Author Topic: And then there were none (AGS Werewolf Game 3) (Phase: Night 1)  (Read 772 times)

*in deep thought*
Luxurious vacation... all expenses paid...  I should have known it was too good to be true. (wrong)

*thinking out loud*
"Wolfsbane Mojito"? Well, I guess that's as luxurious as it's gonna get.

*heads to the main hall*
It's certainly not gonna drink itself!


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Wait. Wolfsbane? don't think there are wolves on this island, do you? 8-0


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Wolfsbane mojito? In a bottle? Ugh. Cocktails should never be premixed in a bottle. Especially since if it's like a regular mojito using wolfsbane instead of mint, the leaves should be fresh. But I suppose it has to be better than that dreadful wine.


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@Mandle: Could you please hold back a bit with this tactic stuff? I think it ruins our role play experience right now :-\

Hmmmm... This kinda made me feel a bit bad about maybe having spoiled the mood in a casual game that people are having a lot of fun with...

But then I thought about what you might actually be doing. Maybe your plan was to shame me into shutting up for now, until maybe I'm killed in the first night phase?

So, switching my vote to Cat.

Waiting on the psychic to provide everything we need is a pretty sure chance of losing the game. Looking at voting patterns in WW/mafia games is as vital as looking at betting patterns in poker. Anyone who wants to suppress talk about tactics usually screams "scum player".

Not a lot of time left before night comes so let's see some votes!

The roleplaying aspect is a ton of fun but at some point we have to actually start playing the game as well.


    • Mandle worked on a game that was nominated for an AGS Award!
I am surprised I haven't run across Mandle before as I used to run sound, lights and stage direction on Broadway.

Oh, at several points in my career I was involved in less well known, but hugely more artistic, projects off-Broadway...

Sometimes way... waaay... off-Broadway...

Nevertheless these are some of the more proud moments of my caree...

Wait, did someone mention cocktails?!


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That is not what you expected. The house can hardly be considered modern, let alone grand, magnificent, luxurious or what else you read in this letter that know seems like some kind of scam to you.

At least, your new acquaintances, various kinds of artists mostly, seem nice enough and so you drink and talk to them late into the night. Still, your host has not arrived when it is time to retire to your rooms and considering the wind howling around the cliffs and shaking the window blinds, the electric lights flickering and the very noticeable cracking and creaking of the whole house, you doubt he will show up any time soon.

Lightning flashes bright and glaring over the house, thunder shakes it to its core and thick rain drops patter against the windows and a roof you have serious doubt will withstand the onslaught of the storm.

At least your room is warm and, even though it is not comfortable, it is at least practical with a large bed and a small washstand in the corner that actually has running water. Granted, it is a bit brown and ice cold but it is better than nothing.

You fall into a light and fitful sleep.


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Nothing happens.


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5 Guests
1 Psychic
1 Nurse
1 Party Host
1 Murderer

And it is night. I’m sure you know this by now: Night Phase lasts about 24 hours from now on, mainly depending on my schedule, posting is not allowed during Night Phase and players with abilities should send me their actions now.

Current Phase: Night 1