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Thanks everyone! I certainly hadn't been expecting the responses I got. Those of you who are hoping for an extended version - I'll do my best not to disappoint!
Also, a very special thank you to those who commented and to the other entrants for a great competition.

As for the final bits of feedback I had not responded to earlier:

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Thanks for giving it a try! I hope you mainly had to consult the walkthrough due to time constraint... but if not, feel free to let me know what in particular you had trouble with.

The Outer Zone:
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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game. If you care to elaborate on the items that you found hard to read, send me a pm. I'll gladly rework them for the cleaned-up post-MAGS version.
ALD was a collaboration project led, submitted and promoted by LostTrainDude (who had also provided the Vangelis-quality soundtrack :)), so I'm surprised you remembered I had my hand in it!

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Thanks for playing! The wire cutters thing wasn't exactly an arbitrary solution, it was just me screwing up the two ways interactions for some items :-D I'm fixing that already.
As for the
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knife issue, it is possible to use other sharp objects to cut the chair after losing the knife. But you are not the first person thinking this was a dead end so I think I'll need to redesign it slightly, or add a hint for other interactions upon losing the knife.
Thank you for your comments! Constructive criticism helps a lot :)

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Well done for making a good game in the time we had ;)
Hah! Says who ;)
The Rumpus Room / Re: Can you solve this riddle?
« Last Post by mkennedy on Today at 16:29 »
Can someone please explain the 'entwash' pun? I don't see it... :)

Treebeard is an Ent and when you bathe you wash yourself. Add Ent to wash together and you get Entwash.

pass to 64 bits the file where the sprites are stored to remove the restriction of the maximum 2GB.

I began working on this.
Hey, you forgot to show the function GetDistance.

You're right!
Here it is:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int GetDistance(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
  2. {  
  3.         float x1f = IntToFloat(x1);
  4.         float x2f = IntToFloat(x2);
  5.         float y1f = IntToFloat(y1);
  6.         float y2f = IntToFloat(y2);
  8.         float a = Maths.RaiseToPower((x2f - x1f), 2.0);
  9.         float b = Maths.RaiseToPower((y2f - y1f), 2.0);
  11.         float d = Maths.Sqrt(a + b);
  12.         int dist = FloatToInt(d);
  14.         return dist;
  15. }
Hey, you forgot to show the function GetDistance.
Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: Rain effect
« Last Post by eri0o on Today at 16:05 »
I use a GUI with an animation attached to it's background. I believe this is the GUI Animation Module I use.

On a per case basis I do some more fanciness, but is totally room dependant. If a room only exists under rain, for example, I just do it directly in the background and use objects to help with water splashes.
Beginners' Technical Questions / Re: AGS Editor gitignore
« Last Post by eri0o on Today at 16:01 »
This is my .gitignore, I have an aditional file under Compiled/Windows called vXYZ.txt where I write my changelog, and I wanted to keep it under git. I ignore memory dumps that happen when I have a crash.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. # Adventure Game Studio git ignore
  2. # --------------------------------
  3. # Compiled
  4. _Debug/
  5. _Release/
  6. Compiled/
  7. !Compiled
  8. Compiled/*
  9. !Compiled/Windows
  10. Compiled/Windows/*
  11. !Compiled/Windows/v*.txt
  13. # User
  14. _OpenInEditor.lock
  15. Game.agf.user
  17. # backups
  18. Game.agf.bak
  19. backup_acsprset.spr
  21. # memory dumps
  22. *.dmp
General Discussion / Re: Audacity recording from soundcard
« Last Post by Slasher on Today at 15:55 »
It's quite useful.......and will do for now... Thanks (nod)
The Rumpus Room / Re: Can you solve this riddle?
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 15:53 »
How did everyone know the elf was drunk?
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