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Awakening - Part1: Escape
« on: 14 Sep 2010, 17:56 »
Hey all, this is my first game with AGS, well my first was like 7 years ago or something and was a 1 room test thing, some of you may have played it and the first room here is a modified version of the puzzle in that game :P but anyway, I recently came across AGS again and decided to give it another go  :) The game is a little light on plot but I plan to get deeper into the story with my next game. It's a little crude but here's my first real game, part 1 in the series.

Title: Awakening - Part 1: Escape

Download: Here

Length: Short

Plot: Awakening is a story about a man who finds himself alone in a strange building with no memories of his life before that moment. You take control of our unknown protagonist as he tries to escape and learn about his past life. Little does he know that the secrets locked within his mind could shed a whole new light on a horrific tragedy that struck years earlier.


Hope you all enjoy it.

All feedback is valued of course  :)

Oh and nice to meet you all  ;D

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Re: Awakening - Part1: Escape
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Quick feedback: graphics were bare but functional, I didn't like much the puzzled but they were all reasonable and logical.

As for the story, there is really not much to chew: you don't know anything at the beginning and it stays the same at the end. :P (even the readme knows more than you!)

I'll suspend judgement waiting for part two, good luck with it!


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Re: Awakening - Part1: Escape
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A good first game with colorful pleasing graphics and logical puzzles.

However I have one nitpick. There is a significant lack of interaction dialogue (character's reaction to player clicking on a hotspot with look/use etc.) This make it so that the player may easily miss a key hotspot necessary for progress. For example,
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I didn't realize there was a button thing on the computer to open the door because the character had no reaction to me looking at or attempting to use anything on the compute once it was plugged in. There should be some interaction dialogue with either look or use here- eg. the character mentions that there is a button/sensor on the controls that might be useful or something. I didn't find that button until I got desperate enough to start wildly clicking an inventory item all over the computer.
Generally, if you don't have the character have at least one reaction to each hotspot- even just a "hmmm."  or something so we know it's there, then you have that thing were the name of the hotspot (item/person/thing etc.) shows up at the top/bottom of the screen, or the cursor simply lights up/changes or animates when the mouse hovers over it.
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Re: Awakening - Part1: Escape
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Thanks both for the feedback  :)

Yeah I get what you're talkin about piper, I've been workin on part 2 and I've added a gui that displays the name of what the mouse is pointing at which should eliminate some of the pixel hunting  :P and i'll be sure to give all relevant objects/hotspots appropriate interactions etc.

Also there will be much more plot related dialogue in part 2.

Anyway thanks for playing and posting  :)


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Re: Awakening - Part1: Escape
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I really liked the game! I can't wait to see part 2 :)
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