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Author Topic: I need YOU to code Police Quest 1 AGI Style Driving  (Read 580 times)

Privateer Puddin'

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Hey guys,

I'm  making a little AGI style game in AGS called Comfort Quest (based on an inflatable mattress purchased at Mittens 05, how's that for timely references?)

I've tried a number of AGS Plug-ins/modules over the years, trying to recreate the feel of the Police Quest 1 style driving, but never really got close to nailing it down.

So, can you? I'm using what is probably by now a fairly archaic version of AGS which I hope doesn't complicate things too much (I think it's 3.1.2 or something snazzy along those lines) but if you think you're the man (or woman) to program it, I'm looking for you!

Programmer! Someone who can make PQ1 style driving, hopefully in a way which is easy for me to add extra maps/screens to

This year!

Here are some screenshots!

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.

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