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Hairstyling Sprites?

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I'm continuing to work on my game, but I've run into a snag - the hairstyle I intend for a character just isn't working on his sprite, and I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I tried it before, but it just looks like a wig or a Bart Simpson-style unnatural spikes. He is supposed to have short, spikey (perhaps gelled up) hair, but I'm at a loss as to how to make it look -good-, especially on the front and side views. The sprites I got for him have his old hairstyle, which just isn't animatable. So, any advice on how I can apply the hairstyle on the picture to the sprites? And if you find anything totally wrong in the sprites themselves beside that, I'd be glad to hear it, I'm pretty open to fixing things.


Frito Master:
I'm a bit confused, The sprite below show what looks like short hair then the player sprite look like long hair.

Are them the unedited versions? Besides the talk view one?

Edit: I'm newer to pixel art so idk mine looks meh.


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Um, I kind of meant the face picture's hairstyle on the small sprites - not the other way around. x3 Replacing the long blue hair on the walkabout sprites with the short purple hair of the picture. I couldn't get it to look right at a small size, so I asked for help with that.

Frito Master:
My bad I missed that whole last sentence.

Btw is that your gator animation? Nice job :D


Attempted it again, tried to make this guy's facial structure more accurately fit his picture.


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