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Will the cow-man himself be betrayed?  Or will he be the betrayer???     :kiss:

For whom the cow-bell tolls!?
Site & Forum Reports / Re: Embedding YouTube videos
« Last Post by AGA on Today at 16:28 »
[youtube width=320 height=240][/youtube]

Will now work:

I'm working on a script to convert all existing [embed] links to this new type, but you can also help me out by fixing your own links if you remember where you've used them!
The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 16:22 »
Prometheus  :-X

I love the  :-X face after your answer...

The Rumpus Room / Re: The "Black Stories" crime riddles thread
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 16:20 »
Was the father forced to become a monk as punishment?
Was the mother forced to become a nun as punishment?
Was the child forced into servitude of the church as a punishment?
Great!  What about a second car, 2ma2?
A car is booked :D Turns out I could have done it all along as they do not take card details at the time of booking, only at pick up.

It may be the smallest, but we only need to seat four in each car, so it meets our needs exactly! Luggage should not be an issue as we will only likely need to travel 10 minutes with everyone's stuff on the first and final days.

Anyways, here are the details of one of our sweet rides!:
- A group "D" car (Hyundai i10 Auto or similar) from Budget at Keflavik Airport
- From the 15th of July 11:00 to the 22nd of July 11:00.
- At an estimated cost of €314 (35,200 ISK)
AGS Games in Production / Re: 46 MEMORY LANE - demo available
« Last Post by shamz on Today at 15:17 »
@Two Tales
I actually just submitted it to my profs yesterday, so it won't be long until I'll consider it finished. You can keep an eye on the Completed Games board  :) Btw, Rabbit Hill was pretty inspirational for me; thanks for making that game.

You made me smile. Thanks for playing!

Like sthomannch said, it is possible, but I'm curious about your experience with that puzzle...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
What did you think of the signposting for the steps in the ritual to animate the mannequin? Was the combination of the note fragments and the black book effective in telling you what to do?

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Dollhouse - Update #1
« Last Post by Durinde on Today at 14:47 »
Finally got back to working on this again.
Completed Game Announcements / Re: A R C H E O S #AdvJam2017
« Last Post by Atavismus on Today at 13:06 »
Thx a lot for playing guys and gals!
The whole team is very happy you enjoy our little game.

josiah1221 mentioned about the references.

I wonder which one people get?

Who are Seamus, Pangloss and Elon for example?
I finished playing last night, thanks to a special build from Grok that solved a scripting error.

My comments on the game:

As one would expect from Grok and Blondbraid, this game holds a lot of promise. It's clear that a lot of work went into it. The graphics are really enjoyable in a Saturday-morning cartoon way. The story is fun and easy to follow and overall the game is a good playing experience. I like the in-game hint system so you almost never wonder "ok what comes next".

I found the puzzles to be mixed. The number of puzzles is on the low side for the length of the game. I think I played for about an hour before I encountered a puzzle (which I happened to need help for). Some of the other puzzles were "where's waldo" type puzzles plus a few action/arcade sequences.

As far as recommendations, if you want to improve the game I would suggest that you have a few people beta test it to iron out scripting errors. As you know I encountered one that led me to a dead-end where I spent hours trying to solve a puzzle that could not be solved because of a bug. In addition, there are things such as:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
- the hint tells you to go to the recycle plant floor 5 before the robot chase scene
- after zapping the robot in the chase scene, if you come back to that area of the church you enter the chase scene again

I found it hard to remember which doors are accessed by walking and which you need to use the hand to activate.

Things like this can be ironed out during testing.

As well, I would have a native English speaker review the spelling and grammar. "Buisness Hotell" should be "Business Hotel". There are many other spelling errors like this and sometimes the meaning of dialogues is not clear.

As I said, the game holds promise and was overall enjoyable and I had some good laughs. I hope my suggestions are useful for this game or future releases.


Thanks a lot for your comments. I appreciate them a lot.

I guess this one is more of a storytelling than a puzzle filled game. Glad you liked the story and had some laughs. That was what I was hoping for.
I had hoped for some more people commenting on that.

As some of you might have noticed I'm not much of a polisher. My stuff have rough edges, spelling and grammar mistakes.  On the other hand I actually publish stuff, which I probably would not if I was a perfection seeker.

I had intended to do a third episode of the Space Rangers, but that isn't going to happen, not now anyway.

Maybe I'll get back to AGS at a later point, but for now I will concentrate on other things.

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