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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - Early BETA
« Reply #20 on: 09 Feb 2017, 14:40 »

Perhaps means to set all default config from the editor would be useful. Right now you can set only default renderer.

this is a great idea. I wonder why noone suggested this a long time ago alredy.
A completely new 'user-setup' panel (or a better name) in the editor would be better than cramming this into general setting, also it doesn't quite fit there logically, but put the new panel link right below general setting in the editor I'd say.

for correct behaviour the dafault values set there have to be written to the winsetup.exe so that when the player deletes the .cfg file (because he is stupid or he wants to reset values) the winsetup returns to this game's default values and not AGS's default values for winsetup.
Finishing this strain of thought, this allows (and cries for) a 'restore default values' button in the winsetup. maybe with a 'do you really want to reset?' promt. maybe not. I like to think most players know what they are doing and don't need this reminder that is just one more click when it could have worked with one click less. And if the game creator did put some though into this (which I hope) and sets the defaults in a good way, defaulting is better than playing around in the settings and making it worse ;)

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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - Early BETA
« Reply #21 on: 09 Feb 2017, 15:25 »
Sure. Sorry to sound dense, but how do we go about doing that? Is that something I do on my end or yours?

Ideally, I could test your game on my PC with debugger and/or profiler (the tool that calculates process speeds).

Other than that, I could make a special version that writes times of operations to the log file, and let you run it.

If it's not too much trouble, the latter solution would be the better idea, just in case the problem has to do with a setting on my computer.

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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - Early BETA
« Reply #22 on: 14 Mar 2017, 22:12 »
Uploaded AGS 3.4.1 - Early Beta 2:

Download as ZIP archive

For some reason link to AGS file server does not work at the moment, so I temporarily put a download from file hosting:
Download from Mediafire

Please, remember this is still a non-stable release, intended for tests only. Use at your own risk.

Changes since 3.4.1 - Beta 1

Common features:
- Upgraded AGS with Allegro v4.4 library (previously was Allegro v4.2). Now Windows version works with same library as all other ports (Linux etc). This is experimental at this point, so watch out for any weirdities (although hopefully there should not be any). From my knowledge, the primary effect should be fixed Alt key, but that requires testing.
- Implemented LineSpacing property for the fonts. This lets you set up default spacing for every font. Value is in pixels, and determines how much the Y coordinate should increase before printing next line of text. "0" has special meaning that makes AGS use font's height for spacing (which is also backwards-compatible).
  NOTE: line-spacing is not a distance between bottom of first line and top of second, but distance between top of first line and top of second.

- Added new "Default setup" panel, which works just as "General Settings" and lets you configure default options of game setup. Currently the page is rather a dummy, with just couple of options available, but more could be added later.
- Added "Font Height (pixels)" readonly property to the Font's pane, to be used as a reference (e.g. when setting LineSpacing).

- Gurok has fixed Strings in switch, making them compare by value again.
- Gurok has fixed compiler mistakes caused by the use of objects of empty type (that is - struct without any variables in it).

Script API
- GetFontHeight(FontType) and GetFontLineSpacing(FontType) script functions.

- Fixed problem with audio files not being found under certain circumstances. Earlier I thought this was 3.4.1 error, but recently SilverSpook has reported something very similar in 3.4.0 (something I never noticed there). I hope this change fixes latter issue as well.
- Some fixes for OpenGL renderer, which is broken in 3.4.1 now, but since it does not work on Windows yet, you probably did not notice anyway.

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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - Early BETA
« Reply #23 on: 21 Mar 2017, 13:55 »
I found that when I test the game, AVG antivirus, complains that AGS might be a dangerous program.
AVG then tests for 15 seconds and finds nothing wrong.
I am going to check to see if I can set AVG to passover AGS.
Just a heads up.
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Re: AGS 3.4.1 - Early BETA
« Reply #24 on: 21 Mar 2017, 14:13 »
It'll be because it's an unrecognised program - you just need to set it as an exception.