Author Topic: Need simple one color low res stick figure style animation  (Read 676 times)

Hello, I am looking for someone to make a series of animation sequences for a tiny low res one color player sprite. The sprite is sort of like a stick figure, and I have and example of it already with a run cycle.

Other sequences I will need such as walk, jump, climb..etc

I hope this project will be out onto the market within no more then 2 month. We can discus a % or set amount assuming the game sells, but also your name will feature prominently as being the animator of the player sprite.

I am hoping since the sprite is such low res + one color + simple stick figure type shape that it will be relatively easy, quick and fun to produce a series of animations for it.

If anyone sounds like they can help me out it would be great, either leave a reply here or pm me.
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    • I can help with animation
    • I can help with backgrounds
    • I can help with characters
Hey man! You still need someone? maybe i could help