Author Topic: Moving Templates and Demo Game folders to shared location  (Read 850 times)

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We need to move the "Templates" and "Demo Game" folders to some standard shared location in Windows to prevent security issues in Win Vista and later.

One of the possible paths could be %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. In Win XP it is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users", and in Vista and later ones it is "C:\ProgramData".

On other hand, we may choose "Public" documents folder on recent systems.

Which makes more sense? Any other ideas?

The most common in my experience is to let users choose themselves on install between %ALLUSERSPROFILE% and %USERPROFILE%. This is a fairly conventional solution so that's probably the way to go I think.

Smoking cat person is correct.  I think in innosetup you can use {userdocs} & {commondocs} to point towards the user's documents directory or the public writable all users documents directory. (See ) The interesting thing will be to see how this works in XP and newer OSs. Also if we're installing as an admin, there seems to be some questions as to which user {userdocs} refers to.

Probably will need to create an option in the installer to select either option. See or


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I hope there'll be an option for the user to self choose where to install.
I HATE the standard wincrap folders! So I would hate having to fight to find my files every single time I do something! >:(
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