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For the past two months I've been working on a plan. A plan for the future of AGS. It is by no means a plan what I think the future development of AGS must look like or should look like, no: it is what the future development could look like. I've been reading a lot of discussions and been silently collecting information and opinions; added that with what I would advise if anyone would ask me; and put it all in a document. I also put in insight about some of the subjects that have been debated intensely and try to make them clear also to people that are not really into it.

This document is not just for developers, it is for everyone to read, think about, philosophy about, talk about and have a good laugh at with your pals. I don't care what you do with it really, but I hope it will trigger a positive feeling about AGS' future. A feeling that the we as a community will manage to make this into something great, all differences in opinions aside.

So without further ado:
The plan

I've kept this all under the hood while I was working on it so I didn't get distracted. I've been waiting for some people to review it while others already gave me useful feedback. Now it is in the open this does not stop. If you want to review the plan as well, just send me a PM and I will give you access to the document so you can comment on it.

Thanks for your time!

Very complete and well thought out plan.

2 thumbs up!

Well, that sounds fine in general, though I wouldn't call it progress as such. I think some of the specifics are going to be whatever they end up being, you can't really say for sure in advance that it's definitely going to happen in this particular order.

The tl;dr version seems to be:

1. There are things that need to be set up on the forums, site and repository side in order to make effective progress.
2. The people/team who are going to manage development going forward need to have the access to set up and maintain that stuff.
3. There needs to be good communication between the leads and developers and the community at large.
4. Step one of actual code development should be consolidating the different branches and refactoring/documenting/standardizing the code. That might take a while.

Yes, absolutely. Agree with all of those.

Minor point: I think you're wrong about the Artistic License. It does not prohibit an unsanctioned modified, commercial version of AGS, as long as it is open source.

Very interesting, sensible and well written. I especially agree on the 'infrastructres' outlined in the doc (dev boards, bug tracker request tracker, etc.).

A very well thought-out, sensible plan in my humble opinion. This is an overview and there will be lots of nitty gritty details to consider, but I think the future of AGS is in safe hands if an approach like this can be taken.

I don't fall into the developer camp. I'm just one of those pesky community users that expects the world (and 'runs AGS on a separate partition' until the day it gets ported to Mac ;) ) That said, I hope all the community-involvement you've suggested does happen because that's definitely an area i'd want to be involved in: submitting bug reports, voting on features, proof reading the wiki etc. I use other forums for things like web and iOS development and there's big community involvement with documentation, bug reporting, tutorials, plugins etc. I know we have much of that but a cohesive plan for the new site can only be a good thing in my opinion.

Thank you for writing this document Wyz


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