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 Hi Everyone,
This week’s new free tracks are all from my Fantasy pages:
“MAGIC OCEAN” (Looping)
"STRANGE GAME MENU_V001" (Looping)
"RPG MAP MUSIC" (Looping)
"A SEA OF JEWELS" (Looping)
“RPG THEME” (Looping)
Have a good week!
How does this even work? Spammers found this site who knows how long ago, and kept trying despite it not working? So that once it DID work they got through?  :shocked:
It's not a person, it's bots.

CW: you should be getting error messages in the browser console. Troubleshooting issues like that is usually straightforward, if you know the error message.
Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« Last Post by Crimson Wizard on Today at 09:47 »
There is no one around who would know how to program for Android and be willing to help.

Right now I am very busy with something, after that is complete I will buy a real Android device because emulator works a little different, and see if I am able to fix anything here.
Very often when I try to quote a post, a big orange "Loading..." message appears on top of the page, and it remains like that indefinitely. This happened before on some occasions, but now it happens almost all the time.
Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« Last Post by arabow on Today at 03:21 »
Has anyone figured out a way to open a keyboard on Amazon Fire HD 10 (or any Android device for that matter)? It is impossible to play Sierra style adventure games without being able to use the save function. Why is it not possible to put a small button on the upper left corner of the screen (as in ScummVM) that when pressed opens a keyboard? :undecided:                
I was absolutely heartbroken that Monkey Island 2 was never released on the ST (it did IIRC get an Amiga release). 
Hah, that brings back memories.  :D

I was an ST gamer (also my first exposure to PnC adventures), and I experienced no end of disappointment in regards to games that bypassed the format (MI2 and beyond for LucasArts, and I think Sierra abandoned the ST sometime after LSL3 or thereabouts.)

Speaking of which, has anyone here heard of Touch Detective?
I fumbled through the first game in Japanese, back when I imported a lot of DS games, and subsequently in English, along with sequel. The DS was a great system for Japanese adventures in general. Hotel Dusk, and it's sequel Last Window, Ghost Trick, Again, Another Code, Flower Sun Rain, 999, LifeSigns (which was actually LifeSigns 2, the first never making it out of Japan), and more all made the jump to English. The 3DS saw some adventure love as well, to a lesser degree, and also has a bunch of titles worth picking up.

But... I get the feeling my knowledge on British PCs pales in comparison to what LimpingFish knows about Japanese PCs.

Oh, believe me, there's huge gaping holes in my knowledge base. :D

I'd recommend getting into the emulation side of things, though. Almost everything is available, and is pretty easy to run. A lot of those emulators happen to be in Japanese, of course (which makes sense), but there's guides and such available.

As a side note, I started a project some time back to capture and upload interesting Japanese PC games to Youtube (their intro sequences, anyway). Turned out to be a little more awkward than I though, in terms of accurately capturing resolution and palettes (video compression certainly doesn't help), and I never got around to finishing it. I plan on doing it right some day, but I've just now made public everything I managed to get done, if anybody wants to take a look (some cool chiptune music along the way won't hurt either) at how Japan gamed during the '80s and '90s.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Photoshop Fridays
« Last Post by Jack on Today at 00:44 »
Hands off, josiah, that was my idea first. :D

Look what you did to Mister Bigglesworth!

How does this even work? Spammers found this site who knows how long ago, and kept trying despite it not working? So that once it DID work they got through?  :shocked:
The problem there is that you can't know if it's a good or a barely serviceable translation, or absolute rubbish. Well, "better than nothing" has to suffice sometimes.
General Discussion / Re: Big Plans for my Sci-Fi Momotaro Story
« Last Post by DBoyWheeler on Yesterday at 23:25 »
@Sinitrena That's the one.

Thanks for the well wishes.
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