on the safe...

And glad you like my game ;D
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Did you try writing a log entry after the attack?

No, I didn't, but now I'm gonna, thanks for the tip..  :D

@frogking: Hmm...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Do you have the lightbulb? It's in the storage room... You need to take it and fix it to turn on the light... if you have more troubles you can look at the hint I gave Helme earlier in this thread...

And btw, I really enjoyed your entry, it was a cool idea...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
In particular, I really liked the bit where you shoot the other planet because they won't help you with the door, I wish I could do that in real life  :)

@Leon: Alright, you got 2 days extension.. all walkthroughs must be in by 29 Oct 08:00 GMT  :P


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You don't need to replace the lightbulb, you need to fix it. If you've talked to everybody someone should tell you that there is a way to 'fix' broken items...

And if, after reading the hint, you're still stuck, well, here's the complete solution:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Using the 'energizer', you can fix the lightbulb... If you'll try to go to the lab and use the lightbulb on the 'energizer', the scientist won't let you do it... But if you'll look carefully you'll see that the 'energizer' is standing near the window, so you can go round the back and fix it...

Ok, I modified my entry with a patch.
The only change was just increasing the walk speed of the hero, as suggested by bicliotti.

Now to continue playing all these game (this should take a while, but I'm not complaining)...

Thanks for that input bicliotti  :)

I uploaded a new version with a faster walk-speed.

This is an entry for the Oct 09 MAGS competiton.


The year: 1902.
England and France are at war.
An ugly war, a war you can't even remember why it started.
Both sides show equal strengths, so it's hard to tell when it will end.
That's where the 'energizer' comes into play.
The English has developed it, and it can do wonders.
With this machine, the English will have the advantage and will win the war in a matter of months.
However, the English are afraid...
They're afraid that the French will steal it...
They put it in a desolated, unknown place, but that was not enough.
A few months ago, they received some information that the French intend to steal it. So they called me to service.
That is why I'm here, in this station, in charge of the safety of the 'energizer'.
So far, I've been here for nothing. Nothing has hapenned. I am out of work for 4 months.
Until this night. I was asleep in my bed when all of a sudden...



4 different endings, depending on your actions.
A hero in his pajamas.
A bagpipe.
A unique interrogation mode (see third screenshot)

Changes Log
Version 1.0 - First version
Version 1.1 - Increased walk speed
Version 1.2 - Fix bug (using items when notebook is visible)
Version 1.3 (11/1/10) - Improved GUIs, fix some bad logic

Almost forgot to say thanks to

Chris Jones, for the AGS engine.
SSH and StevenMcrea, for the walkcycle generator.

Download the game here.

A link to the old version 1.2 can be found here.

And a side note

I wanted to share the story of one of the characters in the game.
My sister, who now lives in Scotland, bought me a doll of a "haggis". It was a very cute doll and we named it "Mclassen". Soon after arrival, Mclassen began to speak and develop a personality, and have several popular catch phrases.
The "Mclassen" character in the game is inspired by this doll: it's looks, personality and talking style...
Here is a side-by-side view of the "Mclassens"...

Well, that's it, I'm done sharing, enjoy the game...  :)

If you've got the time, please play this and the other MAGS games (there's a lot to play and not a lot of time), and then vote away...

The Energizer

The year- 1902.
England and France are at war.
The English invented a machine called 'energizer' (not related to the energizer bunny  ;) ), the machine that will give them the advantage they needed to win the war.
They hide this machine in a desolated place, and hand you the job of keeping it safe.
But when one of the scientists there die, all hell breaks loose...

Download it here.

Four different endings!
A hero in his pajamas!
A bagpipe!
No puzzles in this game require the use of a key (hint hint, FSI  ;) )

More details in the game thread in the Completed Games Announcements.

Take a look at the tween module, it can make the job easier...

Hooray! Thanks Dual...  :D

It means that my game will have music after all...

I'll join in on Babar's request... a delay would do me real happy  :D

Damn, it will be hard competing with a bg like this...  :o
I will still put my entry though, if (and it's a big if) I'll make it in time....

Quoting from the maual:

The function doesn't get called immediately; instead, the engine will run it in due course, probably during the next game loop, so you can't use any values set by it immediately.
Once the on_call function has executed (or not if there isn't one), the game.roomscript_finished variable will be set to 1, so you can check for that in your repeatedly_execute script if you need to do something afterwards.

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