Author Topic: Couple of playtesters for a Twine game.  (Read 527 times)


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Couple of playtesters for a Twine game.
« on: 14 Jul 2016, 15:39 »
I've been working on a Twine project and I've nearly reached a sort of mile-stone. Before I continue much further I want to know if what I've got so far is actually any good.

So I'm looking for, let's say, three people to have a couple of run-throughs and let me know what you think.

Twine is predominantly for choice-based storytelling but I can't shake the AGSer in me even for a Twine project, so it still plays very much like an Adventure game with an inventory, puzzle-solving and the like. I really like what I've got so far, though I'm aware the story is a bit thin as it stands. So any feedback regarding the writing, characterization as well as bug reports and the like will all be very welcome.

So if you are interested, PM me and I'll sort you out a link (it's all in-browser so there's no download).


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