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Author Topic: The Carnival of Monkey Island  (Read 10232 times)  Share 

The Carnival of Monkey Island
« on: 17 Mar 2013, 21:30 »

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This looks really promising.
Are you planning on selling this? Under some kind of license?

Hello and thank you for your feedback.

At the moment Telltale Games has the license rights of Monkey Island and thats the problem.
So we have to host this for free like a kind of fanart game. I also didnt think that Telltale generally sells
licenses to other producers.
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I would be very careful about putting ANY extra effort into this. Even if you are making it available for free, copyright holders have the right to shut you down in the blink of an eye (most notable case is SEGA shutting down the group that made a modern style Streets of Rage).

If you are using someone else's IP, it doesn't matter how you're making it available - it's VERY dodgy ground.

I would hate for you to pour your efforts and love into this and produce something brilliant, only for it to be canned due to legal action.

On the plus side though, it looks lovely and should be great additions to a personal portfolio for whoever made the screenshots.

Re: The Carnival of Monkey Island
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Project Cancelled