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Queen Kara:
Oh , yeah , I visited there for a little while , guess I just forgot about that site. Whoops.

Arg , I keep having problems with using the forum ( *blush and sigh* )

Any way , I don't know why but this weird little guy showed up in a bathroom tile so I just had to draw him.
I think he'd fit right in as an AGS character.
What do you think?
Sorry there's no body yet but I haven't started on that...
was in a hurry to show him off.

Guess I have to copy and paste the coding , otherwise when I try it , it doesn't work. Hmm. lol
Anyway , yay , I'll be able to post screenshots and stuff now!

Strange , that avatar I made for the forums doesn't look good here...I'll make a new one.

I don't know why the first post has spaces now in the parts where there shouldn't be...any way , I figured out how to get the links working like the way E. had them , sorry about earlier. I have to copy and paste just to get the stupid things to work. The spaces underneath "main" links ...I forget where...some where towards the bottom I think , anyway , yeah , those are on purpose but the ones at the top aren't and no matter I did , I couldn't fix them.
So...when I look at the actual coding it looks the way it's supposed to yet for the rest of you it looks like it has blank spaces or something...sorry about that.
I'm not feeling well , it's one of those "girl things" so I don't want to talk about it , sorry if you have any questions for me or some thing and I don't answer you as fast as you'd like ....but I'm not feeling well. Also , I'll be over at my mom's for a while ,  if I don't get on much lately I'm either sleeping or busy with other things or can't get their computers to work , ect. Last time I checked the computers were working but at the same time supposedly had viruses but you never know sometimes. Peace out and party on.

Queen Kara:

--- Quote from: Gilbot V7000a on 21 Apr 2004, 10:32 ---

And of course, don't miss the Tex Murphy games. ;D

--- End quote ---
That's where one the games is called "Mean Streets" , right? I love those games! Well , game. I haven't played the others....yet. Actually , I had a love-hate thing for MS but any way it's been a long time since I played it...
Chris made those?! o.O ( *is a tad confused* )
Thanks for the help EvenWolf. I don't know why I can't get the links to work like that when I try to post them correctly but it's a big help that you reposted them that way.
Ok , here's the link to my other thread , 
free Stonehenge BG inside!
I love it and it's already being used in Centaur Mania.
Centaur Mania and other game ideas / related chat

Queen Kara:
*sighs* This isn't going well , is it?

Any way , I still hope people are checking this thread out , even if they don't have any comments for it.

If any fellow newbies are reading , please post something!

As for me , since this is my thread and this is in general and this is about helping newbies , I hope nobody minds me giving language translation help in here....
It should be fairly obvious what languages I'm translating but I'll provide the names just in case.
If you wanna learn some naughty / curse words in other languages , please pm or email me.
I know alot of these are simple phrases / words but you'd be surprised at how some people don't even know simple phrases like "and" in other languages.
I apoligize if anything stated isn't very accurate but some things I got from other places so if I'm wrong it's because the source was wrong so please don't gripe me out about it.

Auchtung : Attention / warning. ( German )

Drei : Three. ( German )

Kawaii : Cute.  ( Japanese / Otaku speak )

L33t : Annoying "hacker speak" / some sort of net speak that means elite or leet.

Tet - a - tet (sp.) : Head to head ( a private conversation ) ...French.

Everyone should know Aloha , but it supposedly has three different meanings ( hello...I love you...goodbye )

Und : And. ( German )

Hola : Hello ( Spanish )

Ohana : Family ( learned from Lilo and Stitch ...hahaha...Hawaiin )

Espanol : Spanish ( aka En Espanol ..which would mean...In Spanish )

Ohiya (sp.) : Hello ( Japanese )

Yamate! : Stop! ( say it like "ya ma tay" )

Konnichiwa : Hello ( Japanese )

Viel Danke / Dankeshon : Thank you very much.  ( German )

Bitte : You're welcome. ( German )

Spiel : Game. ( German )

Himmel : Heaven ( German )

Mein / Mien : My / mine  ( German )

Schalf : House ( though at least one person thinks it means I could be )

Gott : God ( German )

Drachen : Dragon ( German )

Gomen : Sorry ( Japanese )

Tres Bien : Very good. ( French )

Gomen Nasai : Very sorry ( Japanese )

Au Revoire (sp.?) : Goodbye! ( French )

Nani? : What? / Huh? ( Japanese )

Engel : Angel ( German )

Du Hast : You hate ( supposedly this means something else because this is from the song by Rammstein and different people have posted different things. *sighs* I'll try to remember to find the other meaning again and post it here. )

Ja'mapple (sp.) : My name is ( French )

Guten Tag : It means something like good day or good evening.  ( German )

Neko : Cat ( Japanese )

Gut Morgen : Good morning. ( German )

Anime : Japanese animation. ( Please do not call it Japanimation! )  Otaku speak / Japanese.

Das ist Gut : That is good. ( German )

Manga : Japanese comics. ( Otaku speak / Japanese )

Zher Gut : Very good. ( German )

Otaku : Means different things , "you" ..."fan"...."house / home" , ect. When talking of people though , it of course means fan. Bad idea to use it over in Japan but oddly enough has become a proud 'n popular thing in America.
( Japanese )

Erin Go Brah (sp.) : I think it means something like "May the wind always be at your back." ( Irish )

Other notes :
The difference between "Asian" and "Oriental" ..."Asian" is what you'd call a person native to Asia , it's considered an insult to call one an Oriental. The food is what you'd call Oriental.  If I remember correctly , "Oriental" is also appropiate for describing culture.  So , "Asian" and "Oriental" could be describing culture but it's considered an insult to call Asians Oriental.

Most / all of the time , when you speak German , if you're trying to pronounce a word that starts with W , say it like it's V. In example , "auf weidersein" would be said some thing like "ow vee dah sane"

I forget what some phrases mean , for example....Habla.

I once saw on television that you say "Manga" like "Monga" instead of saying it like "Mainga" . I don't know how accurate it is but why would they lie about some thing like that? And you say "Anime" kinda like "Annie may" / "Anna may"

Queen Kara:
Like I may have stated already , I'm not very good at the spelling part when it comes to German stuff but I understand a little and I think I sound good and know how to say some things correctly. In fact I just made a wave file of me reciting the poem from the first Gabriel Knight game , Sins of the father(s).

I thought I had put up the link to the AGS dictionary but it's possible that I didn't so thanks again for that.

 :-[ :)

I love this poem.
Drei Drachen
Drei drachen kriechen en meinen schlaff.
Die seele' woll'n sie lebendig zum frass.
Feurigen atems gespaltener zunge,
geniessen sie jedes mahl.

Translations :
Three dragons
Three dragons in my house / creep in my sleep
They want to devour my soul
With fiery breath and split tongues
They enjoy every meal.

Three dragons
Three dragons creep in my sleep
They want to eat my soul alive / my live soul
With fiery breath and forked tongues
They enjoy every meal.
Oh , Mara could be "Kara" , just with the wrong first letter.
lol I didn't know anbody was "yellling" at me....hmmm...


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