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Woot!  4th place! ;-D  My most inspiring moves were blindly carpet-bombing the prediction forms with statistically probable scores and actually showing up to make predictions before deadlines. ;)  Congratulations to Haggis and thanks to Stupot and all the participants for a fun activity.
Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: AGS accreditation
« Last Post by Crimson Wizard on Today at 13:50 »
My copy of AGS 3.4.0 has a licence agreement which requires accreditation to Chris Jones as AGS author.

Is this found in the manual? Unfortunately, documentation contains multiple topics that were not updated over many years.

I have to admit that do not remember if Chris Jones mentioned anything about this when he left the project. Perhaps someone does know?
Thing is that since 2011-12 the program no longer contains only work by Chris Jones, there were about couple of dozens of contributors. Our copyright sais simply "by Chris Jones et al." (with the full list of participants in a Credits article). But I do not know if we should enforce the rule of mentioning authors in the game anymore.

EDIT: there is this page on the website that probably is more up-to-date (though even that could be a bit old)
The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« Last Post by VampireWombat on Today at 13:37 »
The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« Last Post by Ben X on Today at 13:25 »
Correct! Though I don't remember anything about him being an ex-Nazi and can't find anything about it online. In the comics he was born in 1946, apparently...
Critics' Lounge / Re: Verbcoin Interface
« Last Post by VampireWombat on Today at 13:23 »
Context sensitive verbs are something I've wanted before. If done right, it shouldn't spoil anything.
Of course I was wanting it more for giving different options for different characters.
Context sensitive verbs are the only reason I'd even want to use a verb coin, actually.
Of course it is a balance thing. Too many interactions and it can be overwhelming. Too few and you may as well just use a 2 click system.
But the way the coding for this looks, it shouldn't be too hard to do for those want it.
The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME
« Last Post by Riaise on Today at 13:12 »
Yep, I'm in! ;-D
The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« Last Post by ManicMatt on Today at 13:10 »
He's a right gasbag.
The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 13:04 »
8 people is great! But I'll still leave sign-ups open for about another 24 hours.

10 or so would be ideal!
Competitions & Activities / Re: MAGS July “Shocking” (OPEN)
« Last Post by Mandle on Today at 13:00 »
i was cooking something up, got most of the code finished (though not entirely tested) and i was about to do proper graphics (or ask for help :wink:) when it hit me - i am partly using an idea i had for last months MAGS that i did not enter due to lack of time so that would be basically cheating.

Wait, was it just an idea or had you actually created assets for it last month that you were using this month?

The former is fine but, yeah, the latter might not be okay.
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