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Author Topic: Background needs help  (Read 712 times)


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Background needs help
« on: 06 Jun 2010, 23:07 »
Hey guys!

I've posted some work on here before and got some great help. I'm hoping I can get more of the same with my background work.

Here's a shrinky dink version

and here's a link to a bigger version

I'm going for a cartoony(but not wonky styled) repair bay and on the far right I'll be adding in another busted up ship as well as an engineer character. The ship on the left is supposed to have the four "arms" interacting with it, I guess I never got that far. I haven't put much thought how to fix up this background yet I'm just getting re-acquainted with my old project. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Background needs help
« Reply #1 on: 06 Jun 2010, 23:54 »
Maybe a bit more variation, perhaps make every room there in a different colour (like the cabinet in the left corner and the details around the window/hatch on the back walls). They're all red now, but make one blue, one green or something, just to make it seem a bit varied.
Perhaps in each room even a plate with a number above the window or on the floor (if it's on the floor it could be damaged/washed away a bit from all the traffic). Put bigger numbers, like 021, 304 etc.

Also maybe a bit of balance on the textures/details (like tiles or lines on the floor), an oil (or some other alien liquid) spill or a sprocket left here and there. Cause right now some areas seem to have more detail than others.

It's a nice background. On personal impression, right now it looks cartonish in way that it might be for a younger audience way, which is not bad and might be percieved differently  depending on the story, characters etc., so don't take it as bad thing.
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