Author Topic: Question in regards to AGS engine  (Read 684 times)

Question in regards to AGS engine
« on: 17 Jun 2014, 21:44 »
Hi, I am new here, so please pardon me if I have posted a question that is covered and I overlooked it.

I am trying to write a plugin for the game engine itself. According to the page about developing engine plugins, I got to use Visual C++.

I was testing and playing around with the sample engine plugin code. I then remembered something about the compiled games not needing the .NET framework to run.

I searched around the site and wiki, and I couldn't find anything related to how the engine works with the AGS engine (Again, I might have missed it) to produce a native game executable.

Could someone explain to me how the editor works with the engine to produce a native executable?

Many thanks!
- rtg72a