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Best Delinquent Character: Sarah by Frodo (Yeah, I know she wasn't real but fictional characters within fiction is a thing right?)
Best Insubordination: Double Trouble by Frodo. (The ending exposition was not needed and was a bit annoying for me, but the story was solid and I felt Nikki was quite horrible enough to earn this vote)
Best Writing Style: Sinitrena. (I actually got angry at a few points in the story at the old lady. Also the story structure worked best for me with the dual-viewpoints thing going on)
Best Overall: JudasFm for his unnamed entry: "I'll try and get an entry finished but no promises. I've been battling a cold as well and just want to curl up on the couch with a box of tissues and variety TV shows" which for me captured perfectly the newer form of millennial delinquency which is just ""Meh..." anyone got a problem with that?" rather than actual active delinquency (I'm sure I'll be stepping over several millennials just lying around in the airport hallways over the next few weeks) (laugh)
General Discussion / Re: Learning good coding practices
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 12:35 »
As for AGS there is an amazing series by densming that starts HERE and not only covers good coding practices but also pretty much everything you would ever need to know about using AGS if you watch through the entire series of tutorials.

As for my personal advice (and I'm a really lackluster coder at best):

(1) Proper indenting!
(2) Name variables something you will remember 6 months later even if it is "NextCutsceneCounter" instead of "NCC".
(3) Copious ammounts of notes behind // on any line you think you might not remember what it does 6 months later.
(4) Additional notes with //**********REMEMBER TO READ THIS AGAIN 6 MONTHS FROM NOW FUTURE ME*********** with additional notes below telling your future self exactly what this part of code does (or was supposed to do)
(5) Proper indenting!
The Rumpus Room / Re: The "Black Stories" crime riddles thread
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 12:14 »
Case#54: A Very Silly Riddle

A man was imprisoned in a tiny concrete cubicle deep underground. Inside the cubicle were only a chair and a saw. The man used both in a very silly, and potentially rage-quitting manner for the participants of this riddle, to escape.

What was it that he did?

Does the chair exist as an object inside the cubicle?
Does the saw exist as an object inside the cubicle?
Is the imprisoned man a character from literature? (Well, he is at least a character from a riddle book Stupot had as a kid so yes!!!)

Did he combine them anagramattically?
Did he cut the chair into tiny pieces?
Did he saw off his own foot?
Was there an opening in the cubicle? (Sorry, I forgot to mention that the concrete cubicle was entirely soid and without any exits)
The man 'saw' an exit and propped it open with the chair? (No, but the word-play to find the solution is on track)
Does the word 'saw' relate to the man seeing something? (No, but I have received a PM from dayowlron who knew the riddle where that word-play was actually a thing: In that riddle it was a table and a mirror. They "saw" themself in the mirror and that's how they got the saw. In another version (Stupot's) there was only a chair. They rubbed their hands together until they were "sore" and that's how they got the saw. Yeah, it's pretty much that level of wordplay to get the solution... (laugh) )
Is the imprisoned man a character in an computer game?
Is the imprisoned man a character in a movie?
The Rumpus Room / Re: Annoying neighbour!!!
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 12:08 »
when I saw them put him in the van, I felt really bad for him. So much so that when I finally heard him again two or three weeks later, I was actually quite happy to have him back.

OMG THE FEEEEEEELS!!! (I'm not being sarcastic... When I read those last 9 words I actually teared up a bit...)
The Rumpus Room / Re: Annoying neighbour!!!
« Last Post by Mouth for war on Today at 10:41 »
I know and I'm sure they won't have anything bad coming to always XD
The Rumpus Room / Re: Annoying neighbour!!!
« Last Post by Amélie on Today at 10:06 »
Enjoy the homeless lifestyle you sack of s##t

B..but it's christmas! Angels singing, bells are ringing. :embarrassed:
'Joe's miserable life' surely has some festive mood :=
Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Christmas-Themed adventures?
« Last Post by Snarky on Today at 08:14 »
Thanks! I also enjoy Miez's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres. I was also thinking about non-AGS adventures. Are there any commercial games set at Christmas?
General Discussion / Learning good coding practices
« Last Post by Lord Vetinari on Today at 07:38 »
Hi everybody.
I'm a mostly self-tought programmer. I learned the very basics in high school, then dabbled with it in and out throughout the years until a couple of years ago I got infected by the coding virus and started spending way too many weekends writing stuff. I believe I reached the point when I'm quite confident when it comes to the "grammar" of AGS Script, C++ and C#, or at least confident enough to find almost always a way of putting together something that does what I want it to do thanks to the ancient and revered art of the kludge.
I can only describe what I write as the coding equivalent of a splatter movie, and I really want to learn to write better, less messy programs, but I believe that keep trying on my own is not the answer; at least, it has not been the answer so far, and I can't imagine it changing in the near future.

I know that the ideal solution would be to follow a proper course, but that's not an option right now. What resources (ideally online) would you suggest me to get better in this field?

If you feel like sharing, how many of you never had a formal education in coding and computer science and managed to become a good coder? How?
Sisyphus Reborn is amazing game.
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