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I don't know if this is really the right place for this but the threads from the original games were from 2005 and everyone seemed to make their own thread back then, so rather than necrobumping I'll just start my own thread.

Does anyone know how to get these games working on windows 10? No matter what settings I go with, I don't get an error message, all that loads is 32-bit AGS runtime engine minimized, and it doesn't load.

The games are found at, for example 5 days at and the regular and SE are doing the same things.

I'm running 64 bit windows 10

Did you run the setup program before trying to launch the games, because they work fine on my Windows 10 PC?

Also, are you downloading each game individually? I don't know whether it would make any difference but I downloaded the entire collection (5,7,6 days, Notes and 1213) from the Fully Ramblomatic site in one zip file.
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I did, but restarting my pc fixed it. Not sure why it was giving me trouble

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It's a known problem that newest versions of Windows often have problems running older games. Sometimes even newer games have issues because AGS drawing systems (DirectDraw 5 and Direct3D 9) are not properly supported there anymore.

The old games such as DeFoe series had other problems, like very limited image scaling feature (this is the reason you have to play it in small window if your desktop resolution is like 1080p or more).

The solution to play older games is this:
1) Download and install most recent version of AGS Editor. (you may uninstall it later if you do not want to have it on your system)
2) Go to AGS program folder, and find "acwin.exe" there. This is raw engine executable.
3) Copy this acwin.exe to the game's folder.
4) Use any simple text editor to create a file called "setup.bat" in your folder and print following inside:
acwin.exe --setup
5) Now you can run "setup.bat" to configure the game using this engine, and then run acwin.exe to start the game.

With the latest version of the engine you have more chances that the game will be able to run, and make use of more display options.

Possible problems: we aimed to support running old games with newer engine, but sometimes there are mistakes in how they are interpreted. If something goes wrong, please tell us.
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I tried using these instructions to run Primordia with the current engine so I could turn multitask mode on, but the problem is that it won't let me change 16600x1000 or something resolution when playing in windowed mode. How can I solve this?

edit: never mind, it just has a different interface
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