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AGS game as a client?
« on: 24 May 2012, 14:03 »
I'm a database and php noob, but I was just wondering whether something I had in mind could be done with AGS.

Would it be possible to use an AGS game as a client, send a string via the interwebs to be interpreted by a php script which checks a database, and then return a string and/or variables (depending on what the initial command was) to the game for displaying? It would be an online text game with all the information stored in a database. I was thinking that this would allow me to expand the map and make any number of adjustments to the game, without forcing people to download a new version, and only update the client if necessary. Like I say, I have limited knowledge with php and MySQL, but for the moment I was just wondering whether data can be sent from an AGS game to a online script somehow (and for data to be received).
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Re: AGS game as a client?
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void revamped the TCP/IP-plugin:
I don't know whether this can be used to basically turn AGS into a web browser though.